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  1. My 19 on the RT are smoother than my old 17 on my old sxt.
  2. I had the Journey 2010, before. And indeed no you cant. I had a standart radio, i remember upgrading mine to RBZ. Pretty much plug and play. Good luck
  3. My AC never came on during defrosting mode... interesting. Maybe it automatically turns on but doesn't turn on the AC light? Seems logic to me.
  4. You can buy the rain-X interior glass anti fog. I suppose you do not have rear ventilation, thats why. Personally, i do have rear vent and still applied it. I can see you're on Ontario, you can head to any Canadian Tire. It is around 7$. Good luck.
  5. My car is 99% of the time on auto climate. Best thing. Your car is smart, let it manage.
  6. Maybe because the back lights are already LED? But for the front im more than sure that we need resistors.
  7. If i were you, i would listen to bramfrank tips.
  8. Rob, As everyone said before, i dont think you can. I have a 2016 RT and i can assure you it came OEM. I guess it is standard on RT trim, but was not available on the 2012 RT model. Sorry about that. Enjoy your new car.
  9. Thanks everyone. So here's what I'll do. I bought LED for my license plate a my trunk light. Didnt need to buy any more because my interior is already stock led. I also won't change the exterior flashing, i dont have time to install resistors and all that kit, so i guess ill keep it as it already is. Thanks @OhareFred, @Camper and @jkeaton for the help, I truly appreciate
  10. Thanks. I also wanted to change the front turning signal light to led, but theres no can bus available. Can i take non can bus?
  11. So canbus will work, right?
  12. Hi folks, I was looking at at the led bulbs for my license light bulb. I came at a step, where i have to choose between normal led bulbs, and can bus led bulbs... I dont know which one i should choose. The reason i am changing i bought some cheap led on eBay and they started to flicker. It bothers me, and i hate the yellowish light of the bulbs since all my car is factory equipped with led inside. Another question, for the trunk light, they're also yellowish. I want to buy led. When i opened the cover, they were dome light shaped (212-2), and superbrightled are saying they're 579... Please help me here too. Thanks, i appreciate it.
  13. Like they all said. It is absoulutely normal! If you wasnt hearing a sound then theres a problem! haha! Welcome and enjoy!
  14. Ahh yes! On the highway it is amazing. I went to new york in the summer, it was down to 6.5l/100km! Anyways, thanks everyone. I really appreciate