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  1. 3.6L Coolant?

    I usually do (did) the same until I did a full flush on my other car when it hit 100K. I was shocked what came out. Glad you got it all out though.
  2. 3.6L Coolant?

    Out of curiosity, were you changing the coolant? If so, you should do a full flush and not just replace the 4 litres you drained. Otherwise there's really no point.
  3. Thanks for the update, hopefully it continues to work properly. A 'Love Tap' usually means something loose in my world. Side note - If you're coworkers want you to switch, tell them to start a Go Fund Me account for you..
  4. 2012 Journey RT P0301 related issue

    Usually you have to clear the code regardless of the repair being done, at least in my experience. If the code comes back after being cleared, then you will definitely know if there are other issues. Here is one method (should work on a 2012 model)...
  5. Dealers are asses

    Bramfrank, I completely feel your frustration and did have a very frustrating instance with another dealer (Ford, not Dodge). With that said, I will throw in that there are some very honest, reputable dealers. I have been taking my DJ to Putnam Doge in the Bay area, California and have had no issues (to this point). I did not buy the car there, but they are the closest, most convenient dealer to my location, and they have been excellent. I have been there for my recall notices, warranty items, and basic maintenance items and have not had any issues. I have brought it in for minor issues and they have helped me with no problem. If anything additional comes up, they call me right away and ask what I would like to do and offer a secondary solution. Just feel that we should be fair and give praise to the good ones out there knowing that there are some not too positive ones. I do agree that everyone should know their rights and question anything you do not feel comfortable with.
  6. U49 Recall/PCM update

    Got my oil changed, TPMS thing replaced on the front passenger tire, and my recall done today before heading out on our first summer trip. I'll definitely use my Cruise Control so figured I better get it done before the trip. Took about an hour and might just be a mental thing, but the car feels better than before it went in. She must be happy with the work.
  7. I would almost guarantee you need the car re-flashed again. I have experienced two bad flashings (if that's what you would call it), one with my DJ and one with my daughter's Ford. The Ford had to be redone twice with the manager finally admitting the first one had not completed, and the second had produced errors while flashing. I didn't think it would of made such a difference, but they did. If I am not mistaken, they can generate a report to see if the flashing completed correctly, and even if it did I would have them do it again (at no cost). Makes me nervous because I am going in for my recall notice tomorrow, which is just a complete re-flash of the system...crossing my fingers. On a side note, you may want to consider the CURT OEM wiring harness. I've yet heard of any issues with that harness, unlike the one you used.
  8. 2 years, 30k miles

    Like hearing another positive review. I am still loving mine after a full two years of ownership.
  9. How do you remove the PDC?

    Just to be really thorough and safe, you should disconnect the negative terminal from the battery in order to not short anything out on removal. Otherwise, nice info Mudshack. Here is a little more on that subject...
  10. 2015 Journey won’t shift out of 1st

    Glad that sort of worked out for you. Corrosion is a killer in these newer cars. You may also want to try and coat the connections with corrosion prevention gel stuff (don't remember the technical term). My daughter's Ford would not start (sounded like a bad starter...click, click, click), was quoted $250 at the dealer, to which I said hell no. Luckily the mechanic that inspected it told me it was just some corrosion under the battery ground that needed to be cleaned and scraped (thick paint at the connection point), which I did and coated with that gel stuff...had not had a problem since then. I told her we will monitor the connection at every oil change to make sure it's clean. Any older car, I would of diagnosed the starter and/or connections to it. That little bit of corrosion was screwing up a relay that wasn't letting the car start. Anyway, thanks for the update.
  11. 2015 Journey won’t shift out of 1st

    Out of curiosity did you take a look at the PDC to see if you can simply clean/fix the corrosion? Maybe take a look at the Powertrain Control Modules fuse to see if you can replace it. If you can and it makes a difference then it would be a start. You will be looking for cavity F150 I believe. If you do see corrosion then maybe you will be able to clean it out. Transmissions have so many working parts that it is really hard to say why it could be doing that. There is an electronic factor in them and if the dealer gave you a starting point, then it could possibly be a DIY fix. I have not changed one on a DJ, but I did on a Ford vehicle. It was not because of a transmission issue, but because of an injector issue (if I remember correctly). My PDC was just ugly (corroded and musty). I started having numerous error codes and changed a few sensors with no success. Once I changed that unit, my issue was fixed (at least that one...that was my endless band-aid car). You may also want to take it to a reputable transmission shop to get diagnosed. I believe the powertrain is covered under warranty until 100K mile mark. Good luck.
  12. Coming soon, to a driveway near me!

    Out of curiosity...3rd picture, DJ club, coincidence, or buddies of yours?
  13. Is the Journey right for me/Is it really that bad?

    Decisions, decisions, decisions. I've had my 2015 for two years now. I bought it with just over 20K miles on it, but all maintenance records included (which is really not much in these cars). I had never seen this vehicle before and had read my fair share about them before making the final decision. I also read about the other choices and figured out that if I read enough about any car, I will get nervous about buying any of them (unless I was ready to spend $50K or more). Ultimately part of my decision was based on what you get for the money, the over-all performance of the car (mostly good and positive), and how I liked the style of the car. I have literally had no issues in the two years I have owned it other than a flash that had to be redone. When I bought my DJ my co-worker bought a Honda Pilot for almost three times the price (brand new) and she has had multiple issues already. Half of the issues have been 'known' issues according to her dealer, and they have been taken care of, but that would make me nervous. I am now at almost 50K miles and still feel great about my decision. I got a great deal when I bought it and when I went in to just look at the Durangos (thinking I needed more tow capacity and room) a couple of months ago, I was actually offered $500 more than what I originally paid for it. Felt great about that. Anyway, I'm very happy and still love driving it daily and on our family trips.
  14. Turns on by itself

    Well, I took it back to the dealer that did the recall while the fan was blowing on high and the setting was on low and they told me something probably went wrong when they reflashed the car with the recall. They took it in for about 30 minutes (because I told them I wasn't leaving it again) and it never happened again. Not really a fix.
  15. WTB DJ Front Grille and Headlights (Black)

    That's a good look there. I have never noticed those black headlights. Lots of choices on eBay with plenty of options for regular or LED. Couple of options for the grill as well. Post pics if you get it done.