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  1. Headlights Flicker

    Hopefully this fix works for everyone else, it's definitely worked for me. Haven't had the flickering at all since the update.
  2. Rear view mirror vent?

    Those are humidity sensors for the Climate control sensor. I asked the dealer about it a few months ago.
  3. Advice for clunk

    Dang negative Nancy! Haha let me enjoy it for a while at least! I know it will eventually come back, but they are under warranty for an extended period now so if I do need them replaced again it shouldn't be an issue.
  4. Advice for clunk

    It was whenever the suspension was engaged... Most notably over speed bumps, or uneven surfaces on the road. There are lower control arms on the left and right so it may just be one of yours, or it could be a completely different issue.
  5. Advice for clunk

    Got it back and drove it around for a good 30 minutes or so. No clunk or creak going over any bumps... The lower control arm fix worked like a charm.
  6. Advice for clunk

    I'm heading over in about an hour to pick it up... They said ti was the lower control arms but I'm going to have to drive it first. Last time they said it was fixed and it made the noise as I was pulling out of the parking lot. I'll let you know if that fixed the issue.
  7. What is happening when you get to 40? Are the revs staying high (over 3000) and not lowering? If so, that could mean it is the transmission. If it just won't allow you to accelerate past 40mph then something else is the issue. Cars have a "limp" mode when something is wrong which limits your speed, and they are typically set to around 40mph. Limp mode is usually turned on when there is something potentially damaging wrong with the engine. This is usually accompanied by a check engine light or a different warning light
  8. 2016 journey dying after starting

    Is it the 4 or 6 cylinder model? If it's a problem with the cylinder then it could be as simple as a sensor shutting it down to prevent damage. Was it running differently than normal while you were driving? Any warning lights on? It also may be completely unrelated since it is starting and then shutting off. Have you tried starting it with both of your keys? It could be something wrong with your key as well. Also if it has less than 36,000 miles you should still be in warranty and Dodge will cover some of the towing cost.
  9. Advice for clunk

    I will, just make sure you don't let them close out your service paperwork until YOU know it's gone. Otherwise they will note it as repaired, from how you described it sounds like the same as mine. It's especially noticeable if I hit a speed bump at an angle.
  10. Advice for clunk

    I mentioned this at my last oil change too. It was pretty easy to re-create over a speed bump in their parking lot! They said they lubed everything up and they didn't hear the noise but when I drove away it was still there. They didn't have a loaner for me so I'm taking it back tomorrow and leaving it for a day or two until they can figure it out. Weird thing is different people say different things fixed it, so who knows. Like keaton said I asked about the strut isolators and they said they'll check, all we can do is mention what has been the solution for others or else the dealership will take their sweet time!
  11. Headlights Flicker

    I had this same issue, nobody else seemed to notice it but me (and maybe the car in front of me), but it would happen for a split second every 10-15 minutes. One of the Dodge specialists gave me this TSB number to show my dealer (Only applicable to 2016 and 2017 models). I took this to the dealer and asked them to do it during my last oil change and haven't had the problem since. My guess is that it has happened more than mentioned since it is kind of hard to notice from inside the car. "TSB NUMBER: 08-097-17 GROUP: 08 - Electrical DATE: September 28, 2017 SUBJECT: Flash: BCM Diagnostic and System Improvements MODELS: 2016 - 2017 (JC) Dodge Journey NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles within the following markets/countries: NAFTA and EMEA. NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built on or before August 28, 2017 (MDH 0828XX). SYMPTOM/CONDITION: The customer may describe the headlamps flicker while operating at night. This condition may be more prevalent after the bulb(s) have been replaced with an aftermarket bulb."
  12. 23k Mile review

    So I've now had my Journey for a year and have put 23k on it. Things have been pretty stable since I've bought it, but there are a few gripes... Definitely nothing major but they are definitely worth mentioning, and I'll be going in soon for my 4th oil change soon so I'm going to mention them to the dealer as well. Exterior: Everything has held up great. I mostly credit this to how far away I park in parking lots (Here in the northern virginia/DC area people are careless with their doors). No scuffed rims, no rock chips either which is surprising because I mostly drive on highways where the speed limit is 70. Trim is still where it should be, nothing loose or needs adjusting. Looks just as good as the day I bought it (when it's washed which isn't as often as I'd like it to be. Interior: Interior is holding up, I own a business and regularly transport cardboard boxes full of materials a few times a month. That being said the plastic in the back does get a little banged up but that is part of the reason why I bought it, so no surprise there and it would happen to any other SUV as well. I have noticed a few more noises/creaks when going over bumps. It is getting colder though so I can imagine the compression of cold air plays a role in that. The major interior gripe I have at this point is the passenger seat, the center console and the door trim. The passenger seat issue is more of a design issue than something that needs to be fixed. I sat in the passenger seat for the first time two weeks ago and it is not very comfortable. I'm not entirely sure how to describe it but the seating position is not height adjustable, and unless I put the passenger seat all they way back my knees come into contact with the dash. I'm sure it's a mixture of my height and the design (the dash slopes towards the passenger as it descends). The center console creaks, which wouldn't bother normal people, and honestly it doesn't bother me until someone else gets in the car and puts their elbows all over it and it makes noise. Also the passenger door trim makes noise when it's being closed. It creaks (much like the console) when someone is closing the door. These are very VERY minor things that shouldn't really bother people but I'm a bit of an oddball and have sonar dishes for ears. Performance: Engine is great still... Starts up right away, though the whine/hum noise it makes for a few seconds is kind of loud, but nothing is wrong at all, it's done that since the day I bought it and other FCA products make the same noise. My main issue is with the transmission. It doesn't do anything that shows signs of wearing, but it does act like a 5 year old who's been at the mall too long. It's always either tired or overactive and ready to go. Occasionally when I set the cruise control it likes to stay in 5th gear, but it shifts to 6th when I hit the + button on the steering wheel. Then, sometimes when I am braking it will shift into a gear lower than it should a bit too quickly and I can feel a jolt. It also hasn't learned my driving habits... at all really. At my next oil change I may ask if they can reset the transmission or something to see if that will fix some of these annoyances. Also, when driving it likes to shift into 3rd gear way before the engine is ready, there is a significant amount of power loss at this point. Honestly I feel like this transmission is the worst aspect of the vehicle, but again these are not issues with the vehicle, but annoyances. Every vehicle has aspects that don't exactly perform flawlessly and the DJ is no exception, but for the price I am not in the least bit upset. Comfort: It is very comfortable... and quiet. Especially compared to the Honda that I used to own this sounds like a Lexus inside. You can have a full conversation with someone in the back seat without yelling. The sound system is great as well, going 70mph I usually only have it on the 12 sound level... I am not too sure how high it goes (maybe 40?) but that is plenty high for me to hear. With plenty of 12 hour drives under my belt I can also say that the drivers seat is the most comfortable sea I have ever sat in for the long haul. There are tons of adjustments and if you feel a slight ache in your back the heated seat works it right out. I have a crossroad and the sport mesh inserts are also holding up really well considering how much use they've gotten already. The ride is still smooth, though the bigger wheels on the crossroad aren't as smooth and quiet as the SXT, they do help with handling in corners and emergency maneuvers. Problems: THE DEALERS SUCK. They broke a lug nut off on my first oil change visit and tried to blame it on me. I'm sure I have vented about it somewhere on here but it still was a definite pain. They came out, and I thought they were going to tell me my car was ready so I packed up to leave (after a 2 hour wait). He asked when I changed the tire on my car and I said "never, the car is only 3 months old, it has the factory tires". He proceeded to say it looked like someone had broken off the lug (the long windy thing that holds the tire on), but I found out when I left the service log says that they broke it off when removing the tires to check the brakes. Maybe they updated it before I left, or found out that it was their fault and corrected the log but I'll never know. They had one machined back on though, so other than another 45 minutes or so no damage was done. The front suspension creaks over speed bumps, and is becoming more present during regular driving. It used to only creak over speed bumps, but now uneven pavement, expansions joints, etc. make it creak as well. This will be addressed at my next visit as well. Positives: It's just a great car. I know I mentioned a few annoyances but I have never owned a car without one. It's a pleasure to drive and for the money I think this is the best deal anyone can find. It may not have all that fancy-schmancy driving tech like ACC or blind spot monitoring but I know how to drive, set my mirrors and check my blind spots before changing lanes. It looks great, and all the small features like storage compartments (the backseat floor coolers are great for stashing beers for tailgating at concerts) and the bright LED interior lights make everything so much easier for day to day use. The price was awesome, and the lifetime warranty coverage was the biggest reason I chose this over any other car. I hope I never have to use it but knowing that I can take it in at any dealer and get everything fixed keeps me at ease. Hopefully y'all don't think I sounded like I was complaining too much. Re-reading I noticed there are a few complaints, but they aren't really complaints as much as small things I notice once in a while. They are just drops in a bucket compared to how much I actually enjoy my DJ.
  13. Headrest Tablet Mount

    Honestly your best bet would be to get an iPad and a tablet holder... a built in system would cost a substantially larger amount. Plus it may interact with the safety features built into the headrests. Not sure if you noticed but when you first visit the page the images that pop up show you how to reset the headrests after the pop out to prevent whiplash during a collision. If you aren't looking to trade your vehicle in, which I'm guessing you aren't since it is a 2017 then this would be the cheapest way to get rear seat entertainment by spending the least amount of money.
  14. Happy New Journey owner but crazy hitch question

    You're absolutely right... I spoke too soon, had a few too many beers after the game tonight, and looked at the tongue weight, but it still may be noticeable given where the hitch is. We did notice the extra weight a bit just because it was at the very rear of the vehicle, unless it was in our heads. If it's extremely noticeable though they should take it to ensure it is mounted in the right position, honestly I'm not too sure what could have happened to make it feel "significantly" heavier during normal driving.
  15. Happy New Journey owner but crazy hitch question

    In most cases it shouldn't but if you've been driving it without you may notice a slight bit of difference... especially if the vehicle is new, it is at the far rear of the vehicle so added weight at that point can be exaggerated during regular driving.