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  1. should say on either the driver or passenger side front door?...at the front
  2. Check Engine Issue

    could be a sign of a weak battery
  3. check engine light

    It could be a number of things causing the light to come on as an evap emission code can be very vague to say the least especially if the car is running well.
  4. You will not find a solution...read Bamfranks posts and you will understand that its a corrupt system that just gets fixed temporarily with refurbished parts until you have no warranty left...its a real nice feature while it works
  5. maps

    All you have to do is search here and your question will be more than answered
  6. 2012 Journey SXT

    Dont waste your time buying it good luck in finding the right vehicle...I have almost 106000 miles on my 2013 with little or no issues and you would be buying a six yr old vehicle
  7. Complete Frt End rebuild

    Did you try a NEW Journey? They are far better than the one you got ripped off for to bad about your experience good luck
  8. TPMS module Faulty? Or bad sensor?

    It would seem logical that the pick up sensor is bad on that hub since the problem didnt move with the wheel
  9. Complete Frt End rebuild

    If you are going to buy another Journey get a 13 or newer......
  10. It's a Journey not a Maserati
  11. Engine wiring harness

    Did you check the deer for parts??
  12. If your flex plate is turning and your crankshaft isnt you have a serious issue internally with that engine
  13. $$$$ How much is your gas?

    Or $0.65 at Smoking Joes
  14. Converting Manual Drivers Seat to Power seat

    Or airbag deployment
  15. Converting Manual Drivers Seat to Power seat

    The harnesses are different from 2012-13 on I have 2 real nice seats from an 11 that will not connect because of it in my 13, they bolt up fine though