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  1. Dash Rattle Near Windshield

    They did look at it and offer to tighten the guard along the windshield. Honestly I think it was the change in weather, when it gets cold the plastics contract and with warm weather they expand. Had the same noise for about a week or two this year when it started getting warm. My recommendation is to just give it some time, if it does go away then it is because of the shift in temperatures. If not and you are still in the warranty period let your dealer know and they can try to find the source. *As a warning though, if they take the dash apart you do risk that causing more/other rattles so be certain before they do that*
  2. Dealer mechanics and their BS!

    Yeah, this is normal for the DJ... Whenever I start mine (since brand new) it has a loud whine from the steering pump warming up. Usually goes away within 10 seconds. Nothing to worry about unless it doesn't go away at all. Most FCA vehicles fitted with the pentastar have a steering pump whine, all the DJs that I test drove before I picked mine had the same sound.
  3. Full stereo upgrade

    I bet it sounds good! One a side note though, do you think maybe you are having electrical issues because of the power drawn? I have 0 experience when it comes to stereo upgrades but based on the issue you said you were having in your other post it may be related to your system. Or I could just be completely wrong, just an idea ;-)
  4. Low/high odometer readings

    Yup! I mentioned that Tesla is 100% American... But I bet they would be MUCH more affordable and accessible to Americans if some either parts or manufacturing were outsourced. They are brilliantly designed and engineered but their manufacturing process and quality control don't measure up to the amount of money they charge.
  5. Service AWD strikes again

    It sounds like it might be an electrical issue. I would start by disconnecting the battery for at least 30 minutes to reset everything. If that doesn't work you may want to check for shorts in the wiring (if you feel comfortable), or take it to the dealer. I know the AWD system uses a multitude of sensors, and one may be going out. I'd do the reset, check fuses, and if you don't find anything obvious take it in.
  6. Low/high odometer readings

    I think most people like seeing that they got their value out of the vehicle when they mention the high mileage... It is also a way to let people who are just researching the Journey and "passing through" the site know that it's not a bad investment. Either way it's great that you have enjoyed your DJ! In relation to it being built in Mexico, not a single vehicle is strictly American, and I'd be willing to bet quite a bit of money that not a single car anywhere uses parts from just one country (aside from Tesla). The Journey was being built in Mexico when under the Daimler era, when Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep were going through very rough times. They made that decision as a cost move, and because the Avenger (which the journey shares a platform) was being built there as well. The automotive landscape is very reliant on global business for profit, which is why it is hard to find vehicles designed, engineered and built in a single country. Dodge, Ford, Chevy are all American brands that built the auto industry in this country so you definitely bought as American as you can!
  7. Custom exhaust question.

    I don't think the exhaust would make much of a power difference on the DJ. It might sound better but you won't notice much gain at all performance wise. As far as visual, I can't see much at all from behind, especially when I'm in another car. It's up to you whether you think it's worth it. If you are looking for more performance I think there are tons of other things you should be focusing on other than shedding maybe 10lbs from the exhaust.
  8. Certified ?

    You got it! There are other factors too... like the purpose it was used for. Rental vehicles and fleet vehicles normally won't be certified. Which there are a lot of DJs as rental cars so that may be a factor as well.
  9. Not starting

    Did you try starting it with the second key? Depending on what brand/quality of battery you placed in the key it may need to be changed again. If that doesn't work then I would look at the battery, just to make sure you rule out the simple things before you take it in to the dealer. Also unplug the battery and let it sit for about thirty minutes, if there is an electrical "glitch" then this just might fix it. Good luck, and let us know what happens!
  10. Certified ?

    The certified requirements are actually defined by FCA, and the inspection/replacement criteria are set by them as well. Here is the FCA website describing what their definition of "certified" is and what is necessary. http://www.certifiedpreowned.chrysler.com/
  11. Certified ?

    So certified means that everything has been looked over and replaced if it doesn't meet the manufacturers specifications (electronics, mechanical, suspension, tires, brakes, anything that is wear/tear included). Certified also means that if it is over the 36k bumper to bumper warranty is up, that the coverage will be extended. Most manufacturers extend it an extra year or 12k miles. You'd also have the option of purchasing the mopar extended lifetime warranty without getting the vehicle inspected (since it was just "refurbished" to the manufacturers specs).
  12. DJ Trim levels Difference

    The warranty starts on the day it was sold. Also it isn't unusual for vehicles to be serviced before being sold. This could happen due to recalls and inspections are recorded as "being serviced". If it was sold as new than more than likely that is the case, and I don't see any trips back to the dealership afterwards to be serviced.
  13. DJ Trim levels Difference

    Ah okay... Still I think since mechanically they are very similar the SXT with only 50k miles would be a better choice. Just be careful and make sure the vehicle wasn't used as a rental/fleet vehicle. Some people have good luck with them but I know I personally am not the most delicate rental driver. Also have it looked over by an independent mechanic just to be safe.
  14. DJ Trim levels Difference

    There isn't anything other than styling that would make the Crossroad a better buy. I would be more worried about doing business with a dealer that charges more for a vehicle with 90k miles than one with 50k.
  15. 2017 Journey Crossroad Debadged

    I think the rear looks good without them! I wouldn't remove the one up front though... In my opinion the little bit of red in the grill makes it look more sporty (or as sporty as a 3 row SUV could look)!