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  1. Another one that's too cheap to pay for radio. It's ok, while the free period is on, but I just loaded my music onto a micro cruiser USB. Now I'm guaranteed to get the music I like.
  2. nitrogen vs reg air

    My wife's Hyundai has nitrogen, it's nice, but had to be charged at the dealership. My dash lit up, yesterday, because of the cooler temps. Took all of 5 minutes to even out the pressure and keep on going, without all the extra lights and alarms. Sticking with air.
  3. Cross Bars

    Thanks, Armando. The eBay listing only shows a measurement for one.
  4. Cross Bars

    Armando, Are these cross bars marked front/rear? Mopar indicates that one (I believe the front) is longer than the rear.
  5. PitCarver

  6. License Plate Holder Front No Drill

    Personally, I gave up on the search for one, for my 17.
  7. New 2017 Journey Crossroad Plus

    My '17' is the same... Fill it up and watch the gauge drop from full to 3/4 in less than 50 miles. It only begins to stabilize when it hits the 3/4 mark. I'm a bit OCD and it drives me nuts.
  8. Greetings Journey folk... I know this is an old thread , but I'm looking for some vent shades for my 2017 DJ Crossroad. I'm wondering if the WeatherTechs,rear window, fitment problem has been fixed for newer models.
  9. Howdy

    Thanks folks; I plan on keeping her a while.
  10. PitCarvers Journey

    2019 DJ Crossroad.
  11. Howdy

    Howdy all, New member from South Carolina. Took delivery of my 2017 Journey Crossroad, yesterday.
  12. Member Map

    Added Irmo, SC, to the map.