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    because you need to take it in for a 4 wheel alignment. i just noticed my 2014 with about 30 k on my tires the rear were wearing on the outside of the tread on just the rear tires so had it aligned and they said yep the front alignment was great but the rears were out. cost me $89. at the dodge dealership but could have got it done cheaper at the local garage but i trust my dealer.....
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    Battery shelf

    I'd like to see the battery out back the way the Magnum the Pontiac G5, to name a couple, had them. They stayed clean and warm that way. But Chrysler (and others) have been putting batteries up front like this in certain models for many years (my first Chrysler built like that was a Y2K LHS). As far as I can tell, even if the shelf rotted completely away the battery would not be under the front wheel for a couple of reasons, not the least of which are very large battery cables that have no slack. It is a lot less of a pain than one night imagine, as long as you can work indoors during winter months.
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    Service Tire Pressure System?

    i would let 10 psi out of each tire then add it back and take it for a drive to see if it goes off and or disconnect the battery for 20 minutes, you might have one of them thinking tire pressure is low even tho it isn't... worth a try. when googling the problem it said if your message was blinking then their was a equipment problem if it stays on steady then it is a valve problem or low tire... good luck
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    2017 DJ Crossroad AWD (Redline Pearl) Added Groups: (Flexible Seating Group, Driver Convenience Group, MOPAR All Weather Group) Non Added Options: (Navigation, Sunroof, Child Booster Seat) I can't freaking wait, this week is going to go by like a drunken snail LOL
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    Battery shelf

    The DJ was designed pre-pentastar engine, and that was the best place to place the battery with the new engine. However, if your DJ is a 2011, in the last 6 years of maintenance (especially is you went to a Dodge dealership), if it was a true risk to anyones life they would have let you know. One of the steps that they have to take when performing regular maintenance is an inspection of the battery and the housing. You should also be inspecting this area yourself occasionally.
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    How To Change Spark Plugs

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    CAI and caliper paint

    I pieced together an air intake and primed and painted my original calipers. The intake was pretty easy. Items needed were the pipe, filter, coupler and hose clamp, and brass fitting for the small hose coming from the motor that was connected to the original air cleaner box. I went with a 3.5” pipe, coupler and clamp. Painting the calipers was easy. Take the wheels off, put a couple coats of VHT caliper primer on, and then a couple coats of VHT black caliper paint on the calipers and anything else you want to spray while your down there. Lol. I can honestly say, the caliper paint made a big difference visually.
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    oil filter bypass valve

    used with the old oil filters 2011-2013 you can youtube it, it was a small plastic part over a spring that the oil filter slipped over when being installed,guess it was easily broken somehow you can get the replacement part from dorman #917-992, I had to youtube 2013 dodge journey oil by pass valve broken to see what he was talking about.....
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    Cabin Air Filter - 2014 Dodge Journey

    as if it would make a difference on which way the filter actually fits the first time when it's brand new it will still work.only if you just shake it off and reuse it you would want it to go back in the same way....
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    cant complain about my journey , i have 67k on the speedo and checked the pads on the last tire rotation and they look about 1/4- to 1/2 gone.and you might be like the big crown vic i seen a couple of days ago that kept hitting their brakes in the left lane and drove with her foot resting on the brake even when she was picking up speed of course she was holding up traffic since she was blocking us from passing, thank goodness that only lasted for about 3 miles before she finally made her left turn.
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    Can Anyone help with an Unlock code?

    He needs an unlock code for the radio - there is no sales cod for the Sirius. Your dealer can provide the code for you. If he is a mensch he won't charge for it. There is (or was, I haven't seen him around lately) a member here who was known to be helpful in such matters if you asked nicely.
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    havent noticed that but i did seem to notice a drone noise when i gun it but that could be from the K-N air filter that i added
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    US coordinates won’t display

    are you doing it while driving or when in park? some features are greyed out when car is in motion.
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    Shannon Gunn

    Cruise control not working

    Just in case anyone else wanders here looking for a solution, I just had a recall dealing with the airbag wiring harness for my 2013 Journey completed that fixed my cruise control not working!
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    Engine shutting off while in operation

    Tough to diagnose if you can't duplicate it. Good luck!
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    Front license plate

    why the heck would you want to add one? i live in texas and am required to have one and i hate it. Cars look so much better without the front plate...
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    Front license plate

    I have mine fastened on with pull ties. Now 6 years that way. I just cannot bear to drill holes in the bumper skin.
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    Separate Ways

    19,XXXkm and counting.....

    Well, we are just over 19,000km traveled in our 2017 DJ Crossroad (AWD w/3.6L) and I have to say, I am happy That being said, it has not been all "issue free"....the UConnect has just been replaced due to ghost in the machine that lets the volume do as it pleases....the 2nd row drivers side seat stopped folding and sliding about 2 weeks after we took delivery and has just now been repaired. As most owners will agree, the dealership that we bought the DJ from has been our biggest issue...this was the second time I had brought the Journey in to have them look at the 2nd row seat and both times they tried telling me that it was "fine" and that "it's supposed to do that". Sadly for them I have grown up with a list of Auto Mechanics in my family and was hoisting cars myself by 12yrs old in my dads shop LOL The first time they game me the runaround I was pressed for time and pretty much just had to say "okay fine" and take the vehicle back and leave....the second time however, I had time LOL After dropping the Journey off at the repair centre I walked straight into the showroom and took a video of a brand new Journey with a properly functioning seat.....and then just sat back and waiting for them to BS me again Lets just say, by the end of it all, I had the Shop Foreman on his hands and knees crawling around trying to figure out what was wrong with our rear seat.....and by the way he was dressed, you can tell he doesn't get "dirty" often LOL Problem has been solved, and for anyone that may have had this same issue, apparently it has something to do with the ballbearings in the track moving out of place and jamming the track from moving fully.....and it can be easily fixed as it did not take them long to repair it. Over all I am truely happy with the DJ, lots of room, good power, nice features, great body styling and love the Alpine stereo but realistically it was the only 7-seating non-minivan within a decent price range so truthfully our only option was a Journey LOL We wanted an R/T Durango but we weren't about to drop 50k+ for a used gas guzzler, the only gas guzzler that I'll buy at that price will be a Charger or Challenger LOL We also looked at lightly used Land Rover LR4's but, we wanted a "reliable" vehicle haha Same went for anything made by GM The Ford Explorer Sport with the Twin Turbo 6Cylc was also very nice, but again, very overpriced! The DJ definitely has a place in the long list of modern day automobiles, so I understand why I see so many of them on the road, they are everywhere LOL that being said I mostly see SXT's and R/T's....I don't come across a whole lot of Crossroad AWD's especially in the Redline Pearl colour which is good because I am a fan of not buying a vehicle in a popular colour LOL This turned out to be a much longer post then intended, this is what happens when I have the day off LMAO
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    19,XXXkm and counting.....

    I agree most dealership cannot keep up with electronic age that has involved with our vehicles that said you will find ones that are better than the other that go by the old adage that we know more then you do. i have two dealerships that are closer to my house that aren't worth a sh-t and that is why i drive about 20 miles farther down the road to the one i deal with. now there is one service writer there that i dont deal with as she has a bad attitude that i dont get along with, but there are others that will bend over backwards to help you. also i use to work in a factory running my machine and when it would have a problem i would call our skilled trades to fix it, of course most of them had the attitude that they knew more about that machine that i did ( which they did) BUT i ran it more than they did and would have a good guess at what was wrong with it but i wouldn't come out and tell them what i thought was wrong as then it would take twice as long to get it fixed as they didnt like to be told what to do ,so i would slowly tell them how it was acting and let them come to the same conclusion what i thought it was ,kind of had to spoon feed the info to them lol but hey it worked ... same with the dealership if you go in demanding to them what you think is wrong they will take a defensive attitude towards to the problem...
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    19,XXXkm and counting.....

    I have a 2017 crossroad too, and I haven't had the Connect issue (knock on wood), but I know when/if I do have an issue my dealership is going to be the main problem... Seems to be a common thing with dodge/chrysler dealers. I definitely think it would help them out if they did something to change their poor service to current owners.
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    Head Restraint

    One of the most unread books in the auto industry is the actual car's owners manual, for the car OWNER to read and understand your car. Resetting the headrests is noted in there, in the 2013 owners manual it is noted on page 57 and up. If you don't have the owner's manual it can be down loaded from Dodge.com.