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  1. I have the same 'glitch'. Never went more than 80-83 mph (approx 130kmh) and my gps max speed sais 130 mph (209kmh)! Which is insane lol.
  2. I wish I can let you know how hard I laughed ahhahahahahha!!!!!!
  3. Damn, I remember I had so many problems in my 2010! It was the reason I changed it, it was driving me crazy! My 2016 has been amazing.
  4. Nothing will be worth it. Better stick with what you have.
  5. My AWD is a fuel thirsty. Need around 60-65$ CAD every week. around 10 mpg in winter 12mpg in summer. got my car in april 2016. 6 hours highways can give me up to 29 mpg, which is good.
  6. the black tint of the blacktop package is dark enough in my opinion, this is too much. and what @2late4u said, is right. The brighter your break lights, the better.
  7. From the dealership is the best place. They have them precise. They use your VIN or your colour code to make sure it is the exact colour.
  8. Welcome and enjoy!
  9. You're welcome rayray0114.
  10. You are wrong about the auto headlight sensor. This sensor is the like a small ball, Right under the mopar name on the windshield in the middle of the dash, in front. It is circular, and it is small. That picture is not from a journey, but still you get it.
  11. Hi. Theres something for you. The sensor toward the windshield is the ambiant light sensor, and the one facing you is the glare light sensor. In the night, the ambiant light sends information to the electronics or (control unit if you prefer) of the mirror so it knows it is night time condition, and if there is a light behind you that causes glare, the glare sensor will send information to the electronics. After that, it will send a very low voltage to the mirror, which will result a dark dimmed mirror. That is why in the day the mirror is never dark even if lets say there is sun behind you. They both work together. I hope it helps MF
  12. If i were you it would be a simple and quick : no.
  13. My 19 on the RT are smoother than my old 17 on my old sxt.
  14. I had the Journey 2010, before. And indeed no you cant. I had a standart radio, i remember upgrading mine to RBZ. Pretty much plug and play. Good luck
  15. My AC never came on during defrosting mode... interesting. Maybe it automatically turns on but doesn't turn on the AC light? Seems logic to me.