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  1. I think there can be an issue with the rubber brake lines that can restrict the fluid flow to the caliper causing trouble or maybe the wheel bearing?
  2. Well after 104000 miles I had to have a starter motor put in the Journey Guess I should say its a piece of junk and I should sell it LOL
  3. Hello from the Big D

    Why do people buy Journey's? It sounds like the starter is turning but the "bendix" spring is not engaging the starter gear to the flywheel
  4. Changing the transmission fluid with MOPAR OEM oil and filter is a very cheap way to extend the life of the tranny...the old saying pay me now or pay me later your choice. I dont know any dealer who at 120000 miles would tell you not to change the fluid at least around here anyway Good luck with the Journey
  5. I think you are beating a dead horse trying to upgrade an integrated system like that You can spend a lot of time reading about stereos, navigation, etc on this forum
  6. Well it seems you have an issue that is rare and needs to be looked at by someone who knows what they are doing
  7. you might have broken wires in the the hatchback wire harness leading from the cabin into the hatch
  8. Who changed the fluid??? Did they use Mopar??? Did they put in the right amount???? Filter??? Yikes you are vague
  9. Temporary Electrical Failure

    The TIPM might be loose sometimes a R&R of the box helps as it reseals
  10. Who did you buy it from?? They should know or be the one to help??
  11. you can try unhooking the negative post on the battery for a bit then trying it again
  12. everything is so integrated I dont think its going to be an easy task. Why not just get an external bluetooth device that attaches to the sunvisor or something? Just a thought
  13. 2010 Journey FWD Transmission Shutter

    It could be engine related not transmission