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  1. Your local dealership will sell you a fog light kit (there are two versions) for your vehicle. The Mopar website lists them for $234. The difference between kits is one is for vehicles with auto headlights, the other is not (different light switch in the kit). Instructions are available on the ordering page. It does not indicate any computer update is necessary for fog light addition (check with dealer to be certain). These kits are labeled for use on 2011-2015 Journey models (your 2014 SE has the same lower bumper as is pictured on the ordering page). Without auto headlights: https://mopar.chromedata.com/NextGen/C1111#/productDetails/274851/107562665 With auto headlights: https://mopar.chromedata.com/NextGen/C1111#/productDetails/2206248/107563148
  2. TPMS issue

    Go buy yourself the replacement TPMS module and replace it. Or, if it is at all an option, see if you can borrow one from someone you know who has the same model year as yourself. If it works, great - go buy one. If not, put everything back where you found it and look for other problems. Chances are, it's the module.
  3. Bluetooth will stream anything that plays over your phone audio output. My radio now plays my ringtone (The Imperial March) whenever I get a call. I assume the Uconnect system is set to read only that which is in the phone's primary music app (iTunes for iOS devices) whenever it is connected via USB. I would assume Android would use Google Play Music, unless you have made settings changes (or removed it). Either way - USB is reading a file, Bluetooth is receiving a live stream. Big difference.
  4. Window washer fuse location

    I'm not sure there is one. There is nothing in the manual about it's location, and the wiring diagram for the wiper/washer pump system does not indicate a fuse between the BCM and the washer fluid pump.
  5. Alternator broke at low mileage

    Ok, looking at how the repair is supposed to be done (by the book) - for the 3.6L, you are expected to drain the cooling system and disconnect multiple hoses. For the 2.4L, the book calls for disconnecting the AC lines. Why?!?!?!? The 2.4L engine bay has so much free space around the engine! Admittedly, I haven't tried it, and don't intend to. I have a lifetime added care+ with a $200 deductible that covers things like this...
  6. Alternator broke at low mileage

    $800 for an alternator at 30,000 miles? That's highway robbery! You can get an alternator on the 2.4L and 3.6L for under $250 new. Not sure about the ease of the 3.6, but the 2.4 is right top and front of the engine. No way should labor be $500 (that's 4 hours shop time around here...)
  7. TPMS issue

    I can't speak for the location of the antenna, but the TPM Module should be located in the driver side rear wheel housing protected by the splash shield. It's connected to the electrical system via a single wiring harness and attached to the body via two nuts mounted on a pair of studs. As a final bit of troubleshooting - are you absolutely certain that the pressure displayed for the front wheels matches reality? Take a weekend morning, set all 4 wheels to 36 PSI, and drive for 10 minutes. Park, wait 20 minutes, and decrease the pressure in one of the recognized wheels (at 29 PSI, the warning light would kick in, but all you're looking for is a substantial change in recorded pressure from that wheel). Drive another 10 minutes. Does that wheel show the correct pressure. If measured reality and module reported pressures don't match, just replace the module. The next step, although more expensive, might be to replace all four pressure sensors/valve stems. 6 years is about the expected lifespan of those batteries. The description I'm reading regarding that module is that it is self contained. As best as I can tell (confirm with your local Fiat dealer), the part number is 56029542AC. There are two re-learn procedures that will work to recognize the new module, should you choose to install it. The first requires a scan tool (unlikely that you have one). The second is much less complicated - keep your Journey off for 20 minutes, then start it and drive above 15 MPH for at least 10 minutes. As for installation, it's painfully simple and as obvious as it seems once you look at it. Remove the splash shield (presumably, you know how to remove plastic rivets in such a way as to render them re-usable), remove the wiring harness, remove the nuts that attach the sensor, re-attach everything. Finish waiting 20 minutes, then drive. Good luck!
  8. bfurth

  9. Almost 17,000 miles in (yeah, my annual drive is 6,600...) and I just finished maintenance round 3. Everything on the 2.4L engine is so EASY to get to!!! Other than some minor annoyances (one of which is probably covered under a recall that I haven't gotten a notice for yet), I can't complain. Yeah, the 2.4 could do with a bit more power of the 3.6, but I still say I knew what I was getting, and it wasn't worth the extra cost for me even for the handful of times I felt like it really could have used it.
  10. Even my old dumb phone had issues with that USB port. I ended up putting a flash drive in it with music (works great!) and have a 12V charger in the port in the console. I switched the fuse for that port so that it is on only when the ignition is in ACC or Run. Everything stays plugged in, no power drain, I stopped worrying about it.
  11. seat cover install

    As my signature states - anything you do with your car is your fault.
  12. seat cover install

    If it's a custom seat cover, just change the manner in which the cover is installed. Just don't have the fabricator close the top seam before installation. Fit the cover over the head rest with the top of the seat inside out, stitch the seam, then fit it around the seat back. Custom cover, custom fit, end of problem. It will just cost a little more since it will have to be hand-stitched on site. Also, if by "custom" you mean "after market," the solution still applies. Just rip the seam out at the top, then follow the directions as posted.
  13. Unless you see a puddle of transmission fluid, there's nothing to worry about. I've got a 62TE transmission in my 2010 Town and Country (same as is in the Journey). The only times I've ever seen fluid anywhere near the outside of the transmission where when it need to have the final drive seals replaced (under powertrain warranty), the transmission cooler lines failed (at 120,000 miles), and each time I've replaced power steering lines (steering system uses ATF+4). The transmission is sealed. Check for obvious signs of leaks, but otherwise don't worry about it.
  14. oil pan threads stripped

    20 Ft-Lbs - that's all you need to install the drain plug. Stop letting people use an impact wrench on it!
  15. There is a chance this is involved with a recall that was just announced regarding the airbag wiring harness in 2011 - 2015 Journey (worldwide, including Freemont). The chafing airbag wiring harness can cause unexpected airbag deployment, unintended windshield operation, and inoperable switches. Since the cruise control activation switches are in the steering column, it's a safe bet they have been compromised as a result of this defect. Give it a week, get your notice of the recall, and take that to a dealer. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/07/14/fiat-chrysler-recalls-1-point-33-million-vehicles.html