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    Which MOOG Ball Joint For 2009 RT?

    do like jkeaton said and buy local unless its a huge difference. to be sure.things have happened a couple of times when buying parts to me and being local i was upset but just a trip back to the store to get it straightened out didnt have to wait days or weeks or have to put it back together again. i would also stay away from JC Whitney, go with rock auto if you do order parts.
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    Well, it's a simple calculation....watts equals volts times amps. (W = V X A).....so... 120 volts X 0.6 amps = 72 watts You are fine.
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    this has to be fiction...the car isn't worth that much
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    Instead of trying to guess, I would either go to another Doge/Chrysler dealer to have it diagnosed, or keep trying to get a hold of yours. I don't know how much weight I would put on any shop telling me to wait until something worse happens (in essence what they said), before doing anything. At that point it may become a very expensive fix while it may be a simple solenoid or valve at this point. Only way to tell is probably by getting it to a dealer and at least getting their diagnosis.
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    What good is it for us to give ideas when you can’t fix it? Most likely is the starter or battery but you need to get it tested. If they tell you it’s bad, then what? cars are an expense. You have to repair them. Coming here and asking for help when you have no intention of fixing it is a waste of everyone’s time.
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    Lol, hopefully OP doesn't really think that auto manufacturers are purposefully incorporating ways to drive a car without having a key... There would be a lot more stolen journeys if so, especially if we posted about it all over the internet!
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    What made you smile today?

    Like the title says, what made you smile today, or who?Me? Getting to see my mom and dad with both kids and their significant others. Really lights my moms smile up when all her grandkids can get together. Also, my good friends! Carry on.....
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    uconnect video files on usb

    take it to the dealer...show and ask them
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    Thank you very much. Today I took some pics and with the partnr 04891862AB I can search that hose on ebay: https://goo.gl/yiZ64d Thanks anyway my friends!
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    Which MOOG Ball Joint For 2009 RT?

    Rock Auto lists K500235 for the front lower. No other options listed for Moog so that should be the one. Maybe stop by your local parts store and purchase there, that way, if it turns out not to be correct, you can return it there for a replacement instead of having to re-order and wait.
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    Armando G

    50K mark

    So my 2015 DJ SXT just hit the 50K mile mark while on our summer road trip. We headed out for our summer road trip of just over 2K miles and I'm as happy as the day I bought her. With gas prices going up so much in my area ($3.95/gal), I did some basic maintenance to make sure we were ready and got great gas mileage (see pic attached). Best mileage I've ever gotten!!! I personally did an oil change and replaced the air filter. I had the plugs and brakes checked and was surprised to be told they looked great. Brakes are still at 60% of their life and plugs tested great. We drove through temps from 49 to 103 degrees with no problems at all. Handling was amazing and I averaged speeds of about 79mph. No problem handling the climb over the mountains and the curves that came with them. While at our destination we did a couple of trips with family and my DJ was the one everyone wanted to ride in (the other choice was the new VW Tiguan). The kids had plenty of room in my 3rd row, while they hated the 3rd row of the Tiguan. I also pulled a couple of jet skis, while VW told my in laws they wouldn't install a hitch on their Tiguan (but U-haul might install it for them...WHAT???). Anyway, maybe I've been lucky, or maybe the basic maintenance I do on my car has kept it driving so well, but it did great. In comparison to the two other cars we were around, it far out shined the Tiguan, and was very comparable to the Explorer my nephew has, but totally beat the Explorer in price (he paid over $50k for his). I know there are posts about issues people are having, but I wanted to make sure I post something positive about my DJ.
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    i have always known most dealerships charge different amounts for parts and labor ,so i am getting close to having my plugs changed in my 3.6 i have about 80 k on it now ( 100 k is suggested) and since it looks a little more than i want to do i started pricing the cost from a couple of dealerships first one was a dealership closest to me and they wanted $425. then i called my dealership that i normally use which is about twice the distance than the other dealership and they wanted $225 for it and i asked about doing the coolant flush ( 150 k is suggested) and they want $125 so think i will have them both done at the same time, at least with them doing it ill have it on record that it was done.. Just thought id put the reminder out their to price check your dealerships before you have anything done. Take care all
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    How to determine if your car is AWD

    lol....you couldn't look underneath the back end and figure this out?
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    is there a TRICK to this AC?

    Take it to the dealer its still new maybe it needs refrigerant , bad compressor the list goes on....
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    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately no diesel experience here. Hopefully there's a local member with a similar engine/experience. Good luck.
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    Wonder what the original poster of this thread did? Or if it was ever resolved successfully?
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    2010 Dodge Journey Display problem

    bad thing is we had two post about same problems but are old post BUT they never bothered to respond with their fix to it. SO no help for other readers. oh well. it could be the radio or the screen or needing new software update,or maybe just a loose connection, really the only way to know for surer is an elect. tech to check it out otherwise your just replacing parts hoping you get the bad part replaced first. after the fix PLEASE respond with what you find out
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    a thousand dollars for towing?? lol.....Hire a tow truck, as suggested. How do we know you're not someone just trying to figure out how to steal a car???
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    Soft suspension / driving a boat

    I'm not expecting it to ride like the Jeep or the F250 completely.. I'd just like to stiffen it up a bit. I'll look into the R/T option. That should help take some of the roll out of it. I'm really happy w/ the vehicle other wise.
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    AWD whine?

    take it back and make them hear it and get it down on paperwork in case it goes bad after your warranty over.
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    Soft suspension / driving a boat

    with your previous and present vehicles I highly doubt you are going to be happy with an 09 Journey
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    Shifting problem

    Here ya go, not the best pic though. Each one has 2 wires and one 8mm bolt holding it in. Matt
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    Welcome to the forum. Hope it is a help for your issues (and the wifey issue). Anyway, I dealt with the same type of A/C issue on another car of mine, but I believe the solution should be the same. Mine was the idle control valve, but there could be other causes. If it is idling fine when the A/C is off, there is probably directly related to the unit itself. Hopefully this helps you out (good luck)... Common reasons for this to happen: Carbon Buildup: A number of engine components are subject to carbon buildup over time, and this can place a significant load on the engine. When the additional load of your AC compressor is added, it causes the computer to miscalculate and increase idle speed too much. Common sources of carbon buildup include the IAC valve, the EGR valve, and the throttle body. Low Refrigerant in the AC System: If your AC system is low on refrigerant, it will make the compressor cycle on more frequently, increasing the load on your engine. Failing AC Compressor: If your AC compressor is beginning to fail, this can also add to the surging problem. Bad Belt: One often overlooked cause of a car surging with the AC on is actually a worn compressor belt. If the belt is stretched or worn smooth, it can slip during operation. This places significant strain on the engine and the AC system. Replacing the belt often eliminates the surge, and ensures better AC operation. Bad AC Cycling Switch: The AC cycling switch controls the compressor cycling pattern. Over time, it can go bad. When this happens, it will place a significant load on the engine and can lead to surging. Overfilled AC System: While low refrigerant can cause problems with your AC and engine surging, an overfilled system can cause the same problem. Refrigerant must be “just right” or you will experience a number of different problems.
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    RoofTop Tent?

    And that weight limit is why I'll never buy a roof top tent. I'd rather get a cargo pod (already have it) and cross bars (need to buy them for the Journey) and then just put the seats in the back down. It's big enough to fit a twin mattress with both rows folded down. If I'm sleeping in the car, then it's without kids, and this storage method might be enough. I prefer close quarters for sleeping arrangements with my wife. Otherwise, I'll set up the "portable apartment." This is what happens when you have 4 kids and occasionally go camping. 9x13 8 person tent with a 6 1/2 foot center height. And more stakes than I ever feel like driving into the ground...
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    RoofTop Tent?

    It says not to exceed 150 lbs. Does not specify dynamic or static, so I would assume it applies to any condition. Over 150 lbs regardless if standing still or driving down the road will cause the roof to bend from excess weight. You are, of course, free to experiment.
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    How to determine if your car is AWD

    look again....that little dual red slash with the 4 in the middle...the same as under my user name to the left..... IS the new dodge awd symbol
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    Climate keeps coming on by itself

    well keep going back till they get it right, keep track of your paperwork and try to keep a good attitude as a good working relationship gets things done better than an adversarial one, i know it can be frustrating thing trying to get a problem fixed right the first time, but do remember that cars are getting harder and harder to work on these days with all the electronic gremlins that they seem to contain...
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    Crank no start

    How many miles? The belt needs to be changed at 100 K, and a belt can skip if a part wears out but doesn’t break. The fact that it just quit while driving makes me wonder. did you check for spark? Voltage at BCM? Voltage at PCM? I read somewhere about corrosion on the bottom of the PCM, but that prevented cranking.... let uss know....
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    3.6L Coolant?

    Have never done a full flush in any vehicle I’ve owned, just drained and refilled before it got so scummy it needed flushing, However I did flush my heater core as this year is known for the issues with the heater core. I also managed to get the remainder out by removing the coolant hose going into the engine.
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    What made you smile today?

    When I was at the hospital today for treatment I saw a young couple with four small boisterous children and the mother was pregnant with another one.
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    i would think so but why not check with body shop at your dealership for a correct answer
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    Armando G

    Nav Misdirection

    Remember the good ole days? This is up to date, and as long as you have a co-pilot that can read road signs, you're all good.
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    Which MOOG Ball Joint For 2009 RT?

    i do that also, never have ordered nothing from them either
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    Try the link below. Just change to your specific year and model. https://www.quirkparts.com/auto-parts/2015/dodge/journey/sxt-trim/3-6l-v6-flex-engine/body-cat/interior-trim-roof-scat/?part_number=1rl62hdaaa
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    Keep us updated on your dealer visit. If an additional layer of assistance is needed, our team is available via direct message and would be happy to help. Jasmine Dodge Social Care Specialist
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    Head Gasket Repair.

    My 2015 runs at (typically) 195 +/- a few degrees for coolant (which is expected, considering the thermostat is a 195 degree thermostat), engine oil is reported at 205 +/- depending on ambient weather (tops at around 210 in the summer in Baltimore) running Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-20, and the transmission runs at whatever it runs (the bar is always in the middle, so I don't pay much attention to it beyond that). All of this is with no towing, and as many as 5 passengers (one adult, 4 kids in car seats). If you're in very hilly/mountainous roads, the oil is going to run a little hotter than mine. Keep an eye on oil consumption/coolant-oil mixing (you should know what that looks like now) and for temperature spikes. Anything that isn't a smooth transition could indicate a problem.
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    I would have the dealer check what Armando suggests. There is a distinct possibility that you are making an issue where there isn't one. All motors and systems are engineered differently. Honestly, I have not paid attention to my RPMs when my AC is on. They may go up too. If the dealer says there is no issue, make sure they document everything and list all the things that they checked. If there's an issue, they will fix it. Drive your DJ, use your AC. Its a great little vehicle. Your wife may change her opinion about the DJ. If your AC stops working in the future, you will have your documentation. Peace.
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    Soft suspension / driving a boat

    Just love posts like these. Lmao.
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    Shifting problem

    FIXED! I located 2 speed sensors on the trans that are easily accessible by taking off the front driver's side wheel. Total for both was $60 so I decided just to change both. I have looked at a few other posts on here regarding the same issue, but people don't seem to post what the fix was, hope this helps someone else. Matt
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    Kinda new

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    How to determine if your car is AWD

    Look under the back end. See any axles going to the rear wheels?
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    I'll assume your past your warranty period, or you would of just taken it to the dealer. If so, have you thought about taking it to a parts store that will do a CEL check for free? This will let you see if their machine works on your car (and maybe tell you why it won't work), and if they can clear the code. Our local Auto Zone or Aamco does a free check.
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    Cruise control

    So i brought the car in for a repair that replaced a tab in the steering wheel Now it seems to be working 95% of the time YAHOOOO Still need to smack sometimes but not as bad,Just hope that it stays this way Thanks everyone for your insights
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    Dealers are asses

    I can say I went to one dealer who was a scammer (my selling dealer, who was fantastic, closed shortly after I bought the Dodge), but the second dealer I went to,and continue to go to, is again fantastic. Maybe in the States we have more dealers available, which causes more competitive, or we have stronger laws, but it seems our friends in Canada are stuck with 1 or 2 dealers. The dealers know it and figure “screw you,”! Very unfortunate situation, hope you can find a dealer half as honest as mine! Best of luck....
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    adding uconnect module

    I have an 09 but the dealer installed the hands free as part of the deal. Not sure if a used one will work.....sorry I can’t be more help!
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    Looking To Upgrade 2012 SXT Speakers

    should say on either the driver or passenger side front door?...at the front
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    Custom exhaust question.

    So basically you want to do a custom exhaust like this? I did this when I first got it. Sounds nice start up and take off. As far as actual hp gains I cannot confirm but the wife and I like it so that’s good enough for me. Mufflers 30 each and labor was $50 total custom cost $120. Good luck in what you are looking for I provide pics of my set up. 4 inch slant burnt tip mufflers don’t remember the brand sorry.
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    Jeep SRT 8 rims

    I have a 2013 journey sext with flowmaster 50 series exhaust looking to put on Jeep SRT 8 rims in black on does anyone know if they will fit or have them on.
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    I have both the front hood air deflector and the sunroof air deflector in a smoked colour and I put "chrome" edging around it, a forum member (wish I could remember his name) mentioned he got a chrome one which I would imagine looks very good. Terry