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  1. Transmission fluid

    Any garage can change the filter and fluid, you can also there is no drain plug so you drop the pan change the filter also
  2. So long Wrangler. Hello Journey.

    If the timing belt has not been changed you should do it as I think the time frame was 8 years or 100,000 miles and if it breaks you throw the engine in the garbage
  3. transmission, more than clunk

    Try to record it when it happens... Maybe a motor mount?
  4. Not meant to be checked...good luck
  5. 40K and unsatisfied

    The new Equinox is going to offer a 1.6 ltr diesel engine as an option no more v6
  6. Sounds to me like this is not the first time the needle has gone to the red zone
  7. Changing the transfer case fluid - 2012 RT V6?

    What does a Dealer say?? They would be the ones who know no?
  8. Pretty sure everything is integrated in with BCM along with other things so you might have a difficult time with wiring etc
  9. Fuel filter

    Its in the fuel tank and requires quite a bit of work...good luck
  10. Spare tire

    Perhaps you dont switch from winter to summer tires but I can vouch for bamfrank that tire bags do exist and are used regularly by tire shops to accommodate the tires that are going into storage when the switch is made
  11. I dont think you have a 3.6Ltr engine so the design might be different an 09 had a 3.5 ltr
  12. How old is your 12 volt battery or the batteries in your fobs? They could need replacing
  13. Rolly

  14. Problem with Alignment?

    I think the awd version needs different alignment requirements
  15. I SO Oem dual mufflers

    try a wrecking yard