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  1. was there alcohol involved in you muffler bearing?
  2. Ok guess it wasn't cost cutting then just stupidity it was a great feature anyway
  3. 2009-11 had this very useful feature but then cost cutting came into place.................
  4. It could be many things from the 02 sensors, map sensor,spark plugs, air intake sensor etc etc You need to take it to a shop of some kind and have them scan it when you do a cold start and diagnose the codes
  5. you realize this is a 7 year old thread and your car is 8 or 9 yrs old?? why come on here and rant and rave?
  6. or getting an oem installed by the dealer
  7. When you used the remote start you could have just drove away by pressing the start button with your foot on the brake pedal ?
  8. thank god she has informed us the horror stories just keep getting better and better but you would think this would be a major issue
  9. Since you can deal with it yours will never fail
  10. I would think so yes call around to other places and ask them
  11. I would be heading back to whoever did the recall and see if there is a recall to fix the recall
  12. yes time to sell it and don't ever buy another Dodge or Chrysler product Good luck in your hunt for a vehicle that doesn't cost money to own
  13. they dont like the answers so they move on
  14. Yes the braking system was not very good on the older Journeys or Caravans they did upgrade them in the later models and they are far better