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  1. Oil Change Reminder Extended

    I've never seen that. You would have gotten supplemental pages for your owners manual if that was the case in the mail. The light does work as long as nothing is wrong. I too was waiting.. and waiting for the light to come on. So I changed my oil at about 7,800 miles and not long after that, the light came on. So I resent and moved on. I do run full synthetic. If your worried, then change your oil when you feel comfortable, and ignore the light.
  2. Headlights Flicker

    Ok, 45 minute ride home last night, not 1 flicker. So I believe it's fixed.
  3. Headlights Flicker

    I had this update done to my 2016 Crossroads. I'll report back tonight if it worked.
  4. 2017 dodge journey crossroad

    I just had this software update applied. I'll report back if there's any change tonight.
  5. Very happy new owner

    Congrats on the new DJ and Welcome to the site!
  6. End of warranty inspection?

    Warranty says your covered, so personally, I'd skip it. It's just a way for your dealership to generate more money for them. You know no matter how good your vehicle is, they'll find something.
  7. Hello Everyone

    Big congrats on your new CrossRoad. Welcome to the site!
  8. Vehicles owned, past and present

    74 Mercury Commit 74 Chrysler Seebring 84 Chevy Cavilier 86 Chevy Z24 91 Nissan Hardbody 76 Camaro RS 84 Interceptor 750 93 Nissan Hardbody SE-V6 81 Toyota Celica 84 Chevy Berretta 78 Camaro RS 90 Nissan SE-R Sentra 91 Nissan 240Z 93 Mustang LX 5.0 93 Ford F150 96 Dodge Ram 84 Ford Tempo 82 Ford Bronco 94 Mazda Navajo 00 Olds Alero 01 Dodge Intrepid 03 Dodge Durango 02 Caddy Seville 04 Caddy Seville 04 Trail blazer 01 S10 Crewcab 03 Silverado Extended Cab Lifted 96 Dodge Intrepid 07 GMC Sierra 00 Dodge Intrepid 11 GMC Sierra 06 Buick Lacerne CXS 12 Dodge Charger AWD R/T 12 Dodge Charger SRT 14 Chevrolet Double cab 1500 15 GMC Sierra Crew cab 1500 07 Chevrolet Equinox 10 Chevrolet Equinox 13 Dodge Charger SRT (Currently own) 16 Dodge Journey Crossroads AWD (Currently own)
  9. New 2017 Journey Crossroad Plus

    Congrats on an awesome looking vehicle. I do love the crossroad package. It just enhances the overall look.
  10. Brighter Reverse lights

    Sorry but I don't entirely agree. They do signal others that your backing up, but without the light in reverse, how else would you see when it's dark. With that said, the brighter bulbs I put in mentioned above do add additional light over stock bulbs to see better on dark nights. No need for extra LED lights at this time for me. BTW, they're working awesome. I highly recommend them if your looking for additional light.
  11. Most likely something with the transmission and causing the vehicle to go into limp mode to protect the transmission from further damage.
  12. 1st oil change mileage?

    If the vehicle is new, I've always changed the oil between 500 miles and 1000 miles, then followed the oil life meter. In my mind, the oil they first fill is for the break-in period and like to run it for at last 500 miles then swap it out for full synthetic. There's alot of calculations that goes into the algorithm to determine when to change the oil. It has nothing to do with "oil condition". There's no test hardware, its all mathematical. There's no reason not to follow the oil life meter under normal driving conditions. I've followed this schedule for a long time and have never had an engine problem.
  13. Hi everyone. Happy to be an owner of nice car.

    Congrats on the new DJ and Welcome to the site. And they're not all as bad as you read. People come online to bitch, not praise mostly, so your going to read about more troubles. Take them with a grain of salt and move on. When/if issues arise, the good part is people have already been through it and can help.
  14. Headlights Flicker

    Very interesting... I too have this flicker while driving to/from work. I thought it was me, but now I know it's not. I'm scheduling mine to get it looked at. Maybe this TSB will apply to me and stop the madness.. haha
  15. 2016 journey dying after starting

    I'm assuming your out of warranty? Sorry to hear your having troubles, but the dealers going to be one of the best places to figure out whats going on. Hopefully it's something stupid. It could be as simple as replacing the battery. I'm sure it's not old being a 2016 but I've seen newer batteries fail and with the newer cars, a bad battery does all kinds of crazy electrical stuff. Having the battery tested before you have it towed would be a good start. With that said, I've seen batteries test fine, but were still bad or just had a bad cell. I'd still start there. After that, I'd let the dealer figure it out.