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  1. BodyShop Custom is done! i put two muffler by Magnaflow the sound is better now!
  2. work in progress thank you R4v3n for all informations!
  3. you have got so beautiful fog light! from ebay?
  4. Welcome my friend!
  5. ok great! and the bulb type is W21W? like that? or Like That?
  6. Hi carritt! what is your led inside the reverse light? very niiiice!
  7. ohh yeah thank`s a lot for your answer! i gonna show this pix to my body shop
  8. oh ok it`s well to know it! thank`s you!
  9. i would like put this headlight like you on my journey but i`m a bit worried with a led quality.... if i buy a headlight like that and after 6 months she will died i`m gonna be mad!
  10. Nice rims! i like it! i Would like change my rims too but i would like know if you had got a problem with the pressure sensor? i want put the rims of the dodge caliber srt4 but i think the sensor are old compared to the 2013 sensor in the journey rims no?
  11. Richie on this video what is your exaust??? i love your sound!
  12. Thank`s my friends!