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  1. What do you have to lose by contacting the dealer and asking this same question?
  2. Have you tried a scanner?
  3. And they're wont be anything out there to replace it unless you like four cylinder turbo's- bummer
  4. Sticking thermostat?
  5. It will idle until there is no fuel left or it can be stolen and driven away
  6. probably cost more to ship them than make them
  7. we dont have diesels in north america and the fuel filter over here is part of the fuel pump assembly in the tank
  8. Your the only person that I know of who has a 3.5 L with a chain 99.99% of them are belts or 100%
  9. You have a timing chain in a 2010 ?
  10. You will have issues Chryslers and aftermarkets dont get along
  11. At least you know the way in
  12. Well it could be: Alternator, PS pump,Water pump, wheel bearings,torque converter,idler or tensioner pulleys the list goes on and on
  13. Why buy a used vehicle that isn't what you want? Look for one that has the features you like and go from there lots of used ones around and a 2013 model would assure you of the bigger brakes and most likely the better infotainment system
  14. Be aware that the 3.5 has a timing belt and if it goes you have scrap metal