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  1. It was almost 3 yrs ago...... Call a dealer or a mechanic
  2. New ride for me also

    Its the 1.6 litre nice amount of torque
  3. New ride for me also

    Just leased a 2018 Terrain AWD diesel to try it seems quite peppy and very quiet I'm keeping the Journey also it's to good to get rid of and it has been a great vehicle and my dogs use it as their ride
  4. Reads like a scavenger hunt I was also thinking a chaffed or crimped wire in the steering column or something
  5. sometimes the brake pedal stiffens up and takes a good push to activate Maybe your battery ran down because of the fob being left in the vehicle and there isnt enough in the battery to turn over the starter
  6. Front Bucket Seats Problems???

    Can't duplicate the problem lol
  7. You most likely need a new engine the scrap yards have a few you should be able to get a decent one
  8. you really have to make sure the negative clamp on the battery is tight I thought mine was but I was wrong and it had to tightened more
  9. Electrical Issue

    I agree return to sender and runaway something is not right
  10. Fuel pump issue

    What may seem like a fuel issue could also be a spark issue what is the engine?
  11. How old is the battery? Did you try the reset by unhooking the negative cable for 10 minutes?
  12. and the old ones used to screw up stay on and drain batteries
  13. Are oil caps often stolen?

    one would wonder how they got the hood open without your knowledge? The dealer will have one also
  14. window washer problem

    Reads like the rustproofer is the mechanical idiot