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  1. Door Sill guards

    Thanks, appreciate the link! Will buy them off ebay.
  2. Winter Tires

    Afternoon. sorry for the late reply, we had Thanksgiving here in Canada yesterday. Just notcied your out west, hope you had a great Thanksgiving! All tire guys here go with a higher sidewall & narrower tire during winter, better traction & the ice/slush buildup around the wheel wells isn't as apt to damage the paint etc. Also prices are lower along with better traction. Thanks for the tip on "17 in" tire size! I don't care for the look of regular steel wheels either so another great tip thanks! We put ours on typically early November & take them off late March depening on what kind of Spring we get. Appreciate your input.
  3. Door Sill guards

    I wasn't aware the chrome sill guards don't actually touch the sill, looks like I'll have to order them. Hate seeing scuff marks/scratches from shoes & want to keep it from happpening. Anyone know where I can find them besides Dodge Canada? They want around $260 + 15% tax for the 4 guards! Some things I hate about prices here compared to the U.S. I'm shopping for winter tires too & we pay a lot more here for no good reason, some even made here like Michelin.
  4. Winter Tires

    I'll be looking for winter tires to replace the 19" all-season tires & wheels as well. Want to keep the factory tires and wheels in great shape. Living in eastern Canada & our winters are snow & salt etc. I'll also want to drop down from 19" tires/wheels to 18 or 17" as they perform better in snow etc not to mention cheaper. Anyone live in Canada or the North East U.S. that knows what I'm talking about have winter tire suggestions that really do the job well & don't have tread that wears out prematurely? I know winter tires wear faster but some more than others. Thanks
  5. Door Sill guards

    Dodge sells chrome door sill guards for the Journey. We had a 2010 with the 3.5, just bought a 2017 3.6 Crossroad awd black. I'm looking for door sill guards but not chrome ones. Putting two different types of metal together has it's downsides as it promotes rust. I'm looking for rubber/plastic sill guards but can't seem to find them anywhere. Anyone know if someone makes them that fit or can be cut to fit?
  6. 440interceptor

  7. I'll check back in the morning, appreciate any ideas offered. Thanks rolly
  8. evening rolly, no we bought it last October and purchased the gold plus warranty from the local dodge dealer. I do have the print outs from the dealer showing all work done on it from the previous owner, the older lady that was the original owner was local & rarely drove it in winter according to the service records but she did have it rust checked so the body & underside are very clean.
  9. Went swimming (ocean not pool) key fob dropped in salt water. Dried it in sun, worked to open doors & started Journey no problems. Later after starting the journey a few times going from place to place the vehicle lost all power while driving around town. No warnings or sounds etc, engine lost all power, instrument cluster went black, no power steering/brakes..was able to pull off the best I could. Vehicle started right up on first attempt right after. Took fob apart & no water although the actual key that pulls out of the fob was a little damp. May be a dumb question but would this cause the journey to completely shut down while driving? Has 33,000 miles on it & well maintained, never happened before.
  10. New to us Journey

    Thanks for the greetings folks, one of the first things I did was to have it Rust Checked & coat & protect on the underside, wheel wells etc. I didn't mention the previous owners were seniors who rarely drove it during winters, although they did have it rust checked the first two years. So the body is good & underside is very clean. I had the dealer put on new all-season tires after I noticed the original Kumo tires didn't have much tread left & it came with 4 winter tires barely used. Had the plugs changed, coolant changed, transmission fluid/filter as well. We asked the dealer for the service records & all seems fine. We did get the Chrysler service contract as I had read about some complaints owners have with Journeys. Thanks again
  11. Interceptors

    I'll post photos of our Journey from time to time
  12. New to us Journey

    We needed a second vehicle & looked over some other Journeys, some newer (2011/12 models) but we didn't like the newer dash & found a 2010 SXT 6cyl with 24,000 miles on it. Have had it a couple of weeks now & like it. Nice ride, I expected more of a truck feel but it's smooth for what it is.