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  1. sneaky leak

    Tough to try to pin down the leak exactly without looking at it, but after you drive it and let it sit for maybe five to ten minutes, go under the hood and see if you can hear a little whistling noise...like stream escaping. Try to be in a quiet location like a closed garage. Otherwise start at the top and work your way down. Check any caps to make sure they are right and the rubber is still in good condition. If you had trouble with that 'Y' hose, maybe get it replaced. Sorry, but little leaks are a little tough to diagnose without visually looking.
  2. I ran my wire to the battery as shown on the instructions. Having the dedicated fuse makes sense to me. I was able to run it through the rear wheel well just under the length of the doors and up through the front wheel well. All is hidden and works perfectly when towing.
  3. Love my Curt hitch, and no problem with the Curt wiring harness. Looks good CrossCountry.
  4. LOL...does your passenger seat bottom open up too? Floor storage in the back? Sun visors slide out too. Love finding these little things...unfortunately I think I found them all.
  5. Very happy new owner

    Congrats and welcome.
  6. Winter wheels and tires

    I am in the market for new tires, unfortunately not in CT. Good looking set...good luck.
  7. Two things... Great product, mostly if you have a performance car that you want to monitor and tweak with the performance (had one previously). As far as having on a daily driver, for me too much information is sometimes not good. I personally start freaking out too easily when I see something not quite right, even though it is not a problem. Use it with a bit of discretion, but very nice to have. More importantly, your buddy offered you a free, pretty darn good item, and you got him to deliver it for free on top of that?!?! DAMN, he must be a nice guy...
  8. Hello from Quebec

    Welcome and congrats on the New purchase. I suggest roof cross rails if you don't already have them. Great for tying things down and carrying equipment. Maybe a hitch for pulling a small trailer with your bigger tools.
  9. 1st oil change mileage?

    Curious why you wouldn't just wait until the oil message came on? As long as it comes on within an acceptable amount. You can always check it for clarity. As far as type, full synthetic.
  10. UPDATE...he has the original DJ model. 40 mph is actually amazing...
  11. 23k Mile review

    Great write-up with a lot of information that I think does NOT come to anyone's surprise. A lot of the annoyances you described are things I notice as well on my 2015. The interior creaks on mine did go away after a nice detail job (or I was too distracted by the shine). The creaks over the bumps are a little frustrating, but apparently pretty common. I think these cars are a great deal for the money. I've had mine for about a year and half, and I still feel pretty lucky to have found it. Thanks for taking the time.
  12. Hello - New owner

    Congrats on the new DJ, sounds really nice. Don't be shy to post pics and welcome.
  13. Apparently he is still trying to drive home to respond...JK. Pretty vague posting. Maybe with more information, more help can be offered.
  14. H&R springs installed

    I assume you will need to take extra care coming down driveways (I scrape the front every so often). Personally, I don't get the lowering of SUV/CUV's, but I do like the black rims.
  15. Are 17" rims interchangeable for different years?

    Sounds like a great price, should work fine...worst case scenario, you can resell them and make a little profit.