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  1. "Ok Google..." "Hey Siri..." S-Voice/Bixby No need to touch the phone.
  2. Oil Filter Problems

    My only experience with the drop-in filters was with GM EcoTec engines (my DJ is a 2.4). I always threaded it and tightened with a 3/8" wrench and stopped at "tight enough." No cranking on it ever. For those of you who have a torque wrench, the proper spec is 18 Ft.Lbs. So, really, don't crank on it. That level is only ever so slightly beyond finger tight.
  3. Oil Filter Problems

    Shot in the dark here (no promises it will work or not cause additional problems, and as my signature line states - if you break it, it's your fault): Get an air duster can (the kind used for cleaning electronics). Also get a new oil filter cap - the original is already shot, and it might get worse as a result of this. Get the engine up to operating temperature (oil should be at 190+). Wear a pair of decent gloves. Flip the air duster over and spray the freezing cold liquid ONLY on the filter cap. Attempt to remove the cap. If it works, GREAT! If it doesn't work, well, you were out $600 anyway!
  4. $80 oil change?

    Pennzoil Platinum can be obtained for $23/5 quarts (WalMart current price, Amazon is usually right there with them). Ultra Platinum (when it isn't made of Unobtanium) is only $2-$3 more. Throw in a good filter (for my 2.4L, I'm using a Purolator Boss at $12 - don't judge me, I only do this once a year!) and you're under $35 for the best recommended oil for the engine you can get. Get a floor jack and some stands (about $100) and a torque wrench ($40-$as much as you want) and you can do a properly spec'd tire rotation. Sure, the first one will cost you a little more than a dealer ($140), but your highest cost oil change for as long as you want is about $30-$40. It also eliminates the time needed to drive your vehicle to a dealer or oil change shop (20 minutes), wait a half hour, then drive back (total time wasted is more than one hour). Versus get your vehicle warm, drain hot oil until it stops dripping (while you rotate tires, and/or have a beer - not recommended for the first DIY oil change...), then pour in better than what they'll use for less cost. Maybe you lose 20 minutes when you dispose of the old oil (or you can store it until you have your next dump run - I'm sure most municipality waste acceptance facilities take used oil). And now you know it was done right and your drain bolt isn't going to be stripped out from having it installed with an impact wrench.
  5. Wait, what?!? 2008-2012 Mopar large passenger vehicles have inadequate brakes? Who knew?
  6. Just Bought Used 2015 Dodge Journey SXT

    Welcome to the board! The good thing is that there is not much catch-up maintenance to do with the Pentastar. Change the oil and filter (I don't care what the dealer sheet says - change it anyway). Get a transmission drain & fill at 60,000 miles - don't wait for 120,000 since this was a fleet vehicle. Inspect (and replace if any signs of dirt) your engine and cabin air filters. Make sure that you've got good tire tread depth. Look over your hoses, brake fluid level, pad thickness, and rotor wear. That should be pretty much it. There's not a whole lot of maintenance on the V6 models until 100,000 miles beyond the standard oil change/tire rotation/filter replacements.
  7. The letter is only a holdover from people who don't use the internet (and a legal requirement that you must be positively notified through an official means that there is a defect that must be remedied). You can run your VIN against the NHTSA database and determine if you have any open recalls. Usually, you can even find more information here than dealers will tell you about. Also, every car owner should register their vehicle with the manufacturer's website for no other reason than recall notifications (and quick access to owner's manuals, not like anyone reads them... ) Got mine done today. Also had them order a new steering wheel control panel (phone/EVIC buttons intermittently don't respond) and new beltline trim for both rear doors (warranty repairs because they're falling apart/weren't installed properly), but those won't be delivered until later in the week.
  8. Notices are starting to come out. Mine just hit my Mopar account. For anyone who is also having intermittent issues with the steering wheel controls for EVIC and phone - this is potentially affected as well. Some of the potential warning signs of a chafed wire (which is what the recall is about in the first place) are illuminated airbag warning light, unintended wiper operation, and inoperable steering wheel switch. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2017/RCLRPT-17V432-5557.PDF
  9. How to Fold Front Passenger Seat Down Flat

    Look at the back of the seat cushion - does it have a strap? If yes, then the seat has an interior storage compartment and the seat back will fold forward to a flat position. If it doesn't, then you don't. The 2016 SXT required the Premium Group package to get the fold-flat front seat. This would include Sirius XM radio, 8.4" Uconnect, power driver's seat, and daytime running lamps. It sounds like you don't have any of that. Something to keep in mind - the 2016 SXT is NOT the 2015 SXT - it's more like the 2016 SE. They got rid of the AVP and CVP models and de-featured the SE to base.
  10. Journey battery keep dying

    It's a 2015 with a substantial reproducible problem. This isn't rocket science - it's a warranty claim (assuming you are under 36,000 miles). Maybe there's a way to add a mileage field for all posters with less than 15 posts. That would certainly help drill home the idea that year, mileage, engine, and trim (we already know make and model) are necessary pieces of information when trying to help resolve issues.
  11. Need help bad

    With all the work to expose the plugs on the 3.6L, change them all. It would cost an extra $30, but save you a day of work. And, depending on what was wrong with the plug in the first place (assuming the issue was with the plug and not something else), the rest may not be far behind.
  12. Is the crack originating from any previously repaired chip? If so, depending on who repaired it, there may be a warranty claim involved (I vaguely remember SafeLite offering "lifetime" guarantees on their repairs). I had a claim once on my old Malibu that was a chip repair (policy covered repair at no cost to me) that the repair eventually failed (defroster on a very cold morning - instant foot long crack starting from the previous repair). SafeLite had to pay my insurance company back for the repair, but I got to pay for the new windshield (funny how that works...)
  13. Oil Filter Advice Needed

    Use the Mopar filter for the 3.6 - there is nothing to be gained from using an aftermarket filter. For my 2.4, I use the Purolator Boss PBL12222 (hey, I only change it once a year - leave me alone).
  14. Your local dealership will sell you a fog light kit (there are two versions) for your vehicle. The Mopar website lists them for $234. The difference between kits is one is for vehicles with auto headlights, the other is not (different light switch in the kit). Instructions are available on the ordering page. It does not indicate any computer update is necessary for fog light addition (check with dealer to be certain). These kits are labeled for use on 2011-2015 Journey models (your 2014 SE has the same lower bumper as is pictured on the ordering page). Without auto headlights: https://mopar.chromedata.com/NextGen/C1111#/productDetails/274851/107562665 With auto headlights: https://mopar.chromedata.com/NextGen/C1111#/productDetails/2206248/107563148
  15. TPMS issue

    Go buy yourself the replacement TPMS module and replace it. Or, if it is at all an option, see if you can borrow one from someone you know who has the same model year as yourself. If it works, great - go buy one. If not, put everything back where you found it and look for other problems. Chances are, it's the module.