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  1. don't go by the max pressure on the tire used the tire pressure that's listed on the sill plate
  2. Jouney Overheating

    do you have the proper 50/50 mix and not just water.. i would suspect a blocked radiator
  3. Cabin light in 09 journey?

    are you sure the dimmer switch for the dash is not in the off position. there is one position on the light switch stalk that will prevent the inside lights from coming on with the door open
  4. Dusty256

  5. 2009 dodge journey misfiring

    codes , plugs , coil packs , boots ..
  6. transmission, more than clunk

    question , are you letting the idle speed settle down after starting it cold .
  7. 2015 V6 FWD Acceleration Noise

    detonation under load . you would hear just reving a unloaded engine. any codes left side cv joint
  8. A/C not blowing thru face vents 2014 Journey

    Wow , two year old question answered .
  9. My 2009 makes noise over certain rough roads too. I noticed if I alley the brake slightly the noise goes away..
  10. 2012 Journey Crew battery drains

    could be a bad alternator ,form stock . would not the first time.
  11. My 2015 Journey SXT

    do you photos of the inside . if the interior was done by katzkin you should find some small tags .. the specialize in doing work for new car dealers ...
  12. My 2015 Journey SXT

    Could be aftermarket , one company specializing in leather seats does such a good job it looks factory . https://katzkin.com
  13. P0455

    Is the gas station overfilling , should stop at the first click on the pump and not try to squeeze extra in the tank. Sounds like autozone wants a excuse to sell parts . Code readers can be had pretty cheap
  14. Recalls on 2010 Journey

    You can go to the dodge site and enter your vin and it will show all recalls and if they have been done or not .