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  1. 2015 journey camera

    Has anyone found this wire? I would love a bit of hope that they are there before I dive into adding a camera myself.
  2. If one side is getting really hot I would wonder if the brakes are pulling to that side of the car when you are driving. If the caliper isn't retracting correctly I would think the piston is getting stuck and not retracting at all (keeping pressure on the pad). This can be caused by the flow of the brake fluid, so check your line as suggested, but it can also be a defective caliper. You can grease the piston if it is getting stuck, or simply exchange it for another one. I would also do a full bleed on that side and make sure it completely clear with nothing clogging the line. In either case, stop driving it before the rotor gets ruined and you are stuck redoing it all again.
  3. Still a great buy

    I will say, you are one of the 'lucky' ones that has gone way too long without performing regular maintenance, and the car has kept on going. Good for you and definitely a great selling point for the DJ. I've owned non maintained cars in the past, and unfortunately it's ended in a very bad way (blown engine, slipping tranny, ruined front end, etc). Should kind of feel like a new car after all of that work you did on it. Good luck with the van...I'm glad I'm done with the van phase of my life now that my 4 kids are pretty much grown, but our van did serve us very well as a family.
  4. 2017 Journey Crossroad Debadged

    It does look clean. Personally, I like the emblems...no bumper stickers of any kind though. Good job.
  5. Cargo Cover AliExpress

    I've been curious about that thing as well. It looks like you have to install some screws in order to get the brackets on(?). Hopefully someone already has one and can give us an honest opinion. Although, how can you go wrong when it has "HIGHHARDNESS"!?!?!
  6. Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome. Nice to hear from someone who is happy with their DJ...still loving mine. Do you have a long commute, or just take a lot of trips?
  7. I found a great site that has some information on this subject...
  8. Hello from the Big D

    This might be the same issue you are having. Friend of mine had the issue with his 2010...
  9. Not only does the life of your brakes depend on your driving style, but it also depends on the maintenance/upkeep of your car. I am impressed on the how long and well my brakes on my 2015 have lasted and how much more life they seem to have left (currently at 48K miles). When I started hearing that well known creaking noise somewhere on my front axle I thought it would affect the life of my brakes, but so far so good. My old 91 Explorer had great brakes that lasted and performed very well. When my daughter took the car over, she got less than half the life on the brakes. She had also not told me that she heard a clunk every once in a while when she hit the brakes. There were some bushings in the suspension that were causing the brakes to wear very quickly. Anyway, after the bushings were changed, next set of pads lasted much longer (I averaged 50-60K on each set of pads...had the car to about 290K miles). Lesson here kids, maintain your car
  10. Hello from a Ford engineer!

    Welcome to group. Congrats on your new fun project.
  11. Hello from Texas!

    Are you talking about this thing? I kind of like it as well. Couple of different car makes have this style (seen it on the rental cars I use).
  12. Hello from Texas!

    Good looking Journey...you'll love it. Welcome.
  13. New member- Central CA

    Welcome. Funny how here in northern CA these cars are not that popular yet. I didn't even know they existed until about two years ago (when I bought mine), and I still questioned as to what type of car I am driving. I am seeing more of them, but I still get excited when I see one (probably once a week) driving down the road. Always wonder if that guy is on the forum. So what's it look like now?
  14. Keep your hands where I can see them!

    BTW...the underbody lights are listed in the link I attached. Here is the direct link to those lights...just scroll down. http://www.yourhotcar.com/product/list/Dodge/Journey/Police_Light_Sound/LED_Strobes/
  15. The .kwi format should be correct. There is usually a problem if there is something else on the card. Make sure you format the card (I believe FAT32) and only copy the update onto it. If there is something else it will not be able to read it correctly. If it is the only thing on the card, format it again and load the file onto it again. The file may have gotten screwed up on the transfer.