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    SiriusXM activation

    Unhook the negative battery post for 10 minutes then try again maybe its frozen
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    Water in the muffler

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    It is located at the rear of the vehicle above the headliner . . . . . . It is known as the RFHUB
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    SiriusXM activation

    Tks Larry, I did this and the radio works perfectly.
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    OK!!! The jury is back and here's the Verdict....... It's plug and play.....Just remove the manual seat and replace it with the power unit --- plug in the two connectors and it works like a champ. One plug is for the air bags, and the larger one is for seat power and seat belt sensor. So there you have it...it can be done without running to the stealership.
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    5 years, 80k miles later, zero issues.
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    Driver’s Seat

    Should have stocked up on them since it will break again.....
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    In need of a back up camera

    first off find you a new dealer as this one is trying to screw you without giving you a kiss first. second just google mopar parts whole camera and wiring should cost you less than 350 to 400 and about 150 to 200 for the install, back up sensors have no idea on but my son has them on his truck and he said they really aren't worth the cost.look thur the forum here for backup camera post lots of info here. i would go to the dealership and say hey i just bought this journey here couple of months ago i know about what i should be paying and IF you want my repeat business you will have to earn it here by doing this at a reasonable price.
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    Honestly I wouldn't put too much into it. I don't know how long you plan on keeping it but you're going to end up spending way more than you'll get back for any upgrades. a 2012 base model is valued at around 8-10k, the stereo upgrade itself is about 1500 for the 8.4, another 1k for rims and so on. These upgrades definitely add up, so you just need to consider that you're paying for the car, and then thousands more for the upgrades (which won't add much when you trade in or sell). If you do plan on keeping it until the wheels fall off I'd go for the 8.4, crossroad or sit wheels, black trim headlights from higher trims (crossroad and GT) as well as the blacked out grill, backup camera, fog lamps and tail lamps. Try to find as much as possible from after-market manufacturers too instead of mopar, it'll be much cheaper that way. I definitely wouldn't consider the third row... you'd spend almost the value of the vehicle retro-fitting that, and you won't have the third row overhead vents.
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    Took the panel off and looked around. No issues that was obvious. Shot for continuity from the drivers switch to the window and line was good, and voltage was present so line and switch checked out. Funny thing is when I reassembled everything, the issue went away. Honestly though the motor sounds "tired" so I wonder if it's on its last leg? regardless, window is up and currently working.
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    well call or email keyless king and ask them for help or go to the dealership as been suggested to you...
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    send them a letter praising them for helping you out at no cost good relations are always helpful and or go to their online website and leave a glowing review..
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    So, I did a little research on this issue before taking it to the dealership. It was one of two things, 1). A/C Drain Tube. @). Heater Core. After I dropped it off at the dealership, they called me the next morning saying that the couldn't replicate any of the issues I was having (i.e. hissing noise and hot liquid above gas pedal.) What they DID tell me was that my A/C Drain Tube was extremely clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris. Said that a tech took compressed air to it and blew a whole bunch of stuff out. The service manager told me that that would most likely resolve the issue. Upon driving it to and from work today, there is no more issue. They also didn't charge me for this, not even for the diagnosis! Thank you for all of the input on the issue, this was really stressing me out.
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    Motor, wiring harness, regulator.....pull the door panel off and have a look.
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    So I found the problem! It was not in the wire bundle that passes threw the body up by the lift gate. It was a faulty module that controls the wiring for the trailer hook up. It's tied into the left break light assembly. It has a "T" style harness for the break light and the park light and then is spliced into the signal light. The module is tucked in behind the bumper just below the tail light assembly. I removed the "T" connector and cut the wire for the signal light that was jumpered from the car harness and went to the module. It didnt work right away, but not untill i cycled the car ignition to the on possotion without starting the engine. I'll post pictures when I go back in and clean the area up
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    I just googled "Dodge Journey Limo" and found a few hits under images. Just when you think you have seen it all, somebody has enough time on their hands to do something like this. Great for a party. So, when OHareFred or jkeaton want to set up a party or a fishing trip for the boys and girls on the forum, we will have to make sure we rent one of these. Bitch to parallel park I would think! http://www.raspar.com.br/carro/2015/07/29/dodge-journey-limousine-2012-com-rodas-aro-22-e-pneus-delinte
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    Tick, tick, tick...

    $130.for an oil change they have been gouging you. oil is oil as long as you use the right weight i use whatever is cheapest usually Castro oil as of what i last bought but i have always used full synthetic oil and the weight dodge recommends, I have 71 k on my 3.6 no noise and i change it at about 6k using mopar oil filters.might want to have the dealer take a look at it. good luck
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    No diesel in the states, therefore no diesel engine transmission . Might have to look to Fiat
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    Good luck. I gladly pay the dealer for services such as this.
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    110k, it was due. Also swapped the fuel pump module out today to fix the fuel level sending unit. Messed with the original unit once I had it out to see why it quit working. The ground wire had an open... Was just insulation holding it to the terminal. They also didn't bother to actually strip any wire when they crimped the connectors on. Doesn't much surprise me since one of the coolant fittings was only screwed in hand tight as well and backed out. figure I'll rewire the old unit, solder the connections and keep it as a spare. of note, the replacement module I got was molded differently. The alignment tab was slightly counterclockwise of where it should be, and the locking tabs for the plug we're not placed correctly. being as I was already knee deep in it, I trimmed to fit and drove on. car is check engine light free again for the time being.
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    So, the rear wiper quit working. Then it started working when backing up! So, I spoke to my Dodge maniac friend who said it was likely a wiring problem in the lift gate wiring harness. He came over and pried the rubber cover off the wiring harness and their was a broken wire and another wire that was bare (break in outer cover) in the wiring harness. Looks like there were lots of sparks in there because the wire covers were singed on several other wires. He fixed the problem for me with some solder, wire and shrink tube. Cost me a couple of beers, which I consider a pretty cheap fix compared to the 70 dollar an hour charge at the dealer. Thought I might let others know about this in case it is helpful to them. You people likely know about this, but I couldn't find it in a search of the form. Maybe I was not putting in the correct search criteria. In any event, I hope this helps somebody else out. mechanical-idiot. 2012 Journey
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    That is where the factory trailer harness connects. It has to be activated by the dealer.
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    Hello from Vermont!

    For the record, DJ doesn't use the C3/C4 - we still get the RE2/RB5 - so there's no 'activating the Nav' without replacing the TGM (radio).
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    Hello from Vermont!

    My MaxCare Lifetime ,$100 deductible for my 2018 Jeep Cherokee Latitude Plus was $2715 from Clay a month ago. Not sure what the DJ is going for You have 3 years, 36,000 miles to buy one, but the longer you wait the more you pay. I believe if you buy in the first year,12k the upcharge is pretty small.....check for yourself
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    Hello from Vermont!

    Another thing came to mind. If you are looking for an extended warranty shop around. You can get them over the Internet. Exact same Mopar warranty your dealer sells. I just bought a Jeep and got my MaxCare Lifetime Warranty from Clay ar Robbins motors. First rate guy. Was $700 cheaper then my dealer (who wouldn’t match his price). Try him at clay@robbinsmotors.com. Very upfront, will answer your questions. if you haven’t done so already make an account on Mopar.com. You will see all kinds of things about your Journey including recalls, owners booklet, repairs, etc. Welcome!
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    Hello from Vermont!

    If you have the 8.4 inch UConnect (C3 radio) you can activate the Nav yourself for about $300. see www.factoryradioparts.com step by step instructions, no trip to the dealer. I think they have a $10 off deal going now.... only difference between the C4 Nav radio & this is you don’t get traffic or 1 step destination.
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    I'm with lmoore1436, clicking usually means not enough juice coming from the battery. I would personally try connecting jumper cables and see if that makes a difference and/or getting the battery checked. Otherwise it would seem like a loose connection somewhere that would be hard to guess at without more investigating.
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    SiriusXM activation

    Need to call them and have them resend the activation to it. It is literally telling you what you need to do.
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    There's a recall on the radio (R65) that SHOULD apply to the repair, even if it has been applied before, since obviously it would not have been successful, since the problem has recurred. And, if you have an extended warranty that applies to the whole vehicle (rather than just the power train) you'd be covered under that as a backstop. But it SHOULD be a no cost swap for you either way, as far as I'm concerned.
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    New member in Toronto

    Search the site. One of the top most talked (complained) about thing....
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    Armando G

    New member in Toronto

    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the new car.
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    Common issue, the wiring between the body and lift gate gets pinched and broken. Take a look there.
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    Door open light on dash stays on

    could be the switch at the door has gone bad.
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    Miguel Pereira

    New member in Ottawa

    Welcome aboard! I believe it's really a great car! This forum is a GREAT community that helps clear out any questions or concerns. I've learned a lot! Cheers
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    Heater core is leaking......
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    It's interesting because most of the class III hitches available for the Journey are rated at 4000#, but yes the owner's manual does state 2500# for the 3.6...
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    Bosch Rotors - lucky or not?

    Dropped into a junk store yesterday. I didn't expect to really find anything. I was just wasting some time. I found a set of brake rotors (new in boxes). Copied down the numbers and went home to the Internet. Pumped in the numbers, and BANG! They fit the front of my wife's Journey! So, I went back and offered him 65 bucks for them both. He wanted 40 each, but he took the deal. I also picked up a drivers side Bosch wiper for 6 bucks. Wipers sell for 26 bucks here and the rotors sell on Amazon Dot CA for about 73 bucks each. The brakes on her Journey are the single piston caliper type (older smaller brakes). What a lucky day! Thank you God! When getting the pads, should we get ceramic or metallic? I have no idea what the difference is or wether one is better than another. I hope some of my luck rubs off on you guys today. mechanical-idiot
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    If you took that picture, you can access it. I mean, it's right there.....
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    Are you in the US? Or, more importantly, is your vehicle coded as a US vehicle or is it perhaps coded for Canada or some other country? The RSM code is included in th US destination vehicles, but for some reason, some vehicles don't have it and FCA's software will not allow it to be added. Travelink is only available in vehicles coded for the US - the radio firmware won't display the option (which is accessed from the '+/more' touch icon on the lower right of the display) without the RSM sales code. For other markets that '+' is a 'settings' icon. No '+'? No Travelink.
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    Tick, tick, tick...

    Use whatever oil you want as long as it meets the manufacturers specs.
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    See above comment. Wire loom at the top of the gate going into the body
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    Pic of self and a name

    That's me in the center, just behind Bruce.
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    What grinds your gears?

    13 hour airplane rides across the Pacific. UGH.
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    No AC passanger side

    When you change a blend door actuator, I think you need to have it recalibrated by the dealer. You need a scan to do this.
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    Front view

    From the album Blood Orange 2017 Dodge Journey Crossroad

    Just a typical front view
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    clunking front driverside

    Cv boots aren't torn, axle seems to turn ok too...I got a new knuckle, ball joint and rotor coming tmrw, was thinking of just buying lower control arm too just to eliminate it from possibility....cv axle is $300 from dealership so gonna try everything else first, thanks for responding
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    I believe there was a recall on the tailgate harness?? lots of them had issues with that harness
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    retrofit a morimoto md2s projector into the stock housings or if you want to just keep stock housings change your bulbs to 9011 and 9012 in place of the 9005 and 9006. if you search on google theres plenty of info on either option do not put led or hid kits in the stock halgoen housings please
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    What grinds your gears?

    Consumer reports.
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    The 3-button FOBIK that was standard on the 2009 Journey (and was also the same FOBIK used for the Grand Caravan/Town and Country, and a few other vehicles) absolutely has a battery in it. If your key looks like the one here (http://www.amazon.com/KeylessOption-Replacement-Ignition-Keyless-Transmitter/dp/B00KTHZZ3Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1448060300&sr=8-2&keywords=2009+dodge+journey+key), it has a battery and your source of information is lying to you.