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    2017 Journey GT

    You dealer is typical - an idiot who likes to talk to hear the sound f his voice. Any connection between reality and his statements is purely coincidental. Of course you can upgrade your vehicle with the uConnect nav (RB5) radio. As long as you already have the 8.4" display it is a simple issue of substituting your non-nav (RE2) radio module with the RB5 - you can often find them on ebay or perhaps from a scrap yard - note that there is no single part number for these and that often units identified as nav are not, and that sometimes units identified as non-nav may well be equipped. So buyer beware. I do happen to have a spare nav unit sitting on my shelf that I purchased in case mine decided to suffer from the issue that prompted 2late4u to make his comments and (I know that I may well regret saying this) in the almost 3 years I've been driving my present Journey, have yet to experience any radio related problems . . . . I paid $800 pus freight and unfortunately the value of the US dollar has dropped a lot since I bought mine, so it is for sale for the same US$800 is someone wants it. There is nothing wrong with the nav for the vast majority of users - there is, however a percentage of the most recent (post 2013) version that seems to suffer from a memory glitch - and FCA's handling of the issue simply makes matters worse for those impacted. The memory glitch results in the unit refusing to recognise its detail maps, which drops the display into showing only major highways on the base map. The solution is as simple as reloading the mapping - though if you have a unit subject to the glitch it is fairly likely to eventually recur, many users reporting that this happens on a close to annual basis, though, like anything else, that time varies greatly. Reloading takes about 90 minutes. FCA's solution for units under warranty is to swap out an affected radio with another, *refurbished* (read that as ' a deice which has failed on which they have reloaded the maps') device. The problem with that solution is that all they are doing is to concentrate the population of affected units into their affected customers' vehicles - what they SHOULD be doing is to replace the navigator boards inside, since those are the components that are affected. You can acquire the means to reload your navigator (whether it has dropped it's maps or not) with Garmin's latest mapping yourself, for free if you are diligent and tech savvy - there is a thread on the topic on the board explaining how - there are other options for those less tech capable or who want an out of the box solution they can apply. Again, the likelihood of suffering a problem is less than what is being hyped and it can be self-resolved if/when you encounter it - of course, like any complex electronic device, it can fail, and not necessarily for this most commonly reported problem. While I did the upgrade and I don't regret it - the decision is, of course yours to make.
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    Thank you for taking the time to join this forum and posting the obvious in the most grammatically incorrect way ever.
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    2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Post the last 8 digits of your VIN and I will tell you if the warranty extension applies to your VIN.
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    Separate Ways

    19,XXXkm and counting.....

    Well, we are just over 19,000km traveled in our 2017 DJ Crossroad (AWD w/3.6L) and I have to say, I am happy That being said, it has not been all "issue free"....the UConnect has just been replaced due to ghost in the machine that lets the volume do as it pleases....the 2nd row drivers side seat stopped folding and sliding about 2 weeks after we took delivery and has just now been repaired. As most owners will agree, the dealership that we bought the DJ from has been our biggest issue...this was the second time I had brought the Journey in to have them look at the 2nd row seat and both times they tried telling me that it was "fine" and that "it's supposed to do that". Sadly for them I have grown up with a list of Auto Mechanics in my family and was hoisting cars myself by 12yrs old in my dads shop LOL The first time they game me the runaround I was pressed for time and pretty much just had to say "okay fine" and take the vehicle back and leave....the second time however, I had time LOL After dropping the Journey off at the repair centre I walked straight into the showroom and took a video of a brand new Journey with a properly functioning seat.....and then just sat back and waiting for them to BS me again Lets just say, by the end of it all, I had the Shop Foreman on his hands and knees crawling around trying to figure out what was wrong with our rear seat.....and by the way he was dressed, you can tell he doesn't get "dirty" often LOL Problem has been solved, and for anyone that may have had this same issue, apparently it has something to do with the ballbearings in the track moving out of place and jamming the track from moving fully.....and it can be easily fixed as it did not take them long to repair it. Over all I am truely happy with the DJ, lots of room, good power, nice features, great body styling and love the Alpine stereo but realistically it was the only 7-seating non-minivan within a decent price range so truthfully our only option was a Journey LOL We wanted an R/T Durango but we weren't about to drop 50k+ for a used gas guzzler, the only gas guzzler that I'll buy at that price will be a Charger or Challenger LOL We also looked at lightly used Land Rover LR4's but, we wanted a "reliable" vehicle haha Same went for anything made by GM The Ford Explorer Sport with the Twin Turbo 6Cylc was also very nice, but again, very overpriced! The DJ definitely has a place in the long list of modern day automobiles, so I understand why I see so many of them on the road, they are everywhere LOL that being said I mostly see SXT's and R/T's....I don't come across a whole lot of Crossroad AWD's especially in the Redline Pearl colour which is good because I am a fan of not buying a vehicle in a popular colour LOL This turned out to be a much longer post then intended, this is what happens when I have the day off LMAO
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    Just installed the trailer hitch (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QMF1HCW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) on my new-to-me dodge journey. Install took me, and my Dad, and about 2 hours of actual hands-on work. It would have taken less if there wasn't a mountain of sand in hollow frame that I needed to clear away. All in all, I'm impressed. It was inexpensive, and fairly east to install, even with just a floor jack, and basic tools. Appearance-wise, It doesn't stick out farther than the rear bumper, and is above the mufflers, meaning it's discrete, but also not totally hidden. I'd recommend this to anyone.
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    New Journey owner - not thrilled

    I did not "put the car down". I simply concurred with everyone that buying a used vehicle, any used vehicle, with high mileage is a crap shoot. I had an 09. Loved it. The main reason why we got another one. I don't see anything Fred or anyone else said that could be construed as "putting the car down". Only stating the obvious that the 09's had their share of issues from the get go. That can be expected for any new model.
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    New Journey owner - not thrilled

    explain to me how i put the car down. he left no comment to his problems except with the yr and how many miles it has on it, and how long he has had it 10 days and then ask have i made a bad mistake. i answered yes he might have. not knowing anything else about it i think my answer was possible correct to his question under the conditions he gave us. so cut us some slack I would say most of us that have replied to this post love our Journeys and a couple of us have purchased 2 of them that we like them so much.
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    4 wheel alignment

    well i am still in shorts but ya winter will get here by christmas..... lol.... late jan or early feb is the worst might get a day or two of snow. gotta be prepared ya know P.S. like your saying i am already of them 49 percent Trump was talking about. you know drawing my Social Security that i paid in the last 35 yrs....plus my Pension ah the good life it just took too long to get here......
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    What grinds your gears?

    People who buy an 8 year old car with 100,000+ miles and then complain Dodge sucks. People who complain their navigation can't be unlocked or is out of date. People who complain their backup camera is "grainy" at night. I could go on.....first world problems....
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    Door Sill guards

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/151135397178?_trksid=p2380057.m570.l5999&_trkparms=gh1g%3DI151135397178.N36.S1.R1.TR1 i got these. there is NO difference in them vs the ones from the dealership. even had the dodge part number sticker on the underside.
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    What grinds your gears?

    Well that grinds my gears, that "pisses me off", as Jkeaton put it. How is this not related to the topic? :))
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    I have a 2013 Dodge Charger SRT in Billet Silver. Love this car!
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    New Journey owner - not thrilled

    Please explain to me how I put the car down? I have the same year. All I said was the truth.
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    Guess what he was doing??? I actually have no idea...just seemed fitting.
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    Door Sill guards

    What he said. ^^ I have stainless ones as well.
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    New Journey owner - not thrilled

    Well, you bought a 8-9 year old car ( I got my 09 in July of 08) with 140k on it. What maintenance records did you see? Was the proper work done or was it driven into the ground? When you buy a used car, you roll the dice. I understand not everyone can afford a new car, and there is nothing wrong with buying used, BUT you have to do your homework. To buy a used car with high miles and not expect issues is just being naive. That being said, exactly what problems are you having??
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    blacktop rim scuff :(

    You can chose the repair method of your choice....love these "anyone else had this happen?" posts....the answer is: probably. Just depends on how anal you are about the finish on your wheels as to how you feel about it, how you want to repair and how much money you are willing to spend. LOL....Funny story (not for me really), my son purchased a 2016 Challenger R/T with the blacktop package. Beautiful black polished wheels....I decided to detail it for him one day, used a brush to clean the wheels, unbeknownst to me, it had a piece of metal stuck in it and scratched the hell out of his brand new wheels. To make a long story short, it cost me over $500 to have ALL the wheels sanded down and powder coated again since my son is super anal about things like this. So, the choice is yours. No one can tell you how to spend your money....except maybe your wife.
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    2017 Journey GT

    Save yourself the trouble...use waze on your phone.
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    $80 oil change?

    Pennzoil Platinum can be obtained for $23/5 quarts (WalMart current price, Amazon is usually right there with them). Ultra Platinum (when it isn't made of Unobtanium) is only $2-$3 more. Throw in a good filter (for my 2.4L, I'm using a Purolator Boss at $12 - don't judge me, I only do this once a year!) and you're under $35 for the best recommended oil for the engine you can get. Get a floor jack and some stands (about $100) and a torque wrench ($40-$as much as you want) and you can do a properly spec'd tire rotation. Sure, the first one will cost you a little more than a dealer ($140), but your highest cost oil change for as long as you want is about $30-$40. It also eliminates the time needed to drive your vehicle to a dealer or oil change shop (20 minutes), wait a half hour, then drive back (total time wasted is more than one hour). Versus get your vehicle warm, drain hot oil until it stops dripping (while you rotate tires, and/or have a beer - not recommended for the first DIY oil change...), then pour in better than what they'll use for less cost. Maybe you lose 20 minutes when you dispose of the old oil (or you can store it until you have your next dump run - I'm sure most municipality waste acceptance facilities take used oil). And now you know it was done right and your drain bolt isn't going to be stripped out from having it installed with an impact wrench.
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    OVERHEAD dvd

    Search the forum, this has been done in the past, but be prepared, its $$$$$. You need to pull the entire roof, add supports, new rear AC contorls, etc. not a 10 min job, BUT it can b done.
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    Hey All

    Thank you for the good advice people! I'll be with my friend mechanic to check things.
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    Sounds like either the BCM or the steering wheel wire loom. I thought there was some discussion on this in the past. Its not a fuse
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    Hey All

    Bare in mind this is the 1st model year for this vehicle the 4 cylinder engine will be worn out and the v6 uses oil and has a timing belt. Also the wiring harnesses were weak and the brakes were terrible...And that is just from comments and complaints on this forum I dont think I would buy one but a 2013 or newer a much better vehicle
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    WOW, the 09 has shitty brakes?! Call the news media, start tweeting! but wait, it took 8 years to figure it out??? tell us something we dont know!
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    Yep unload her and carry on in some other forum bye bye
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    Yellow so you will see the tripping hazard that that obviously is. Hank
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    Finally got the front windows tinted

    Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!! Still no pics yet, been a little busy with work and the kids.
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    post info

    Hey look!^^ an admin!!!
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    underside skid plate?

    really not needed unless you go off road with your journey and then it depends on the toughness of the skid plate for it to do its job.also would question if it will interfere with keeping the cooling of the engine and would it trap debris or mud and or salt on the top side between the cover and the engine....if you do get it take some pics and post it here might be something others might consider....good luck
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    Door lock/unlock question

    This is a feature that should be readily available on your vehicle. @jkeaton has it right--your Dodge dealership needs to assess this further to find out why the feature is not working! Please let me know if you need assistance making an appointment. Kori Dodge Social Care Specialist
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    4 wheel alignment

    I always thought winter down there was just maybe a change in the color of the leaves! Know what you mean about paying for a long time. Up here in Canada they call it "Canada Pension Plan". The government has the gall to call it an entitlement after paying into it for over 40 years and then they took out most of it for general revenue.
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    Armando G

    What grinds your gears?

    WHAT?!?! Posts that have no real connection to the subject...that really grinds my gears.
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    Latest addition to my garage... 2003 Mustang GT Convertible. Just entered it in its first car show over the weekend (Grand Strand Mustang Stampede), won 2nd place in my class.
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    New Journey owner - not thrilled

    Well that's what happens when you buy used cars with high mileage and you don't even know what you're getting into. I'm sorry to say that you might have made a pretty big mistake. But, as the others have pointed out, more info about the car would be great
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    Never a good idea to mix and match (mostly electrical), but it is possible if you can't get a hold of the right part. In your case, you can...just need to deal with a return.
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    Oil Filter Problems

    My only experience with the drop-in filters was with GM EcoTec engines (my DJ is a 2.4). I always threaded it and tightened with a 3/8" wrench and stopped at "tight enough." No cranking on it ever. For those of you who have a torque wrench, the proper spec is 18 Ft.Lbs. So, really, don't crank on it. That level is only ever so slightly beyond finger tight.
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    2017 Brake (?) or Wheel Noises

    You might have picked up a stone that got wedged between the disk and the pad or caliper and was rotating with the brake pressure. Are there any score marks on the disk? If yes, it isn't fatal, but note that it would come under the heading of road hazard and wouldn't be covered by the factory warranty.
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    2017 Brake (?) or Wheel Noises

    no not common,yes take it back to the dealer unless you have a local garage that would check your brakes for free...or pop your wheels off yourself and check them and save yourself a trip.
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    Jefferson Moreira

    Jouney Overheating

    after changing the temperature sensor, we found the resistance of the problem fan and also the reservoir cap that was opening the safety valve before the pressure.
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    Backup Camera at Night

    I second Bryman here... I have a 2017, and at night the camera is next to useless. The screen resolution sucks and everything turns a blueish shade and you can't make anything out. The camera seems to be much better on the newer models (pacifica, durango, charger) but I don't think there is much we can do to improve ours.
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    just saying

    well just for the folks that must complain about our journeys i thought i would post things could be worse...thought some would get a kick out of how the engineers make everything so difficult to fix or do maintenance on their vechiles. but sorry if i had to explain that to you......
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    Wait, what?!? 2008-2012 Mopar large passenger vehicles have inadequate brakes? Who knew?
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    Try disconnecting the battery for about 30 mins. This should reset everything. Taking the fuse out and putting it back is kinda doing the same thing. By disconnecting the battery you reset everything. Seems to fix alot of weird issues with the DJ.
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    Ray Morrow

    2018 New Vehicle Order

    Every other year! I am a retired Chrysler exec, and lease my vehicles thru the Chrysler Company Car Program. This year I became eligible to lease 2 company Cars, and since my wife totaled her 2015 Chrysler 200, I decided to order her a Jeep Compass Trail Hawk. She didn't have a wreck, it was due to water damage. Next year I will order a 2019 Dodge Journey, and I hope they redesign it, but mine have been awesome!
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    OVERHEAD dvd

    I'll be checking in on this, too. Just bought a Journey, want the ceiling mount for my Daughter.
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    fuel filter

    As an FYI, for diesel owners in Europe or elsewhere, there is an additional fuel filter at the rear of the engine bay, adjacent to the ABS distribution unit (see pic attached). It is a cylindrical type, secured by a T30 Torx bolt - the hex-head bolt just stops it rattling but the torx-bolt holds the clamp in place & is hidden behind one of the pipes shown in the first picture. If your engine is running a bit rough, then the first thing that should be done is to change the fuel filter, especially if not done for some time. Dodge recommended interval is 36,000 Km. That was the last time I swapped mine. However, based on my experience, I'd shorten that to every 24,000 km. Its amazing the difference it can make - now feels more powerful and much smoother than before. When I emptied the old filter, I was surprised at the blackness of the fuel that came out. One thing to note is that its very easy with this type of filter to leave a leak - the o-ring that is situated at the top of the filter tends to get caught is the securing "tang" that holds the main fitting in place. I found the best way to fit without a leak was to remove the joining unit for the 2 pipes (pic2) and fit this off the car. Hope this helps someone.
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    RED push button start swap?

    i did try to ask, but the guy in parts dept was having an off day ill guess..................he kept asking me, "a journey?" almost as if he never heard of it. i casually walked away after the 4th time he asked. LOL
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    Nothing on my Nav screen

    No. You need a new radio. The good news would seem to be that the R65 wasn't done . . . . or, the bad news is that it may not have been specified for your serial number (not all vehicles subject to problems were eligible for the recall for some reason. Check with a Dodge dealer. But I'll ask again; Did you get a warranty with the vehicle? If you did, then let the seller handle the problem.
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    performance chip

    An increase of 10 mpg just by using sport shift....suuurrreeee......along with your performance chip, make sure you throw in one of those electric superchargers. You'll probably increase by 50 MPG!!! Do a little research and you will see those "chips" are nothing but a resister that tricks the IAT into thinking the incoming air is colder than it is and it increases the fuel mixture (runs richer). You "may" feel a bit of an increasse in power simply because of the extra fuel, but the computer will quickly re-learn and you will be right back where you started. You can go buy a resister at radioshack for 25 cents and make your own to test it out if you really want to. The only true way to "tune" these engines is with a tuner, SCT, Diablo, Superchips, etc. Unfortunately, none are made for the DJ.