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  1. 9k miles and 6 months later...

    Thanks! I'll have to look into that! I didn't think much of it when I first bought the car but I do remember setting my old Civic windows that way!
  2. 9k miles and 6 months later...

    I have the Crossroad Plus as well, though its just auto down for the drivers side, and the passenger is not auto at all. The GT does have it on both Up and Down for the driver and passenger. I have prepaid maintenance for 3 years, so I do still go in around when the sticker says to, not so much because I think I need to but because I want them to have to spend more by shortening my oil change intervals! I have heard them quote a customer 5200 for a warranty they could get through molar directly for 3200, so they are slimeballs.
  3. 9k miles and 6 months later...

    Yup! Even the base journey has the maintenance schedule reminder, letting you know when you should get an oil change. The manual for the V6 says do not go longer then 10k miles though.
  4. Just introducing myself

    Welcome! The first gen CR-Vs were great! Had one myself for about two years and it never missed a beat. Looking at them now though they are a completely different machine, all gizmos and tricks... Hope everything is going well with your Journey!
  5. Hello from another new guy

    Hi KM! Welcome to the forums! From what I've read they do seem to be more trouble than they are worth. I may have read incorrectly but I read there's a lot of electrical hurdles when changing to the 8.4 stereo. Given all of the electronics involved it would be smartest to get an estimate from the dealer first. The head unit itself is roughly $1300.00. If you can live without it, that's something I would skip. The foglight addition probably would be a lot easier, and I have seen a ton of kits on amazon and eBay, all of them look pretty simple to install.
  6. lmoore1436

  7. So long Wrangler. Hello Journey.

    Dang! 35k on an 09? Did they not drive it very often? Was it a second vehicle? If you bought it from somewhere reputable and had it looked over I would say so. To er on the cautious side though you have to be weary of an 8 year old vehicle that only got 4k of use each year. If the low mileage is due to just a short commute I would say it's fine since it got regular use. If the car sat for long periods of time then I would have it looked over pretty thoroughly just for peace of mind. Look through the forums on here and you can find quite a few common problems with the 09 year, brakes and the transmission lock being two that I think I've read the most about. Those also may not have been addressed by the previous owner if it wasn't driven too often. Either way, congratulations on your new Journey! I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as everyone on here has (for the most part). If you have any questions about it or the maintenance feel free to ask away, everyone on here is pretty helpful!
  8. Any common issues with the 2016 r/t

    I have a 2017 crossroad plus, if I'm not mistaken I think it has a majority of the same components... I'm at 14k and have experienced the suspension noises everyone else mentions, but I don't think it's an actual problem with the suspension. Haven't had any major problems with bluetooth or HVAC so far either. The transmission does drive me bonkers at times though, especially in stop and go traffic, the "clunk" when shifting into gears and the occasional hard downshift when braking. Nothing is wrong with the transmission though so I just learned to grit my teeth and deal. That being said 2016 is a relatively new model year, and any common issues probably haven't been experience by many people yet. To be safe I would just get the mopar extended warranty, in the long haul it will pay for itself.
  9. 40K and unsatisfied

    @jkeaton has a point... They build the DJ to a price, and the 4cyl engine is definitely one of the ways they make it affordable. As for your other problems I'm sorry to hear about them, I only have 14k on mine so far but fingers crossed I don't run into many problems. A/C systems are fickle things though, I had a Honda for a few years that decided every summer it wasn't going to blow cold air.
  10. looking at 2011 DJ

    It seems like a decent price, I would ask to see the carfax report though. Just to see if it was a rental unit at one point. The journey is a very popular car on rental lots (that's actually where I first drove a Journey) and people drive them hard so you may have more problems. If it's not a previous rental then I would say go test drive it and make sure everything checks out!
  11. Oh no it absolutely would, I wasn't trying to say it wouldn't. I was just stating why, and yeah, some of the dealers around here like to play hardball and add on whatever they can get you to fall for. They actually have dedicated sales personnel just for the things that they put on for you after you buy the car. I'm sure it has been marked up by at least 300% but people here in the DC area must not do their research beforehand!
  12. They sell it as an alternative to products like LoJack. If the car is ever stolen they can recover it by tracking it via GPS. They also send you information about the driving habits of whoever has the car, like if you were buying a Dart for your son or daughter it would tell you when they were using it, where they were using it and how fast it was going. Strange they didn't offer it to you, I've been to a few dealers and they always put the hard sell on for that.
  13. That's a pickle of a situation! Definitely ask Carmax to pay, and if they do then great. If not, as bamfrank stated, tell them you are prepared to take it to court. My Dodge dealer sells a tracking device that can be added to the vehicle after it is purchased though, so I would double check with the dealer that it wasn't something installed by the dealer. Every Dodge dealer tries to sell this as an add on, but I think it is an official mopar part, so just double check that isn't what the culprit was because if it is, then carmax won't be paying diddly squat. This is the link: EVTS
  14. Galvanized Steel?

    Thanks for letting me know what you guys use in Canada! I did buy the max care warranty from Mopar, I called in and they gave me 24 months with no interest so it's definitely true they give you a much better deal than the dealer (who wanted almost 1,000 more for it AND to roll it into my loan so it could accrue interest). I bought my DJ about 6 months ago though, and I guess my question was a bit more specific than that. I was wondering what body panels actually have the galvanized steel, (doors, side sills, quarter panels, etc.) or if it doesn't have it at all. I just wanted to know because if it does have it in some of the more important and rust-prone spots then I was going to wait until the corrosion warranty was up to get it sprayed, if not I would get it done sooner rather than later.
  15. Galvanized Steel?

    Thanks, I did get the Maximum life care warranty through mopar for that exact reason!