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  1. Anyone had this message pop up on the EVIC screen? 2013 Crew It happened to me yesterday but the weird thing is the sensors are all showing the tire pressures of each tire and they are correct but the tire light is on with a stored message. I have read there is a module located somewhere so may be that is the culprit...off to the dealer next week to see what they say.
  2. 2014 Journey not shifting

    The dealerships dont like the video's??
  3. Cruise Control Button On/Off not working - "Love-Tap Fix"

    could be related to the recall also
  4. Just installed a Trailer Hitch on my 2011

    My 2013 handles a trailer lighting system no problem I also have LED's on the trailer You might have to get the dealer to set the code to activate the harness though
  5. If you pay for maps every year your the only person I know who does it
  6. Door Sill guards

    ^^^^ I have those also from Ebay going on 6 yrs no issues
  7. New Journey owner - not thrilled

    Well in 2017 I wouldnt buy a 2009 Journey if it had 50000 miles on it they had issues..lots of them Especially when there are lots of 2013 and newer models which are far superior and had gotten rid of many of the well documented annoyances of the previous years except the NAV
  8. New Journey owner - not thrilled

    You made a huge mistake and didn't do much research especially with such high mileage. Did you pay $500.00 for it ? Sadly that's all it's worth and you will have issues
  9. Dodge Journey no start

    The original poster will probably never be back his feelings got hurt no doubt When I had my 09 it did the no start a few times but the neutral trick always worked for me
  10. Hey All

    Bare in mind this is the 1st model year for this vehicle the 4 cylinder engine will be worn out and the v6 uses oil and has a timing belt. Also the wiring harnesses were weak and the brakes were terrible...And that is just from comments and complaints on this forum I dont think I would buy one but a 2013 or newer a much better vehicle
  11. Yep unload her and carry on in some other forum bye bye
  12. Climate Control Problem

    The problem is in your upgrade which probably wasnt done correctly
  13. Chirping After Startup (Help)

    Take the vehicle and your evidence to the dealer....should be a fun time