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  1. Parts - UPDATE

    Noticed the change to deleting posts after 6 months. Great change, very much appreciated.
  2. Tow Prep-Package!!

    FYI...If you can't get that site to work (which I'm not sure why), you can always register on the Dodge site and get your build sheet there.
  3. That is one of the most vague Ebay ads I have seen from a newer seller. Could be a great product, but you can't tell from the ad. Would love to see it installed and working.
  4. 2010 Journey Starting issues

    The reality is that we can all try to guess what the problem could be. If it isn't a common issue, which this does not seem to be, every guess could be wrong and ultimately costly. Even with a replaced alternator, the 'new' alternator could still be the issue. If you can get it running with a jump, there is basically a drain somewhere. Best bet is to take it to an electrical specialty shop and let them use their expensive equipment to find the issue for you. If they are wrong, they will need to try again on their dime. Even if you pay for a diagnosis and do the work yourself, you will still save a very valuable amount of time (and headache). Electrical issues are not like getting a flat tire. You'll never have to guess which tire to replace. Electrical, try and figure out which wire or 50+ electrical component is causing the issue. If you've tested the basics, hand out over to an expert. Good luck.
  5. Rotors Warped After 25k miles?

    To be fair, warped rotors seemed to have been an issue with many car brands in the early 2000-2010. I had the same issue with my Ford Windstar, neighbor had the issue with his Caravan, and my sister's Explorer. All along, my Ford Explorer (Eddie Bauer) had huge rotors and pads that lasted forever with no issues. Only one rotor replacement in over 15 years. I guess the car makers weren't expecting these utility style vehicles to be used for that purpose. If you are getting that shaking, get it fixed ASAP. It can be a really dangerous situation. Rotors are not hard to replace on the DJ if you have basic mechanical knowledge. And from what I see, parts are not that expensive. Good luck.
  6. Alternator broke at low mileage

    Thanks J. Considering I keep my cars for the long haul, it's probably well worth it.
  7. Parts - UPDATE

    Thanks, but no need to sorry.
  8. Replacing Ball Joint

    Out of curiosity, were you changing it just because...our are you having issues? My auto parts store around here let's you rent or borrow specialty tools like a press. Ever try that? They can help you make sure you have the right size for what you are doing. Good luck and post pictures if you do get it done.
  9. Window washer fuse location

    I was reminded by my mechanic friend to check the write connections at the pump as well. Moisture may have corroded them. Good luck.
  10. Parts - UPDATE

    Tried PM on an item and still nothing. Just frustrating...here, and in a lot of other places.
  11. Alternator broke at low mileage

    Incredible...I better start considering one of those warranty packages. Any suggestions?
  12. 2013 Dodge Journey reverse tail light

    Great tip and thanks for the included pic. Another perfect reason I like this site, helpful hints that will inevitably save someone time and money.
  13. 2014 R/T 32,000 mile report

    Sl...hate to hear of all the issues you've had. It's amazing how there seems to be a 'lemon' mixed into every bunch. Sorry it seems to have been yours. Fingers crossed, no issues almost two years and 40k miles into mine.
  14. Parts - UPDATE

    There seems to be a lot of parts for sale here, and I have been interested in a couple of them. As I read the posts though, others have asked a follow up question (or for pictures) from the original poster and have not gotten a response. There should be something that either makes them update the post or be deleted within a certain amount of time. Otherwise, if you post something you should have the decency to at least respond to the questions.
  15. Flash Drive...no issues. Got tired of dealing with trying to get my Samsung to play correctly. Walgreens flash drive for about $10 with 16 gigs...more than enough songs.