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  1. My 2009 makes noise over certain rough roads too. I noticed if I alley the brake slightly the noise goes away..
  2. could be a bad alternator ,form stock . would not the first time.
  3. do you photos of the inside . if the interior was done by katzkin you should find some small tags .. the specialize in doing work for new car dealers ...
  4. Could be aftermarket , one company specializing in leather seats does such a good job it looks factory . https://katzkin.com
  5. Is the gas station overfilling , should stop at the first click on the pump and not try to squeeze extra in the tank. Sounds like autozone wants a excuse to sell parts . Code readers can be had pretty cheap
  6. You can go to the dodge site and enter your vin and it will show all recalls and if they have been done or not .
  7. there is something different because when i bought the car two years ago they supposedly did a alignment a long with a lot of other things . i just figured it was a list of stuff to add valve to the sale of the car . well last december the tire's started cupping . i replaced bushings and links , all four struts and did a brake job . when i took it to goodyear for tire's and a alignment .. they put it on the rack and showed me the specs and said the alignment was spot on... wired because normally replacing strutsthe alignment should be off and no , unless there is something noticeable like uneven wear or pulling to one side the only way to tell is put it on the rack. also they should show you the specs ..
  8. I would order a code reader online , the are cheap. Codes and definitions can be found on line and are a big help. Remember part stores are there to sell parts . Ibwpuld clean the throttle body , it is not that hard to get to and there are videos on u tube explaining how to take it off . Fuel pump will not set a code itself and you have to check fuel pressure on the rail. I would start by cleaning the throttle body .
  9. when is the last time you cleaned the throttle body . what codes are you getting .
  10. Time to find a new shop
  11. What engine ' thermostat housing leaking . If it's dumping coolant should be easy to see the leak go go rent a pressure tester and will tell you what's going on
  12. did you reset the codes after replacing the sensor .
  13. purge control valve , leak in the evap system , gas cap . http://repairpal.com/obd-ii-code-P0441
  14. Don't turn the back positions out , only turn in the direction that pushes them in. Should be seated all the way in and then apply s a few times to get them to set close to the pads. Might be be a problem with the slide pins sticking if you did not clean and lube them. Will the parking brake hold the car .