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  2. 2009 Dodge Journey FWD I’m hoping someone can at least point me in the right direction with getting this issue fixed. Here is the basic run down of events. I purchased this car last year, since I’ve bought it there has been intermittent issues with starting. Every so often I will go to turn the key and I’ll hear the first turnover start and then dead, similar to if the battery did not have enough power to start the car but that is not the issue. After 1 or several tries it will start up. It isn’t a battery or alternator issue but this is also not the problem I’m trying to solve. So last year I had to get it towed into a shop because my breaks went out, they tried to start the car and the intermittent not starting issue happened, thinking it was a dead battery they jumped it to start it. When I got the vehicle back, my AC unit was not working. You turn the knob for low/med/high etc and the fan blows out the defroster and feet but no temperature or location selection will work. They were able to hook it up to a computer and manually operate these settings but the entire unit on the dash is not lit up and does not work outside adjusting the blower. So in short my A/C is not working, this leads me to believe it’s some sort of electrical issue also because now my headlights are always on, I have them on the auto setting where before they only turned on at night or with the wipers on but now they are always on if the car is on. Hopefully someone can point me in a good direction to figuring out this issue. Any questions please let me know. Thanks.