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    A little helpful hint for those who seem to have issues even after replacing the bulbs . So I replaced the bulb several times in my back left reverse tail light with no success. On the rear door on the upper left hinge there is a cased wiring which feeds the back door panel. Pull back on the protective casing and look at wiring. In my case there where 4 wires broken . These wires are colour coded and should be easy to strip back and add a splice in. Hope this helps people save money. Not the most attractive fix but efficient.
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    Armando G

    2010 Journey Starting issues

    The reality is that we can all try to guess what the problem could be. If it isn't a common issue, which this does not seem to be, every guess could be wrong and ultimately costly. Even with a replaced alternator, the 'new' alternator could still be the issue. If you can get it running with a jump, there is basically a drain somewhere. Best bet is to take it to an electrical specialty shop and let them use their expensive equipment to find the issue for you. If they are wrong, they will need to try again on their dime. Even if you pay for a diagnosis and do the work yourself, you will still save a very valuable amount of time (and headache). Electrical issues are not like getting a flat tire. You'll never have to guess which tire to replace. Electrical, try and figure out which wire or 50+ electrical component is causing the issue. If you've tested the basics, hand out over to an expert. Good luck.
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    Home link garage door opener

    Thanks for the info bramfrank I'll definitely look into it and report back in my findings. And what you said makes sense I do know that the Homelink uses direct power from the cars battery so only issue would be making sure the wires or plugs are the same or spliced.
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    Adding remote start

    The early generation Journeys clearly use a different system than the newer ones, but there may be some common DNA. You CANNOT self install the OEM remote start on the second generation Journeys because the controller needs to be programmed with the sales code and the controller mated to the BCM by the dealer before the vehicle can be started - so I suggest chasing down the installation instructions for the early generation Journeys and reading them through to see what's involved for yourself.
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    Alternator broke at low mileage

    Thanks guys!i got it replaced at dodge and it cost aroud 800, was covered with my warranty though.
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    The proper tire pressure is 36 psi all around. The number on the tire is the absolute max pressure to meet the load factors - at the pressure you are running, it must be like driving on tires of steel - they have little 'give'. I suggest you would probably benefit from a read of the owner's manual - they are available for download. Just google "2014 dodge journey owner's manual"
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    TPMS issue

    I can't speak for the location of the antenna, but the TPM Module should be located in the driver side rear wheel housing protected by the splash shield. It's connected to the electrical system via a single wiring harness and attached to the body via two nuts mounted on a pair of studs. As a final bit of troubleshooting - are you absolutely certain that the pressure displayed for the front wheels matches reality? Take a weekend morning, set all 4 wheels to 36 PSI, and drive for 10 minutes. Park, wait 20 minutes, and decrease the pressure in one of the recognized wheels (at 29 PSI, the warning light would kick in, but all you're looking for is a substantial change in recorded pressure from that wheel). Drive another 10 minutes. Does that wheel show the correct pressure. If measured reality and module reported pressures don't match, just replace the module. The next step, although more expensive, might be to replace all four pressure sensors/valve stems. 6 years is about the expected lifespan of those batteries. The description I'm reading regarding that module is that it is self contained. As best as I can tell (confirm with your local Fiat dealer), the part number is 56029542AC. There are two re-learn procedures that will work to recognize the new module, should you choose to install it. The first requires a scan tool (unlikely that you have one). The second is much less complicated - keep your Journey off for 20 minutes, then start it and drive above 15 MPH for at least 10 minutes. As for installation, it's painfully simple and as obvious as it seems once you look at it. Remove the splash shield (presumably, you know how to remove plastic rivets in such a way as to render them re-usable), remove the wiring harness, remove the nuts that attach the sensor, re-attach everything. Finish waiting 20 minutes, then drive. Good luck!
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    Pulling a trailer for vacation

    3.6 is max 2500 lbs. keep in mind this is combined weight. Trailer, cargo, passengers.
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    Armando G

    Cabin light in 09 journey?

    I don't want to ask the obvious question of checking the bulb, figuring that was done. Before assuming something wasn't connected I would do a circuit test to see if you are getting any power to it. That should determine if it is connected or not. Otherwise, I would personally bring it back if you bought it from a dealer. I don't believe this would cause it to their a code though.
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    Adding towing to 2014 Journey?

    yes... just google curt hitches and determine if you have reg or led taillights then order it will cost you less than the factory... there are videos on youtube showing how to install the wiring....
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    Adding towing to 2014 Journey?

    if you use the factory wiring you will have to have it flashed at the dealership....if you use the curt wiring kit that is all you have to do.
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    2015 sxt straight piped

    not to my taste, but if it floats yer boat...
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    Armando G

    Cross Bars

    I bought the ebay ones last December and they have worked out great. They had recently come out when I bought them so they were over $100, now they are like $70. I've had a storage box attached to it (Thule style), a sofa tied to it, and a bunch of other miscellaneous items strapped to it. Link is below...and those guys were great when one piece was sent incorrectly. I've never heard of any airbag issues with the crossbars. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Fit-For-09-17-Dodge-Journey-OE-Style-Roof-Rack-Cross-Bar-Crossbar-Black-Aluminum-/191573937438?fits=Make%3ADodge|Model%3AJourney&hash=item2c9ab24d1e%3Ag%3AJLMAAOSwwbdWMCuU&_trkparms=pageci%3A31ab2f0d-7676-11e7-91e4-74dbd1806ed4%7Cparentrq%3A9c29bb4e15d0aa6697a3e039fff8b82f%7Ciid%3A2
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    Cruise control not working

    Steering Column Control Module (SCCM). That's very likely your problem. Good luck. Peace.
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    My 2000 Chrysler 300M permits the customer to program an additional Sentry (chip) key, as long as there are two keys present which are already programmed. This is no longer permissible with the current FOBIK system. As JKeaton pointed out, the vehicle must be connected to a scan tool (Dodge dealers use a system called WiTech) to program additional FOBIKs. You cannot disable a programmed FOBIK by following the procedure that you outlined in your post. Our dealership charges $36.00 to program a FOBIK and cut the door key. The procedure takes all of about 10-15 minutes to perform. Most places charge more.
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    Cross Bars

    All years use the same size . . . .
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    2015 SE Maintenance Round 3 Check-In

    Almost 17,000 miles in (yeah, my annual drive is 6,600...) and I just finished maintenance round 3. Everything on the 2.4L engine is so EASY to get to!!! Other than some minor annoyances (one of which is probably covered under a recall that I haven't gotten a notice for yet), I can't complain. Yeah, the 2.4 could do with a bit more power of the 3.6, but I still say I knew what I was getting, and it wasn't worth the extra cost for me even for the handful of times I felt like it really could have used it.
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    Steven Harshbarger

    New to the forum

    Congrats on the new DJ. They are sweet SUV's and very versatile. I too think I would pass on the slotted rotors, just not enough benefit but it's your money. I'd spend my first dollar on tinting the front 2 side windows but that me. Welcome to the site!
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    How do I Lift?

    As stated, it will have to be something meant for another vehicle that may or may not fit without modifications. This vehicle has no aftermarket support for suspension mods. The typical buyer uses it for what it is. A kid hauler/grocery getter.
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    Oxygen sensor; Which one is right?

    good catch Jkeaton
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    Oxygen sensor; Which one is right?

    Neither since those are for the 2.4L and you have a 2.7L.
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    transmission, more than clunk

    question , are you letting the idle speed settle down after starting it cold .
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    AUX plug in in center console

    Even my old dumb phone had issues with that USB port. I ended up putting a flash drive in it with music (works great!) and have a 12V charger in the port in the console. I switched the fuse for that port so that it is on only when the ignition is in ACC or Run. Everything stays plugged in, no power drain, I stopped worrying about it.
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    Cruise control not working

    Have you read the posts in this thread? Several causes and possible solutions are mentioned.
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    2010 Journey Starting issues

    Electrical issues on newer cars are always a pain...good luck...
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    Local shop charged me around $1500 CDN after taxes. Mostly labour as parts were cheap.
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    Armando G

    Alternator broke at low mileage

    HOLY #?!^!!! $800 for an alternator...guess that's cheap under warranty. Thank God for that.
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    Window washer fuse location

    I'm not sure there is one. There is nothing in the manual about it's location, and the wiring diagram for the wiper/washer pump system does not indicate a fuse between the BCM and the washer fluid pump.
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    9k miles and 6 months later...

    So I hit 6 months and have managed to put a whopping 9k on my crossroad plus DJ. The honeymoon phase is over and I have quite a bit more to say about it now. Hopefully if anyone is considering buying one and checks out the site it'll help them out a bit. I spent a few weeks lurking around here myself before making the purchase! 0 problems! Things I'm fond of: Engine: The engine is great, can be a little loud when it's warming up but everyone I know who has a dodge or jeep has the same noise upon startup. Really the only thing that hampers the engine is the trans. 1st, and 2nd gear are great, but when I hit 3rd gear it's like all the power has been sapped away. Something with the gearing is off, it's not a specific problem per se, just an odd shift point that they programmed into the trans. Oil life is great too, the little message telling me to change the oil hasn't come up yet but I'm going to take it in next week to get it done anyways. Drive: Really composed, bumps don't do much to startle it, and on decent surfaces it's really smooth. This is surprising to me because I overinflated the tires by a few psi. When I bought it during the winter the tire pressure monitor kept going off so I just inflated the tires to 38 and all was well. Very quiet inside also, wind noise gets kind of audible over 65-70mph but that's about it. Head Unit: I was kind of scared when I heard how many people on here had problems with theirs, but nothing wrong with mine *fingers crossed*! It's probably the best and easiest system to use. I do kind of wish it came with the UConnect apps like all the other dodge models, but I can't complain at all. Looks: I can't say enough how great I think it looks, especially the crossroad trim. Clean lines, nice wheels, and the blacked out grill are awesome. I finally got a small dent at the grocery store the other day, which you'd think it's a bad thing but after the first dent is usually when I calm down and stop parking in the WAAAY back of the parking lot so I'm not all that upset about it. Space: Tons of space and cool little hiding places. I've used the third row exactly 0 times, but I love that it's there, just waiting. Sometimes I'll even prop it up for a few days! The cubbies under the second row floor are great too. Went to a Kenny Chesney concert and stocked them up with some ice and beers to drink in the parking lot and that's about the only time they've come in handy, again just cool knowing they are there. Things I'm in between about: Gas Mileage: I averaged about 17 for the longest time, with an even mix of city and highway driving and my very light left foot. The saving grace with the mileage though is that the gas tank is huge, a little over 20 gallons if I'm correct, and that allows you to go pretty darn far. Last week after non-stop driving to NC I reset the trip computer for the drive home and average 26.3mpg. I was so excited I rushed over to the gas station to fill up and see if I would get the elusive 500 miles DTE that Dodge advertised and I certainly did! The weirdest things give me joy these days! Reliability: I have no reason to doubt the reliability of my DJ yet, but for peace of mind I went and got the MaxCare warranty from dodge, unlimited miles and years. Between the odd behavior of the transmission, and hearing about random things going awry way before they should kind of leaned me toward this. If you are interested in getting it, call in to purchase it, over the phone they can give you a 0% interest plan for 24 months instead of the 12 you get online. Things I'm not fond of: Electronic features: This is probably me being a little persnickety, but a few weeks ago I started to get a little irritated about the power windows, and seats. The auto-down feature is great, but why isn't there an auto-up? I live in a gated community and so it rolls down automatically then I tap it to go up and have to remind myself it doesn't go back up automatically. The power seats are funny, they move fore and aft via power, up and down via power, and the lumbar is power adjustable. NOT THE RECLINE THOUGH! Again it's just an oddity that I have to remind myself of whenever I go to adjust my seat. You think by now I would have grown accustomed to these little things but I haven't yet. My Dodge Dealer: They are probably the worst people and whenever I talk to another person who owns a chrysler dodge or jeep they say the same thing. When I bought the car I actually refused to work with the first guy that came out to talk to me because he wouldn't listen when I tried to tell him what I want. Him and another sales person got into an argument right in front of me too, very unprofessional.... and it was really awkward. Things I wish I would have done differently: 1. Gotten a sunroof 2. Paid a little less, MSRP was 36k and some change, I ended up paying 31k but I noticed others are getting much better deals. 3. Waited? I bounce around in my head a lot as to whether I should have waited or not. Dodge is going to refresh the DJ sometime soon (hopefully), and if they are smart they'll address the shortcomings of this model. I have this DJ now for as long as the wheels turn so I may have to deal with being envious of next-gen DJ owners!
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    Alternator broke at low mileage

    Congrats on getting it replaced. Happy driving!!!!
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    Armando G

    Jouney Overheating

    If you've done all the 'basic' steps (and more from what you wrote), then it's time to take it in. Although I did get a bad water pump once. I had another vehicle that did the same, I replaced a few things, and it kept over heating. It finally over heated one time too many (while I was testing it), that the engine finally gave out. Cost was $3500 to fix, problem was a $29 sensor that I did not know about...and wasn't even written about on any forum. I just didn't want to pay the $85 diagnoses charge...never again.
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    Cabin light in 09 journey?

    Hm. They said it was a fuse, but I literally checked every fuse. I asked which fuse in case it happened again and they said on the mechanic will call me. Yah right lol. I think they forgot to re-connect the harness when the pulled out the headliner and didn't want to admit it because it's such an embarrassing mistake. At any rate, all better now. Thanks forum!
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    Jouney Overheating

    you should never remove the thermostat from the engine as that doesn't solve any problems that only is a temporary fix that will cause problems down the road.possible problems is partially clog radiator,bad thermostat, fan not clicking on at the correct time, bad radiator hoses collapsing .you need to get it to a qualified mechanic before you overheat it and ruin your engine....sometimes the cheap comes out the expensive..........
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    Armando G

    Cross Bars

    They are not marked, but it's pretty obvious which one goes in front and back when you go to install them. One is longer than the other. I believe longer one goes on the front. You can also use the brackets to hook your tie straps or tire a rope to. Great value.
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    New Member - 200k Journey

    Hello DJ Forum, Greetings from a fellow DJ owner. Should have joined sooner but better late then never. My Dodge Journey is a 2010 3.5L AWD SXT in Silver. My faithful Journey has a total currently of 208,000 miles on the odometer and keeps going on the original engine and transmission. I follow all maintenance schedules and everything has stayed in great working order with the exception of a few things. I've had to replace the typical items like tires,2 sets of spark plugs now, 1 pair of outer tie rods, all 4 shocks, brakes - A lot before mechanic noticed the brake hose to both front calipers was being squeezed down by the metal bracket that holds it. Apparently it rusted/swelled up and was restricting back flow keeping the brake pistons pressed down. Dodge replaced a leaking and failing transfer case/PTU under warranty in 2015 when it had 159,000 miles on it. Sentry key sense module went out causing the mysterious no start issue(Often misdiagnosed as starter/battery) randomly around 170,000 Miles $600. Just recently the rear differential/carrier started making noise and clunking at 202,000 miles $600 for a used replacement installed. Heater core clogged up and had to be back-flushed a few times, issue was no heat on passenger side. I love my DJ and all the space in features. I'm saddened to see some people bashing theirs or having bad experiences with parts that fail prematurely. Mine is a GEM and proof that if you take care of things it will be a investment that will take you on many.....Journey's :D Attached is a photo of the still shining paint!
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    Armando G

    Adding towing to 2014 Journey?

    Curt hitch packaged with the receiver, ball, and wiring kit is the way to go. Ebay has the package deal for under $190 and installation is easy (if you have at least basic car skills). I installed my hitch and wiring harness by myself without even having to jack it up. Just keep in mind that you will most likely use the receiver in the 'rise' position since the hitch sits a little low. I would of loved to use the pre-installed harness (connector was $80), but the 2 dealers I went to couldn't figure out if they would be able to flash my specific car. I was told to buy the harness and then they would give it a try. I could then return the harness if it didn't work, minus the restocking fee. Finally decided to go with the Curt wiring harness and it works like a charm.
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    i bought a k/n cabin air filter for my 14 crossroad, remove filter quick wash and rinse shake out the water and let it dry a little and then spray with a little freshener and put it back in no problems with mine. i can not believe just replacing your filter would stop your roof vents from working maybe you didnt take the plastic off the filter is all i can figure....( sorry the devil made me type that) but seriously something else has to have been the cause...
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    Adding towing to 2014 Journey?

    Probably. I cannot answer that question.
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    Armando G

    Adding towing to 2014 Journey?

    Curious if you ever got your hitch installed, and if it worked out for the trailer you were thinking? Installed the Curt hitch and wiring harness on mine and worked out great. Did have to get a receiver with a 2.5" lift in order for the hitch to be level for your average trailer. It seems that the hitch on the DJ is a little low.
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    2015 Backup Camera wiring not present

    The R/T comes with the 8.4" display standard these days. And I could never find the wiring in my Crossroad which also came with the 8." display. Strangely the pins in the connector at the rear of the radio module dedicated to the video input had wires in them, suggesting they were there, but for the life of me I couldn't find the other end. I had purchased the 2011 kit so I ran the wiring to the front and had my dealer make the connections when I brought it in to have the sales code added.
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    Cruise control not working

    My cruise control (2011 journey) was not working. There was no indicator light. Also, my traction control indicator light was on. It turned out to be a faulty clock spring. After replacing the clock spring, cruise control is working and traction control warning indicator light also went away.
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    VISOR Lights

    Could also be a wiring issue. Check to see if you have voltage at the bulb sockets when they are supposed to be on. Otherwise, perhaps the owners manual mentions how to turn features on and off via the EVIC or touchscreen (if equipped).
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    look at the seat brackets and see what would involve to have the seat lowered, i found out yrs ago power seats always sit lower than the non powered seats do.finding a seat at a salvaged yard shouldnt be to hard and just have to run power to the cables for it to work dont forget to add inline fuse if you do it.....
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    On my '11 I had a lever ahead of the recliner release that adjusted seat height.
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    My 2011 Journey Crew

    I don't think I'll black them out, but if I don't wash it every weekend the brake dust pretty much makes the wheels black. Haha. I'm thinking that I should paint the calipers though. Either black or red.
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    Rattling in rear by exhaust

    My 09 has rattled on startup for years. Goes away after about a minute. Never could figure it out......
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    Recall T47 - airbag wiring

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    Full stereo upgrade

    With the second battery it oddly handles it just fine. Down the road I will upgrade alt but for now it works
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    Oil Filter Advice Needed

    Just for kicks and giggles, I use whatever my Dealer installs.