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  1. Dies when shifting from R to D when cold

    In most cases it hasn't, since it isn't a mechanical issue with the transmission, it's just the transmission lock, what stops it from shifting into gear if you don't have your foot on the brake.
  2. Dies when shifting from R to D when cold

    It may be the trans lock issue a lot of other people have had with the 09-10.... If you do a search on here you will get a ton of information on it. Youtube also has a few videos that show how to determine whether that is the problem, and a workaround until you can get it fixed.
  3. Sylvania has a bulb called the Zevo connect hybrid bulb that uses LED, for $99.99 they come with everything you need but it seems to be a bit more than a standard bulb change involved. I am planning on upgrading to these soon, rather than a seller on eBay or amazon (no offense to those that have, I've just had some bad experiences buying things on there). I just prefer the piece of mind (or delusion of piece of mind) buying from a larger company.
  4. You bought it in January and are just now finding out it doesn't have navigation? You have to make sure you have everything in writing before signing the papers... salesman can be tricky little boogers. As bramfrank mentioned it can get expensive to outfit a non-nav Journey with the nav.
  5. Heartbroken

    How close do you work? If it even is running for a good 10-15 minutes it should be fine. The alternator charges the battery as it drives.
  6. Heartbroken

    It wasn't a back up camera, it wash a dash cam that was constantly drawing power from the battery...
  7. The Journey has an older version of Uconnect.... Our guidelines don't move when backing up.
  8. Heartbroken

    That's great news! Sorry you had to go through that though... I bet it gives you some piece of mind now knowing it wasn't the cars fault :-)
  9. Ooooooh it's new... I didn't even pay attention! Yeah it's all covered under warranty, and it's also not too late to get the extended mopar warranty (as long as you are still under the manufacturers warranty period).
  10. Also for the headlight flicker there is a TSB that your service department can perform and has worked for 2016 and 2017 models: TSB NUMBER: 08-097-17 GROUP: 08 - Electrical DATE: September 28, 2017 SUBJECT: Flash: BCM Diagnostic and System Improvements MODELS: 2016 - 2017 (JC) Dodge Journey NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles within the following markets/countries: NAFTA and EMEA. NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built on or before August 28, 2017 (MDH 0828XX). SYMPTOM/CONDITION: The customer may describe the headlamps flicker while operating at night. This condition may be more prevalent after the bulb(s) have been replaced with an aftermarket bulb. Just tell the shop or dealer to perform this TSB and it shouldn't be an issue anymore. Also, if you call into the mopar warranty center they will give you 2 years of payments with no interest. I signed up that way and luckily I haven't had to use it yet but it's always nice to have the peace of mind.
  11. Did you look at the carfax report? If it was damaged then you should have been made aware of that, or else the dealer would be held responsible for not disclosing that information. Otherwise I would say that if the wheel bearing was just a tad bit misaligned it could have caused the damage, and even still been silent. Wheel bearings tend to only make noise when they are worn down, not necessarily misaligned because that will cause trouble for everything but the wheel bearing
  12. Check Engine Light

    Do you have push button start? It shouldn't start without pressing the brake pedal. It may be an issue with your transmission lock, or maybe with your ignition lock itself. For a proper diagnosis you'll want to take it to your dealer.This is something you'll want to get checked out pretty soon, if it is push button start then it could make the car vulnerable to theft.
  13. Rear passenger door locks

    Regardless of how many miles are on it the vehicle is still 9 years old. There are going to be issues and annoyances at this point with ANY vehicle. Heat/AC are common issues because they are normally always running, the heater core works when you are using air conditioning AND heat so it gets a lot of use year round. As far as the doors, I doubt that has anything to do with it, you'll have to take the door panels off to check the lock switches. First I would make sure you figure out for sure when it DOES or does not work.
  14. Odd Diagnostic Trouble Code

    I know it wasn't on the list... but I figured they use the same crash sensors on most of their cars so you might be having a similar wiring problem. Since the error code is one that is specific to only chrysler you may have to take it into the dealership for a proper diagnosis.
  15. Odd Diagnostic Trouble Code

    You're right... probably the reason whatever tool he's using didn't know the code is because its a chrysler specific code.