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  1. If they did fix it in Alaska would they ship the hoses from Arizona??? I feel sorry for this guy it boggles the mind
  2. wow that is great but I would never be able to do it my head would explode glad you found the fix
  3. Also you get new FOB's that need to be programmed
  4. You should take pictures or video with your cell phone if you have one when its acting up then you have proof
  5. By your info sounds like it could be a wheel bearing
  6. Have you given this info to the dealer? Surely it would help them as its an almost new vehicle and I dont think its a problem that can be fixed on this forum
  7. Since it is a piece of crap perhaps its time to move onto another manufacturer which you could have better luck with. It will probably cost you money to get the issue taken care of. Good luck
  8. Show those photos to the dealership and see what they say
  9. Humidity sensor?
  10. bye bye
  11. was there alcohol involved in you muffler bearing?
  12. Ok guess it wasn't cost cutting then just stupidity it was a great feature anyway
  13. 2009-11 had this very useful feature but then cost cutting came into place.................
  14. It could be many things from the 02 sensors, map sensor,spark plugs, air intake sensor etc etc You need to take it to a shop of some kind and have them scan it when you do a cold start and diagnose the codes