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  1. None of the harnesses should require a hole to be drilled...if they do, buy another one. The Curt harness works great and the factory harness should only be used if you have the pre-installed wire present (in my opinion) and are ready to pay to have it flashed. My dealer wanted $150 for what they say is the correct harness and another $200 to flash...made the decision to go with the Curt harness much easier and it has worked amazingly every time I use it. I remove the fuse when not in use and have not had any issues at all.
  2. Heartbroken

    All I can say...I miss the good ole days of almost no electronic controls, minimum sensors, and easy access to everything. I cross my fingers that mine will not have these issues every time I read these posts.
  3. Looking for 3 Row SUV

    I would advise reading all of the info on the Durango site (http://www.dodgedurango.net/) to get a feel of your situation. My brother has a Durango and we have towed about 5500lbs, and it felt pretty good. The same trailer was previously pulled by a Suburban, which was really smooth, but the Durango actually impressed me. If I didn't buy the DJ I was looking at a Durango. The price difference made the final decision for me at the time. The Durango I really wanted would of cost me over $50K, while the DJ I went with was under $20K...big difference. In any case, from all of the choices you listed, the Durango would be my vote.
  4. Dodge Journey Stretched LIMO

    I would of never thunk...would love to see the inside of that thing.
  5. New member in Toronto

    Good looking ride. Looks like it was well taken care of.
  6. Hello from Vermont!

    Side note...warranty link will not work without the 's' at the end - http://www.chryslerfactoryplans.com
  7. Interesting, I don't think I've ever turned my back wiper on in the almost 3 years I've owned it. I'll have to try it tonight with the extinguisher in hand. Was this a past issue, or are the 2015's+ also having this issue?
  8. Hello from Vermont!

    Side Note... OhareFred, you sound just as excited as the new owner of the car. I love all the information you are putting out...I feel that way when I see new member's pics. Reminds me when I was walking up to mine the day I was picking it up.
  9. 2014 Dodge Journey Limited starting problem

    If you are going to test it yourself, start with any aftermarket items installed on the vehicle (if any). Sometimes radios, amps, radar detectors, backup cameras or other added items are connected wrong, or are just a big draw for the battery. Don't forget to check the relays as well.
  10. 2015 awd and other issues

    Love all of the responses to his comments. I am curious if that was his first AND last post? It seems like living with these 'issues' was unnecessary if he bought it with low miles and a factory warranty covering these things.
  11. Hello from Vermont!

    Congrats and welcome. How's the car so far? Any pics yet?
  12. 2014 Dodge Journey Limited starting problem

    I'm with lmoore1436, clicking usually means not enough juice coming from the battery. I would personally try connecting jumper cables and see if that makes a difference and/or getting the battery checked. Otherwise it would seem like a loose connection somewhere that would be hard to guess at without more investigating.
  13. Journey R/T Custom Exhaust

    Weird, this CA law actually says different. Vehicle Code 21750. Adequate muffler required In summary all cars and other motor vehicles must be equipped with a muffler, and any exhaust modifications must not be designed to increase the exhaust noise above 95 dbA.
  14. New Member

    Here is a post from onecrazyfoo4u who drained his coolant (with a link to the post)...you may want to contact him directly... Finally got around to doing this. I was only able to get about 6 quarts of fluid in after the change. That's just the capacity of the radiator, reservoir bottle, and hoses it seemed like. So over half the fluid you can't get it since it's stuck in the HVAC system. I drained it, then refilled with water. Let it warm up and circulate fluid, then drained again and refilled with fluid. When I refilled, I open the bleeder screw on the hose by the thermostat mount. I'm not too concerned with only changing out half the fluid. Fluid looked perfect coming out, at 105k miles of hot desert usage. BTW, the radiator drain petcock is the worst ever. You loosen it completely, and it only pisses out a tiny stream, would take an hour to drain. So you have to loosen all the way and pull the whole valve out, making a huge mess all over yourself. But whatever, it's done now. The hardest part of the job was taking out the dozen bottom air dam panel fasteners without trying to break them!
  15. New member in Toronto

    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the new car.