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  2. Well until August this year I was a proud owner of a FIAT Freemont JTD 2.0 (170PK) 125 Year of Manufacturer 2012 (Model 2013) Then in September thats when the fun started - I do a lot of mileage along the German highways and as normal was happy trundling along the autobahn then the "Lights of Evil" reporting a DPF error had occurred book yourself in immediately to the nearest dealer appeared. Motor Management system kicked in so you could not damage the engine. German Roadside assist collected the car and delivered it to the "Official FIAT" Dealer. Now from this point it is unsure what actually happened while the car was at the dealer but after they installed a new catalytic converter and started it up is when something very serious happened and damaged one of the four valves - So there was me happily skipping to the garage to collect my car only to be told it does not run anymore. They ran a diagnostic check and it showed the car was only running on 3 valves and oil all over the place. So without any explanation proceeded to reel off the costs of investigating what went wrong and the fact that I no longer had a guarantee or a warranty and they could not offer any financial assistance to help with the "skyrocketing costs" (Kulanz in German) Rather than go into detail about this as it is as painful to write as it is to read but it turns out that this "Official FIAT Garage" was not exactly an Official Fiat garage anymore according to FIAT Deutschland, which is why they could not offer any compensation because they were no longer FIAT dealers. (Seems that this is a perk of being an official FIAT outlet) OK to the questions According an Official FIAT garage the "UNOFFICIAL FIAT garage" had been putting in oil for a Petrol engine instead of a Diesel Engine Oil Which product exactly has been used (complete product name) Which approvals or specifications are given for this product (either written on the bottle or on the technical data sheet available on-line) Well I know that the dealer had used SAE 5W-40 SELENIA for the last 2 years even though it quite clearly states in the FIAT Freemont Owners Manual Page 362 that SAE 5W-30 SELENIA should used with this particular type of Diesel Motor What car / engine (model, type, construction year) is concerned FIAT Freemont 2012 Model, 2.0 JTD 170PS (125) Fiat Freemont 2.0 JTD Multijet 16V Urban (DPF) - ADAC Car registered 2013 - Taken Delivery Jun 2013 What is the recommended specification for this car (written in the car manual) SAE 5W-30 SELENIA Will send a sample of the oil to a testing laboratory to check out if there are also metal fragments in the oil So basically my questions are as follows : Could the difference in Oil have caused such an issue to occur in the engine ? What is the price of a new Dodge/Freemont Engine (turbo, cat etc) ? I understand its a lot to read and certainly a lot to write, but from my side it seems I am being taken for a ride by the official and the un-official dealers here,
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