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  1. Driver’s Seat

    ... thank you, that helped me locate the right part and number without having to drive many miles to a dealer.
  2. Driver’s Seat

    ... yes, they apparently do and have, virtually, since inception and as such I thought there would be many on here who experienced this issue and would be able to assist with a part number. I will give in and contact the dealership for help.
  3. Driver’s Seat

    ... wish I had thought of that instead of trying to take a short cut on this forum.
  4. Driver’s Seat

    ... if yours broke you would know, thanks for reading my post though.
  5. Driver’s Seat

    ... ‘Hi all’, need help: my 2015 D J Crossroad driver’s seat plastic trim/shield panel/cover (where the driver seat power adjustment knobs are) has broken where that decades old factory design flaw metal tab is (I know it is supposed to hold the top part secure but it also breaks the plastic there) does anyone on here have the replacement part number and instruction or video of how to remove it so I can order a replacement and install it, thanks.
  6. Potlicquor

  7. Seems a good ride...

    ... twin turbo charged 4 cylinder with nitros boost upon floor boarding or towing something just might be enough power to satisfy nay sayer auto-blog article writers/reviewers... but same would have no effect on those who dislike anything Chrysler or Dodge as they are just trying to steer readers towards other car manufacturer' models (the ones they like and secretly are promoting)!
  8. Dreaded P0300

    ... best of luck with the repair, is your engine the 4 or 6 cylinder?
  9. Parts only available from Mopar?

    ... if I'm reading this right you must have an independent vehicle mechanic and not associated with a nearby Dodge dealership, anyway my point is can your mechanic get the part from a nearby Dodge dealership who probably carries the part in stock there so you can drive your DJ sooner?
  10. ... yes as dhh3 stated refer to your owner's manual first and if confident in your ability with such things, see if you can determine where the fuse is for it and once located if it is blown/burnt. Most of the time a blown fuse when replaced (with the correct replacement) works good again... but, if the fuse blows again that's a good indication that there is a problem somewhere that needs a qualified mechanic's attention ref: possible electrical issue/short/etc.
  11. Seems a good ride...

    ... seems as though the majority of bad news about the DJ revolves around the 2009/10 models and all of the 4 cylinder models being under powered. The V6 is quick and powerful but the news auto-blog articles zero in on the 4 cylinder and push the V6 aside after a short comment on them. I have no experience with the 4 cylinder model so I can't comment as to if there is an actual power issue or not. Dodge should pay heed though and determine if 'the 4 needs more' ?
  12. Floor Mats & Cargo

    ... those all weather fitted matts are the ticket, just need to be color coordinated with the Journey logo on them.
  13. ... waiting on the FCA recall notice as well.
  14. Newest Jeep!

    ... as you are aware, there are those who when not right in their 'knowledge' via verbal comments about cars will try to back peddle their way out of being classified as an idiot by those in the know!
  15. New Journey, Not till 2018

    ... future redesign and/or modifications 'might' be ok but I really like mine the way it is, however a few enhancements would be welcome but nothing radical mind you!