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    The transmission in my Journey is the 62te (6 speed) Automatic w/manual shift mode. I have checked the transmission fluid and it is slowly dropping. Can anyone tell me if it is designed to share fluid with the T-case? Thanks for the reference, dhh3! I will look into it
  3. Hard to Find Items

    I think there must be a character limit or something
  4. Hard to Find Items

    Okay, so I have 3 problems with my Journey. First, When we bought it from the dealer it had a cheap Kenwood radio in it. It is equipped with a backup camera, has the flip down rear dvd screen, and a factory screen mounted atop the center of the dashboard. None of which work. I am assuming all these features work through the factory radio, which is no longer installed. I have searched and searched. I cannot figure out which factory radio I need, even when searching by VIN. Second, Within a month of purchasing the vehicle, the transfer-case (or PTU/PTO) unit started leaking from the seal where the passenger side CV axle goes in. From what I've read, these units are filled with hypoid gear oil. However, the fluid leaking out is ATF. It is my theory that the seal between the transmission and transfer case unit is bad and the transmission is feeding the unit with ATF, which is then leaking out. This is sort of a good thing, because although it is leaking profusely, the unit is not running dry. It has leaked enough fluid to drain it completely several times over. After searching relentlessly, I cannot find this oil seal anywhere. Third, the check engine light had recently come on. One code is P0793. Points to an intermediate shaft speed sensor. Second code says 2nd gear ratio incorrect, which I assume is triggered by the first code. If the sensor cannot read the shaft rotaation, it cannot calculate the gear ratio. I have found several speed sensors, but nothing that specifically states it is the intermediate shaft sensor. Any help anyone could provide is greatly appreciated. Cheers!