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  1. Usefu1_1diot


    Im having the same issues. Mine were just some cheap ones off Amazon and they were doing the same thing. No light when unlocking or opening doors, just overall didn't work well at all. What difference does it make If they are canbus compatible?
  3. LED Headlight issues

    Returned the lights and ordered the same brand 2-sided ones (same ones jkeaton uses I think). Fingers crossed that everything works
  4. LED Headlight issues

    Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is an hir bulb? Just a brighter halogen basically?
  5. LED Headlight issues

    Thanks guys, looks like I'll see about a refund. Was hoping there was a work around, but that's not looking too likely.
  6. Got these headlights as a gift, installed easily and they looked great when I turned them on! Next morning I hop in to go to work, headlights come on without issue. About a minute up the road the passenger side started to flicker and eventually went out. 2-3 mins later the driver side did the same, no headlights at all! What am i missing here? If you unplug them for a while and turn the car off, a short while later they work again...for a few minutes then cut out. Any suggestions? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GDTE6II/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_PfsAyb62ZXPJ5
  7. LED Interior light issues

    Well that's what the LED lights are, so I have no idea. Time to switch back the factory lights so I can see when I open my doors for now. Damn...
  8. LED Interior light issues

    Well it seems there is no rhyme or reason to it now. They turn on find by pressing the button, and now it seems they come on when the doors opens "sometimes"! The one in the cargo area doesn't seem to come on at all though. I'm confused. They were super easy to put in, so I'd get a different kind if I knew it would fix the issue. What voltage are suppose to use?
  9. Got some LED lights off Amazon (Cutequeen brand) and put them all in yesterday. Everything seemed to work great at first. They came on when I pressed the button, opened the doors and turned them on using the dial in the dash. Today however, they won't come on using the dial of when I open the doors, they only come on when I press the button on the light itself. Am I doing something wrong or do I need different lights (possibly that require less voltage to activate)? My only guess is that using the dial and opening the doors may push less voltage to the lights than using the button. But I have no idea
  10. Usb input issues

    Doesn't Uconnect use Gracenote? I think it does, and if so, it won't matter how you put the album art on the sd card. If the artwork isn't in the Gracenote database, you'll never have your album art display. At least that's the way it was in the Dart with the 8.4 screen.
  11. Usb input issues

    Guess I'll stick with my flash drive then and keep doing some trial and error. Frustrating as hell, but I'll try to come up with some answers. (First world problems...ha!)
  12. Usb input issues

    Well it turns out there are more albums then I thought that come up as Unknown Artist. Also, when I shuffle all songs I consistently get the same album come up about 5 times out of 20 songs about. Getting the same album come up that much when I have 1700+ songs is insane. This is frustrating! How can a car this new get the shuffle feature so wrong?! Do I just need to invest in an iPod, or are these issues still present using an iPod too?
  13. Hey there!

    Thanks! I love the blacktop package too, though I don't see many around my area at all. Kinda nice I guess, makes mine stand out a bit more than the others.
  14. Hey there!

    Sure is, you know your old Chevys!
  15. Usb input issues

    Ok, so my update! I loaded a bunch of music on a 32gb flash drive (down from a 64gb one) using the WMP sync method and so far my issues have mostly been resolved. Some albums are still coming up as "Unknown", but not many. I'll just have to play around with the file names to make them all work right (OCD driving me crazy)!