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    Armando G

    Clear Oily Fluid?

    All great suggestions, or guesses really, but let's be honest there just isn't enough information to really be helpful. As mentioned, which side is it coming from? Have you crawled under there to try and see where it's coming from (you really don't even need to jack it up)? Does it have a color? All your going to get are guesses at best. There are normal fluids disbursed from cars, and there are abnormal fluids. If you really want help, you need to narrow it down in order for people to give you good advise.
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    What good is it for us to give ideas when you can’t fix it? Most likely is the starter or battery but you need to get it tested. If they tell you it’s bad, then what? cars are an expense. You have to repair them. Coming here and asking for help when you have no intention of fixing it is a waste of everyone’s time.
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    I did learned something from this. I will not make any assumptions I will just leave it in the experts hands. Stuff happens...thank you and I will pay it forward. And thank you again .
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    Clear Oily Fluid?

    Or. It could be the normal condensation drips from the mufflers.
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    Clear Oily Fluid?

    It could also be a leak in the rear AC evaporator coil (just above the right wheel well), or it could be rear shocks. Between the components jkeaton mentioned and these, there really aren't any other fluids back there.
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    Clear Oily Fluid?

    Need to jack it up and have a look at where it's coming from. You don't mention if you're AWD, so it could be differential fluid if so. You also don't mention if it was right in the middle or on the sides, as in a brake fluid leak. These details can lead you to the area to inspect. You have the vehicle in front of you.
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    LED headlights

    leds in a halogen housing is just bad. they cause glare to oncoming traffic and dont help you see any better. either do a projector retrofit or stick to halogen bulbs. the best bulbs you can put in without doing a retrofit are 9011 and 9012 bulbs https://www.hidplanet.com/forums/forum/general-discussion/halogens/1409801-ryan-s-guide-to-halogen-bulbs
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    Help!! Can’t watch DVD!

    Try ejecting cd. Maybe it’s full of cd’s...
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    Help!! Can’t watch DVD!

    I agree. If it keeps spitting the DVD out, there is something wrong with the DVD player or the DVD itself. You sure there's not already 6 DVD's in it and it's full?
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    i would think so but why not check with body shop at your dealership for a correct answer
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    Nav Misdirection

    LOL, we had an old AAA Trip-tik with us that was maybe more useful than the nav.
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    Starting Issue

    since you doubt its the battery. i WOULD def rule that out by having it load tested before doing anything else ,and clean all the connections and battery post.might just save you some $$ and heartaches
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    Lol, hopefully OP doesn't really think that auto manufacturers are purposefully incorporating ways to drive a car without having a key... There would be a lot more stolen journeys if so, especially if we posted about it all over the internet!
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    Glad you got it running again. And you learned something too, we hope. Pay it forward.
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    If you want advice about how to fix your car, remember that you are the eyes and ears of your helpers. So, you need to be a good witness. Here are some dos and donts Do record the year, transmission type, mileage and engine size of your vehicle, and any pertinent history of repairs. Do provide as many details as you can about the problem. Dont ask, does anybody know how to fix a Dodge? dont ask, how do you fix brakes? Vague questions like that are a red flag that the person has no clue about auto repair, so dont be surprised if you get simple answers back. If you show some evidence of your skill set, then those offering advice can better adjust the explanation to your knowledge level. And, there is less risk of walking somebody down a repair pathway that puts them in danger of causing more problems. Dont just say my car wont start. You need to be a better observer. Heres an example. I have a 2013 automatic transmission 3.6L with 50,000 miles that wont start today. Its never had any serious repair and its had no major maintenance before. Last night while I was driving the engine suddenly quit, so I coasted to a stop on the road, a block from my house. Dash lights and headlights stayed on until I turned the key off. That night I couldnt restart it, so I walked home. This morning I stepped into the truck and I turned the key to on. Just after I turn the key to on, I hear the fuel pump motor come on for a couple of seconds. The lights on the dash come on, the headlights work normally. The fuel gauge reads 3/4 full. When I turn the key to start I hear the starter motor engage, and I hear and feel the crankshaft spin. I can see the serpentine belt moving when I try to start the vehicle. But it spins the motor at a faster than normal speed, with an unusually smooth whirring sound and no evidence of ignition. The above history, presented in the kind of smooth and logical way that a mechanic would normally approach the problem, rings familiar bells and makes it much easier for others to help. Unless youre sure, dont start the description with your diagnosis. For example, dont start with the question how do I replace a thermostat Rather, give the problem, the evidence, and only then discuss why you think you need a new thermostat. You might find that the white smoke out your exhaust that you didnt mention is also related to the overheating radiator. Do provide as many clues as you can. for example if the problem only happens in damp or cold weather, mention it. Do consider making a video of the problem. Posting video on Youtube is free, easy, and fun. A short video of your problem can make a huge difference as to how much youll get out of your effort. And youll likely meet a lot of interesting friends along the way. Finally, one more thing. Remember to keep your thread active, right to the point that the problem is solved and answered. Everybody who helps out on this forum wants to see how things ended up. If you ask a question on this forum, you owe those who try to help the courtesy of telling them what the solution was, even if you eventually had it fixed by a pro. Good Luck!
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