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    The OEM spark plugs are copper and have a 30,000 mile life. After that, the electrode has worn to a point that fuel economy starts to trail off and you risk incomplete combustion in the chamber (which will then start dumping unburnt fuel into your exhaust, and that will wreak havoc on your catalytic converter). Don't replace them with anything but copper, and replace them when the engine is cold (do it in the morning on a weekend after it sits overnight) due to the metal header (hot metal is more malleable). The plugs are about $2-$3 each. Don't overtorque them (book calls for I think 25 ft-lbs, give or take), and make sure the rubber insert of your spark plug socket comes back out after you're done (that was a fun story... change plugs on a friend's car, then she had intermittent misfires for a year and a half). The transmission fluid should have been changed at 60,000 miles for your use (effectively, it was a "fleet or taxi" vehicle), and then AGAIN at 120,000. The 6-speed (62te) gearbox does not have a transmission fluid dip stick. The 4 speed does. As far as the service tech and the internet go - I'd put a LOT more faith in the owner's manual for the service schedule. There's a lot of good information out there, but there is also 10x more bad information as well. One last point about transmission fluid changes - the first time I had it done on my van (2010 Chrysler T&T, same 6-speed as the Journey), it came out to about $135. The cost of materials (I think it was 6-8 quarts of ATF+4, filter, and the bottle of RTV for the new gasket) was about $100 of that. It's a lot of work for a low profit margin job. And it's in the dealerships best interest for your vehicle to have a failing transmission after your powertrain warranty has expired (because then you either have to pay for a new gearbox, or - even better for them - buy a new vehicle). As for FCA, yes, the same does apply to them, but to a lesser extent. Fleet use vehicles have a 60k mile service interval for the transmission, which is still inside the powertrain warranty (or at least was when your vehicle was built). Recommending that change at 60k is suggesting it is necessary to maintain proper function of the transmission for the life of the vehicle. But what do the engineers who designed these things know? Surely not as much as the dealership technicians (who are NOT FCA employees).
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    Rims/Tires on Crossroad

    The Journey (any year and all models) can take 17" and larger wheels. Older Journeys (the ones with the smaller brakes) can also take 16" wheels. The tire size is obviously impacted, because for any wheel size, the width and circumference of the tires needs to conform to what the vehicle can handle. So, like many among us I have 17" steel wheels with my 225/65/17 snow tires mounted on them and the original 19" wheels with (in my case) a set of 225/55/19 Bridgestone ECOPIA H/L 422 PLUS installed. Those sizes are what FCA delivers with the vehicles. They diameter of the tires is close enough that there is minimal impact on speedometer and odometer accuracy. Ride height is pretty much the same, too.
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    2012 power loss while driving

    Check out rock auto , a throttle body there is $165 or so depending which one you pick . They are very easy to replace.
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    Hello from the Big D

    Yawn. . . I agree, Dodge did it right name. I no have issue in my vehicle. I think you forgot to mentions any of your issues. People on this forum are here to help. What are your issues, exactly? Peace.
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    Since the bumper to bumper warranty is 60,000 km your mileage is not the factor. Time is. Has the R65 recall been done on your vehicle? It wouldn't matter whether it had been or not if you lived in Quebec - this is a design defect, so there should be no time limit. But there was a recall for this and if it hasn't been done on your vehicle, then there should be no cost . . . . and if it WAS done, it was ineffective and they should step up. I would reach out to Chrysler Canada, because your dealer is an ass if he didn't. You may be able to get them to do the right thing.
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    Much needed help

    Make sure you get everything they say in regards to the car in writing. Sure it is possible, but like @jkeaton said it is going to cost a lot more than just buying some seats. The entire rear of the vehicle has different trim pieces, cargo area, and floor loading level. You should have looked it up before buying, I make a habit of looking stuff up at the dealer before making a decision. Sales people can be tricky little boogers.
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    If the car is in limp mode you won't be able to fix that yourself. Take it to the dealer to get a proper diagnosis, you didn't mention how long it has been in limp mode but you should take it in as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to the transmission.
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    Thanks. I really appreciate the time you took to give me this advice. I just called Mopar before reading your post, and you are absolutely correct. https://www.mopar.com/en-us/store/product-details.html?partId=82215575AB 1-888-528-4364 They told me the same information that you just did. It has to be programmed and a used one will not just plug and play, even if you get the FOBs that worked with the used one. They recommend a new unit be installed. Installing a used unit could cause other "problems" they said. I did not ask for an elaboration. So, off to the dealer to spend a pile more money. This vehicle is killing us slowly. One thing I did learn from the above video is the FCC ID. If you are purchasing a new FOB from a site on the net (not the dealer), you need the FCC ID number from your RFHUB to purchase the proper FOBs. That number is on the cover of the RFHUB. So, all is not lost. At least this info may help someone else. When I called the dealer about 3 months ago asking them where I could find this number, nobody could tell me. We were going to purchase an extra FOB, but ended up not doing it because we could not find our FCC ID number. mechanical-idiot
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    Hmmmmm - I suspect you may wind up unhappy with one from a wrecked vehicle because they are where the keyfobs information is stored and you can't learn in a used FOB. I think the dealer may possibly have left something our - IIRC the hub needs to be learned into the system, as well.
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    Winter and summer mats

    should'a posted months ago that these sold locally. welp Journey forums peeps, this will be my last post here. Thanks all, I learned a lot especially in the early days of my Journey ownership (2011). I liked my Journey so much (despite the warp-prone undersized front rotors) that I went to trade it in for a 2018 Journey. I made the mistake of test driving a 2018 Durango while I was there, and was smitten. I'll be using a different forum now. Best to you all. Hope you all enjoy your Journeys as much as I did mine. here's a parting shot of my Durango GT Black Top Edition (V6) with KMC wheels.
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    There is also a time limit of 8 or 9 years so you are due Use Mopar and change the water pump to
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    If one side is getting really hot I would wonder if the brakes are pulling to that side of the car when you are driving. If the caliper isn't retracting correctly I would think the piston is getting stuck and not retracting at all (keeping pressure on the pad). This can be caused by the flow of the brake fluid, so check your line as suggested, but it can also be a defective caliper. You can grease the piston if it is getting stuck, or simply exchange it for another one. I would also do a full bleed on that side and make sure it completely clear with nothing clogging the line. In either case, stop driving it before the rotor gets ruined and you are stuck redoing it all again.
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    2017 Journey Crossroad Debadged

    on my 2011 main street journey i had removed all the badges and the wife was telling me how does anyone know what we are driving and i just laughed later on we were on a trip and i was filling up with gas and a guy comes over and said man i really like your vehicle but who makes it, i had to laugh over that one..... as usual the wife ended up being right...
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    Battery shelf

    I certainly wasn't kidding... You didn't give much context to when you found out, circumstances, etc. When I take my DJ to the dealer to get an oil change I'm given a sheet with the inspection information on it. If i fact it was rotted, and you had recently taken it to the dealership where they performed an oil change and inspection and they marked it as in good condition have them replace it. I also agree that it would cause an out of control motion, however it hasn't come up as an issue before (other than being an annoyance). This picture is of a 2011 DJ battery, and the shelf looks like it is in perfect condition. If there was rot, rusting or corrosion on yours it should have been noticed a while ago and you should have mentioned it to the dealer. You are also supposed to check on the battery yourself, as it is your vehicle and ultimately your responsibility. Also, I find it hard to believe that this 2011 shelf is in perfectly good condition but yours was about to cost your life. Are there any extreme weather circumstances? Here is a video showing a 2009 battery that was changed and still looks to be in great condition. Was your splash guard in place when you changed your battery? That is what prevents moisture from accumulating.
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    LED foglights

    When I have a question such as this, I go and remove the bulb and check the depth myself. Best way to get an accurate answer. Go with the shortest bulb you can when in doubt.
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    New Starter Motor

    I must have a defect! I only got 83k miles out of mine! I’m going lemon law!
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    New Starter Motor

    I actually LOL'd at that one.
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    New Starter Motor

    Wow, your starter had to be replaced? I hope that your shop capped the power cables while the starter was disconnected. That's how you lose electrons!
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    You could learn a lot from this guy..... ^^
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    From what I've read, most say to clear the code and see if it comes back. If it does, then you start throwing parts at it....
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    Just picked one up at the salvage yard for 75 bucks. Came off a 2013. Accident damaged vehicle with 43000 km on it. Thanks 2late4u, I forgot about the old junkyard ploy! You just saved me a few bucks! The MIL light has not come back, but if it does, I will be prepared. mechanical-idiot
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    Hello from the Big D

    well i think you need to find a good mechanic as i know there has to be one around you somewhere. other than that the starters you are using that keep getting broken ,where are you getting them from? most after market parts are not always up to snuff. they will cost you more, but dodge dealership parts are built to a better standard than aftermarket parts,good luck on what ever you decide but give the thought of finding a mech you can trust as you are just spinning your wheels right know and i know its frustrating but cars are a lot more complicated these days then they use to be yrs ago. hell i dont even want to change my own plugs anymore.
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    I would buy an OEM one just to be on the safe side. If anything were to happen with the accelerator while you were driving you'd be screaming expletives because you bought one from somewhere else! If anything does go wrong again with the OEM one, the good news is that it will be covered under warranty. That's the main benefit for going with the dealership, once you replace a part that part is under warranty for I believe 2 years (may want to double check that). How many miles do you have on your DJ? 6 years isn't very old
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    Not only does the life of your brakes depend on your driving style, but it also depends on the maintenance/upkeep of your car. I am impressed on the how long and well my brakes on my 2015 have lasted and how much more life they seem to have left (currently at 48K miles). When I started hearing that well known creaking noise somewhere on my front axle I thought it would affect the life of my brakes, but so far so good. My old 91 Explorer had great brakes that lasted and performed very well. When my daughter took the car over, she got less than half the life on the brakes. She had also not told me that she heard a clunk every once in a while when she hit the brakes. There were some bushings in the suspension that were causing the brakes to wear very quickly. Anyway, after the bushings were changed, next set of pads lasted much longer (I averaged 50-60K on each set of pads...had the car to about 290K miles). Lesson here kids, maintain your car
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    Hello from the Big D

    well you say the solenoid is good, but if the starter is spinning but the car inst starting then the solenoid is not doing its job to pop out the gear to engage the flywheel, i would be checking the that out again and or any other electrical part that would involve the solenoid. i had a truck yrs ago doing the same thing ( it would start one day or couple of days then wouldn't start)the dealership replaced the starter and said it was fixed couple days later it happened again took it back they changed out the starter and solenoid again and kept it for a few days saying they were checking it out at different times during the day and was working fine told me come get it, I went to start it and it wouldn't start ended up being a small black box on top of the eng (have no idea what it was) charged me another $10. and i never had another problem with the truck starting....
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    well try a different dealership even if it means a further trip down the road, I havent had any problems , more info would be nice like is it awd or fwd, mileage on it, do you feel the vibration while under power and or just coasting, any an all info is needed for someone to maybe help you, no problem with the venting as it sucks to have a new car and the dealership is no help. maybe the dodge adviser on here could get involved and help you out??????/
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    lol kind of touchy arn"t you, you are the one being a twit, you come on here saying how you dont want to do any maintenance that the manufacture recommends on your vehicle and then ask for advice on what needs to be done? you are not making any friends here but you will find a lot of great advise if you ask in the right way. sorry if you took what i was typing wrong but reread what you posted and i believe you have to admit it sounded like you are a know it all or just not sure how it sounded to us on the forum, either way good luck with your journey and hope it continues to give you great service...
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    Correction: tighten the hub nut to 160 N·m (118 ft. lbs.) everything you need to know including diagrams is right here on our very own site: mechanical-idiot
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    Hello from a Ford engineer!

    Thanks for the info! And I can understand why something like carbon ceramics wouldn't be appropriate for a vehicle like this, however throwing ridiculous amounts of money at cars that don't deserve it is my specialty. As for preventative maintenance, it has had the timing belt replaced once at 100k miles and it is at 177,XXX miles now. This weekend I'll likely put a new timing belt on, gap the plugs, new rotors, etc.
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    rear foglight conversion?

    and the company name is? price?
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    bought some of 303 (30313-CSR) UV Protectant Spray for Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Fiberglass, Leather & More – Dust and Dirt Repellant - Non-Toxic, Matte Finish, 32 Fl. oz. seamed kind of pricey but had a lot of great reviews so i gave it a shot and got it off amazon about $20. for a big spray bottle used it inside the journey the other day and i really like it gave a nice coated shine to the dash and trim and wiped down the leather seats, went on easy and dried and wiped off easy great coverage and no missed spots that i got with other products. would recommend it to you all....
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    Driver headed seat won't turn off

    my journey came with no heated seats so we had them added after market as the dealers didnt want to do it, so we have a 2 way switch that is located in the plastic side seat panel , easiest fix for you would be to add such a switch to yours. problem fixed for probably less than $10. if you do it your self.....that is what i would do.......good luck
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    Driver headed seat won't turn off

    Well it seems you have an issue that is rare and needs to be looked at by someone who knows what they are doing
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    82210243AB http://www.moparonlineparts.com/mobile/dodge-journey-pedal-covers-p-3528.html came right up
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    Driver headed seat won't turn off

    well since no mention of miles i will assume no warranty is left, you could always pull the fuse for the seats till you can get it looked at...good luck
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    I do. They look good. I got them in 2011 when my DJ was new. I don't remember which one I got because I made the dealer throw them in for free. I will say this. . . When I got it home I decided that the black parking brake pedal needed a bright top. Had to modify a challenger clutch cover for that. Overall, looks good. Really sports up the cockpit. I think the Mopar T shifter makes a big difference too. Looks fast. . . Peace.
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    you might have broken wires in the the hatchback wire harness leading from the cabin into the hatch
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    Who changed the fluid??? Did they use Mopar??? Did they put in the right amount???? Filter??? Yikes you are vague
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    Armando G

    First Flat Tire

    Summer Solstice, nice job with the write up...funny how many people have no idea how to do this because of their auto club memberships. Anyway, thanks for taking the time and damn you seem like a positive person... ;-)
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    Not sure about cost, but here is a couple videos about it.
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    Roof cargo carrier

    Cross bars are a must, imo. Get what you want, but the only thing I'll throw out there as a reminder is locks. Think about the ability to lock your cargo for restaurants, hikes, motels, etc. Yakima and Thule are great. Probably compatible with factory cross bars. Everything gets stolen nowadays. Peace.
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    Welcome, I'm just over here in Thorold Hank
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    2017 Journey Crossroad Debadged

    Finally came around to debadging the rear and I feel it looks 100% better. Used the good ol' fingernail, fishline and goof off method.
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    Battery shelf

    to be honest i wouldn't want the battery inside the car or under the seat just in case it leaked or went bad since it has acid in them. but that is just me i guess
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    Battery shelf

    Batteries have been put in odd locations for years. Chrysler chose in front of the drivers wheel. GM has them under the rear seat inside the car. I live in Chicago, where during the winter there is more salt then snow, and the battery tray on my 04 Sebring is fine, as is the battery tray on my 09 Journey. I do inspect my cars when I do brakes, etc. every few years but I don’t lose sleep over it. If it falls out due to a defect, sue them. No different then any other part of the car. Just my 2 cents....
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    touch screen not working

    Forget those telling you to disconnect the negative terminal- it’s a pain... remove the fuse for the radio for half an hour... does the same thing and works like a charm...
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    Upper Manifol Swap?

    ok, why? If the Charger is the same year 3.5, don't see why it wouldn't fit other than the fact that the Journey is transverse mounted. Visually look to see if there are noticeable differences. As for causing problems? No idea. Try it and see.
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    Temporary Electrical Failure

    I would start by having the charging system and your battery tested, even though they are new.
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    Keep your hands where I can see them!

    Logic would dictate since they are underbody lights, you should search for "underbody lights".
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    SiriusXM activation

    Larry wins the internet for the day!