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  1. It seems like a decent price, I would ask to see the carfax report though. Just to see if it was a rental unit at one point. The journey is a very popular car on rental lots (that's actually where I first drove a Journey) and people drive them hard so you may have more problems. If it's not a previous rental then I would say go test drive it and make sure everything checks out!
  2. Oh no it absolutely would, I wasn't trying to say it wouldn't. I was just stating why, and yeah, some of the dealers around here like to play hardball and add on whatever they can get you to fall for. They actually have dedicated sales personnel just for the things that they put on for you after you buy the car. I'm sure it has been marked up by at least 300% but people here in the DC area must not do their research beforehand!
  3. They sell it as an alternative to products like LoJack. If the car is ever stolen they can recover it by tracking it via GPS. They also send you information about the driving habits of whoever has the car, like if you were buying a Dart for your son or daughter it would tell you when they were using it, where they were using it and how fast it was going. Strange they didn't offer it to you, I've been to a few dealers and they always put the hard sell on for that.
  4. That's a pickle of a situation! Definitely ask Carmax to pay, and if they do then great. If not, as bamfrank stated, tell them you are prepared to take it to court. My Dodge dealer sells a tracking device that can be added to the vehicle after it is purchased though, so I would double check with the dealer that it wasn't something installed by the dealer. Every Dodge dealer tries to sell this as an add on, but I think it is an official mopar part, so just double check that isn't what the culprit was because if it is, then carmax won't be paying diddly squat. This is the link: EVTS
  5. Thanks for letting me know what you guys use in Canada! I did buy the max care warranty from Mopar, I called in and they gave me 24 months with no interest so it's definitely true they give you a much better deal than the dealer (who wanted almost 1,000 more for it AND to roll it into my loan so it could accrue interest). I bought my DJ about 6 months ago though, and I guess my question was a bit more specific than that. I was wondering what body panels actually have the galvanized steel, (doors, side sills, quarter panels, etc.) or if it doesn't have it at all. I just wanted to know because if it does have it in some of the more important and rust-prone spots then I was going to wait until the corrosion warranty was up to get it sprayed, if not I would get it done sooner rather than later.
  6. Thanks, I did get the Maximum life care warranty through mopar for that exact reason!
  7. I'm having a hard time finding information on where the Journey uses galvanized steel (if at all), I tried asking the dealer but they are useless. I'm wondering mostly because I plan on keeping the Journey for a LOOOOONG time, and I passed on the dealerships underbody spray (it was a ripoff at 899.00). I do want to get the underbody sprayed, but where they use galvanized steel would let me know if I should do it sooner or later. Thanks!
  8. That's odd, all the journeys that I test drove back in December had one. It was in the instrument cluster between the speedo and the tachometer. It's nothing fancy, it just says "s", "NW", etc. etc.
  9. If you've checked for anything obstructing the tracks below, then it's probably just an alignment issue. Did you have anything heavy sitting on top of the seats when they were folded? Not a whole lot can be diagnosed on here though, you may just have to take it to the dealer.
  10. Thanks! Yeah I loved the color, but around here there are Journeys everywhere! Most of them are the base models though, so mine sticks out a little bit. The only problem I have is confirming whether the "Contusion Blue" has a touch up paint yet. The dealer can't even verify if it's the same as "jazz blue" or not. Oh well, eventually they'll get it together
  11. Welcome to the forums! Congratulations on your new Journey! I bought mine in December and while I did like it, it took some time for me to be able to LOVE it. I say that because in time you find all the nifty little features more and more useful as time goes by. For instance, I didn't really appreciate all the little cubbies until I went to a Jimmy Buffet concert, where I stocked up all the beer and ice for tailgating in the floor coolers under the second row. Also when suddenly a group of 5 became a group of 6 or 7... As time goes by you'll find that it's great at being versatile and adapting to your needs. Plus since yours seems to be within the factory warranty you may be able to purchase an extended warranty (unlimited miles and years) direct from Dodge (well, mopar). I would be sure to check on that as soon as possible because with all the electronics in cars a single repair can easily be the cost of the warranty itself. Other than that just enjoy it, and keep us updated!
  12. You may want to get your seals checked. My last car had the same issue, the problem was water was leaking into the door and causing a short. This caused the alarm to arm and disarm pretty frequently. I'm not entirely positive how common a problem like that could be though.
  13. Just washed and waxed my DJ today too! Drove by the car wash place on my way home from work too and the line was out the wazoo! When the weather is nice I don't get why people pay $30 or more to get a car wash when the same amount can buy supplies that'll get you at least 15 good washes when you do it yourself.
  14. It could definitely cause the behavior. I would go have it looked at, if it is only running the high speed fan that means that it is becoming the sole speed that the engine is relying on to cool everything down. In most cases the low speed fan would engage first, and then in cases of excessive temperatures the high speed would turn on. When it was repaired the work and parts should have come with a warranty so I would bring it up with the repair shop.
  15. Not sure if you solved your problem or not but ask the dealer to check your software and upgrade if necessary. Sometimes emission systems can be a little over active. If they state that it is normal then ask them to put it in writing so that when/if it does cause a problem you have paperwork stating that the excess oil in the throttle body was described as "normal"