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  1. Stability Control ESP

    Electronic Stability Program (ESP) If the vehicle is equipped with ESP, once the battery is reconnected, the SteeringAngle Sensor (SAS) needs to be calibrated. The SAS requires calibration anytime the battery or an ABS (ESP) component has been disconnected for any length of time. To calibrate, perform the following: 1) Start the engine. 2) Center the steering wheel. 3) Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left until the internal stop in the steering gear is met, then turn the wheel all the way to the right until the opposite internal stop in the steering gear is met. 4) Center the steering wheel. 5) Stop the engine.Google "dodge charger ESP/BAS Light" A bunch of stuff out there -- apparently this is a know issue... with possible causes too numerous to mention.
  2. 2011 2.4 liter engine swap

    Should come straight out the bottom with the k member
  3. 2012 power loss while driving

    Check out rock auto , a throttle body there is $165 or so depending which one you pick . They are very easy to replace.
  4. 2012 power loss while driving

    That’s a lot for a throttle body , sound like it junk yard shopping time
  5. 2012 power loss while driving

    Transmission kicks when almost stops , mine has done this since I bought it , worse when I first start out most other time it’s okay . As as for the rest it sounds like the car is going in to limp home mode . As for brakes get get away from factory parts and get good after market rotors and pads. I am done for new pads on the front of mine so I got about 30,000 miles off the front brakes .
  6. Lower front control arm bushings

    Just a little noise mainly over rocky roads . A soft thump and also if I back up over a uneven spot . I also get a bit of noise while going slow over rough roads but I traced it down to brake pads rattling becuse if I put slight pressure on the brakes it stops.
  7. I have a question about the bushing on the front control arm . I am talking about the one at the rear of the control arm where it mounts to to the kmember. What at is the normal amount of play that is allowed with this bushing . Mine moves up and quite a bit . Not enough to hit metal but with a pry bar I can move it up and down a bit
  8. Tick, tick, tick...

    wow $130 for a oil change !!!! cost me $23 to change it myself . synthetic blend . 160,000 miles and no ticks and no oil usage between changes . 4500 mile intervals
  9. thought those 2.4 world engines where pretty bullet proof. guess h must of neglected it or did not change oil or check the level .
  10. Vehicles owned, past and present

    67 dodge grand fury III 70 dodge super bee 76 plymouth volare 74 chevy 3/4 truck 84 plymouth turismo 86 ford 150 4x4 89 ford aerostar 88 ford taurus 95 ford aerostar 96 cadillac sedandeville 09 dodge journey
  11. Do these things just not blow heat?

    heater core blocked . check the thermostats , there are two i think one controls the heater core flow my 2009 makes it nice and toasty warm even on the coldest days.
  12. wow , best post ever from a one post wonder !!!
  13. Oil Change Message

    mine comes on at 6k every time . that's when i change it
  14. Oil Filter Advice Needed

    Fram or Wixx never had a issue .
  15. don't go by the max pressure on the tire used the tire pressure that's listed on the sill plate