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  1. If its a v6 shouldn't be an issue
  2. you just have to make sure they are the same Hertz?? cycle eg 433hz but there are plenty on Ebay and they pick right up
  3. ABS

    I think I would pay the diagnostic fee you need brakes..... If the car is out of warranty you dont have much choice
  4. I dont recall many people complaining back then..... even now must be hit and miss with these junk vehicles
  5. I have no issue with mine either nor did I in my 09 so I cant call either
  6. 84k still have the original rotors front and rear
  7. And most people when the unit is out of warranty will just leave it broken and do nothing cause it's not a issue that makes driving impossible. We payed for a nice "option" that when it works is great but when it locks up it an annoyance. I'm happy that I have extended warranty and can have the issue resolved by that route but it is crazy that they just keep swapping out junk for junk I'm glad the heated wheel doesn't lock up. Since it seems like the Journey design we have is going to disappear for some redesigned four cylinder piece of crap this will likely be my last Chrysler purchase but I do like this vehicle layout,comfort,power cant be beat by others costing more. To get a heated steering wheel in a new GM Acadia you have to get the Denali version when all is said and done here in Ontario is over $60,000.00 crazy. I dont think that it is just Chrysler that ignores peoples complaints in the automotive industry other forums are just as critical of same
  8. I have used one on my 13 no issue
  9. No one likes to blame Apple- UConnect is far easier
  10. you need a trusted mechanic to help you
  11. We Canadians always get the hind teet especially when it comes to choices for a vehicle build its basically take it or leave it
  12. 4 or 6cyl? The build code should tell you if it has the towing option which included the cooler and harness? If it did then you buy the hitch and its an easy install but the dealer may need to flash the computer. A 4cyl engine will work much harder than the 6
  13. If its not throwing any codes you should try to record what is happening and maybe it will help someone with diagnostics Could be a map or air flow sensor or many other things good luck
  14. Stick with what you have you dont want to go to all the hassle....take some time and read the threads on here there are plenty