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    How did consumer reports recruit so many mopar haters into one place? While the DJ is not perfect, neither is any other vehicle. I really like mine. Still runs like the day it came home from the dealer. My mileage has been pretty darn good. In New Mexico, speed limits are 75 mph on the highway, winds are often quite strong, the elevation is nearly 7000 ft, and there are plenty of hills; I still get 23-26 mpg. . . That's even with roof cargo such as bike. Consumer reports really is unfair and unknowledgeable. Peace.
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    I'm retired now and (as the photo above shows) I'm investing heavily in the hearing aid industry. I see so many cars in town (another reason I moved to the boonies) that you can actually watch the sheet metal deflecting outwards due to the air the speakers are moving...not to mention you can hear / feel them a block away. None of these kids will be able to hear anything by the time they are in their 30's... Hearing aid companies; the money makers of the future Keep 'em loud, I need to make enough money to buy that Prevost I've got my eyes on
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    The Pentastar V6 was one of the reasons I bought my Journey. There is no way in H.E. double hockey sticks I'd buy a turbo engine. I tend to keep my vehicles till the floor rusts out and after year 7 any turbo, even with the most care, is likely to have issues and you better get a Brinks truck of money, if it needs repair. I just have a natural aversion to anything that spins at around 100k RPM. Even European turbos with lots of miles tend to have issues. No thanks.
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    Finally received and installed my Curt hitch (13201) on my 2015 DJ. After reading all the posts on here and researching the options, it was easy to decide on the Curt package on eBay. I did want to originally use the pre-installed wiring on my Journey, but the hassle and cost from the dealer was ridiculous. Installation was pretty straight forward, with the hardest part being just getting started. Installation was done by myself (it is possible), no lifting, and with basic home mechanic tools. Maneuvering to the rubber exhaust hangers was actually the hardest part. Proud of getting it done and love how it looks. A big thank you to all the contributors on the forum. The information made my decision easier and have me the courage to do it myself.
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    I Purchased new led head lights from OEM massive and Morimoto Dodge XB LED Fog Lights. Had the chrome grille trim painted black and the lower bumper cover also. Change the look of my Journey I like the outcome.
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    It certainly isn't an add-on. Your Journey didn't come with Sirius/XM because the trim level you bought doesn't have it. if it did, not only would you not have to do anything, but factory equipped vehicles come with a year of free service And you certainly don't have to go to Best Buy to have it transferred in any case. You would just phone the Sirius customer service number that so thoughtfully appears on the channel 0 screen and give them your account information. You now have several options; You can install a satellite antenna (it is possible to replace the present antenna with a satellite compatible one and to run a wire from that antenna through the headliner and down the roof pillar and feed it to the radio). But you'll also have to replace the radio with one equipped for the service. You can usually find them on eBay or buy one from a scrap yard. Note that newer radios require an unlock code - your dealer COULD give the code to you for free, but if not there are people (on this board) who have been known to helpfully provide this information without charge. You can buy a radio from BestBuy and stick it in your armrest - plug the audio output into the jack in the armrest and listen away. If your vehicle has Bluetooth you can simply buy a BT equipped satellite radio receiver and antenna and connect to the vehicle that way - or you can download the Sirius app and use your data plan to get the music, though Spotify is a LOT better. Or you can load up an iPod and listen to that. The acoustic quality of SiriusXM's system is less than stellar.
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    first the cost, second not many people would worry about this happening. 3rd they would have to have something real solid to attach the d rings to. 4th is the liability when it broke they could be libel for damages in a lawsuit.....i have tried to use the d rings on the rear of my journey to hold a small 3 wheel medical scooter and found out real quick it is attached with a small screw into some thin metal. did not hold,so i lifted the rear cargo deck and installed some small chain with some good size bolts thur the bottom and side of the body frame and was able to cut a small bit of the edge of the cargo board so the chains could come up and attach to the scooter to hold it i used 4 chains and still wasn't to thrilled going 75 mph with that in the back in case of a sudden stop. so after a while i bought a carrier from discount ramps and installed a trailer hitch to carry her scooter... feel a lot safer now..
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    You hit the nail on the head. Consumer reports has never given a positive report on any Dodge product. Definitely biased.
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    full coverage and a match on a deserted road, well maybe not hope you get it fix soon.....
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    You forget the lazer tattoo removal companies! They'll be big money makers too.
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    With it working one second then not the next I would say you have a corroded connector, bad socket, or broken-loose wire. Good hunting.
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    would assume it should be straight, but why not check with the dodge dealership they should be the experts on it
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    Problem solved. The fuse box under the hood was loose and there was alot of dirt and dust underneath it. Used air compressor to blow out the area and reseated the fuse box. Re-checked amp draw and it's dropped from over 20 amps down to 0.03 amps. It's been a few days and the drained battery hasn't happened. I determined it was the fuse box as everytime I touched it to remove a fuse to see if the amps dropped the amps would drop before I pulled any fuse. I removed the fuse box and discoved all the dust and dirt. After reseating the box the amps dropped to 0.03 amps. I still removed and checked each fuse just to ensure they were good. I,also, checked each fuse in the fuse box located under the passenger side dash. Thanks, again, to everyone that offered advice.
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    Thanks, Bramfrank, this is really helpful and you probably saved me an unnecessary expense!
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    my question is why are you buying from J.C. Whitney?????
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    I changed the fuel pump on my old 2003 Malibu about 3 years ago. The fuel in the tank was as clear as what's in my gas can for my lawn mower. And I just purchased that can this year and have only filled it once. Unless you've had a problem with the gas cap, or some other fuel system fault code, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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    I keep a tarp in the rear storage bin. You never know when you need to hide a body... I mean, change a flat and haul a dirty wet wheel around!
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    Hopefully this is the correct forum for this topic I posted a few days ago in the electrical section about some problems I've had with my 2014 Journey SXT/3.6L. Now the work has been done and there's a discrepancy in who should pay the bill. I bought the car from CarMax in November and have their MaxCare extended warranty. I started seeing warning lights (ABS, EWS, Engine, etc) a few days ago and tried to schedule a service appointment. CarMax couldn't see me until the 7th (over a week away,) but I found out I could take it to my regular Dodge place and they were authorized to do the warranty repair, so I went with that since they could get me in yesterday However, Dodge service discovered the problem was caused by some kind of third-party tracking device the previous owners had installed. Apparently it was a fleet vehicle, so the Dodge place tracked down the culprit and removed the device, rewired everything, cleared the codes and it's supposedly good to go. The problem is, Dodge says I shouldn't be responsible for the bill and that CarMax should pay for it because this is an issue completely on them... meaning, they should have removed the device before selling the vehicle, as it eventually malfunctioned and caused the computer to throw up codes. Does this make sense? Anyone heard of this? Should I go to CarMax and tell them they should cover the bill since it's their screw-up?
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    I dont think you have a 3.6Ltr engine so the design might be different an 09 had a 3.5 ltr
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    glad you got the problem fixed, kind of like a computer sometimes you just have to reboot.....Cars are getting so complicated and with some many computers and electronics in them and with more to come......sure i want a car that drives itself NOT i dont even want an electric one......
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    Hi Guys. The SAT radio on my 2015 Journey SXT locked up when my 3 month free trial with SiriusXM expired on my new vehicle. Am/Fm worked fine. We had been existing customers with the company and had our subscription ready to be updated. After a couple of hours with Sirius trying to resolve the problem we had no success. They told me to take it to the dealer. I searched the problem on the Net and found this forum and thread. So, I disconnected the battery at the point under the hood for 30 mins for the reset, reconnected the battery and VOILA! it was working again! Just had to go back through the my uconnect4.3 settings and reset some but no problems. All the radio presets stayed the same. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, pulling the fuse and replacing it was suggested but it's located up under the dash on the passenger side and I couldn't contort myself to get to it, don't fit in there I joined the forum too.
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    click on forums then click wheels and tires and look for info on what you want.good luck
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    It certainly isn't FCA's problem, and I tend to agree with the dealer than it was something that was in the vehicle when you bought it, making it Carmax's issue. Carmax might argue that it wasn't a problem with the vehicle itself, but a judge in small claims court would side with you since it was something in the vehicle they sold to you, therefore part of the vehicle and covered. If you make no headway don't push it on the phone, but file a written claim and remand for re-imbursement giving them days to pay you back failing which you will file in Small Claims . . . . then, if they don't pay, file the claim.
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    Every vehicle I've owned (Ford, Chevy, Chrysler) has gotten to at least 130,000 miles before repairs got to a point where it wasn't cost effective to keep flushing money. And the only one that went that early was a vehicle with a known defect that had been subject to a class action lawsuit over the materials involved (GM 3.1L engine, Dex-Cool, and a poor material choice for the lower intake manifold gasket), and at that, I wasn't nearly as careful about researching vehicles before buying one, nor was I adept at any kind of repair work. If the engine is designed well (the "worst" engine ever used in a Journey is the 3.5L, which is still a fairly solid engine), the vehicle will last. Equally important is a history of proper maintenance. Any vehicle will last as long as you take care of it. When buying a used vehicle, any information you can get on its previous maintenance and repair history is invaluable. A car with complete maintenance records will also probably be more expensive. As for the price tag - sorry to say it, but good luck finding a crossover or SUV for under $5,000 without a very large number for mileage. I did a search for my zip code, and there is 1 Journey within 500 miles under $5,000 with under 100,000 miles. And you couldn't pay me enough to buy another FCA vehicle prior to 2011 (everything got at least a facelift after the 2010 model year). It's also the 3.5L engine, which means unless you have convincing evidence that the timing belt has been replaced, that's priority number 1 after buying it. As far as reliability of domestic versus other manufacturers: My first car was a former fleet vehicle (95 Taurus) with 120,000 miles on it. I put 20,000 miles on it in 2 years (I only paid $2,000 for the car). My sister got it from me for $200, put a few hundred into it, and drove it for another 2 years. It had about 160,000 on it when it was totaled. My second car was bought brand new (05 Cavalier). It lasted me 4 years (had to get a bigger car) when I sold it to my sister for $5,000. It finally died at 150,000+ miles and about 12 years after manufacture. Not bad for a "cheap" economy box. My third car was bought from a friend who had bought it used (03 Malibu). I had it from 2009 until I bought my Journey in 2015. I bought it with about 60,000 miles on it. I put 70,000 more before the head gasket started to go. So, another 130,000+ on a domestic. With horrendous gasket material design that leads directly to premature engine failure, proper maintenance or not. My wife's van (10 Town and Country) has 120,000+ and is, by all appearances, in good mechanical condition. I'm hoping to get another 4 years out of it, minimum. Just long enough to pay off my Journey. We bought it used around 38,000 miles and have put 80,000+ on it of our own. I've done all of the maintenance on it since we bought it, as well as most of the repairs. It eats brakes and power steering hoses, but those a problems I can live with. My Journey (2015) has under 16,000 miles on it. I drive 8 miles round trip for work - I expect to own this one long enough to teach my kids to drive (oldest is 7, so another 9 years before I can even start that goal). TL/DR - take care of your stuff, it will last longer.
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    I'm not dead. Just finished a nasty divorce. I've still been working on this and have many awesome updates coming, to include new features, and cheaper components. Standby.
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    Not *fake news*. Just news from a very misguided source with very strange values.
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    2017 DJ Crossroad AWD (Redline Pearl) Added Groups: (Flexible Seating Group, Driver Convenience Group, MOPAR All Weather Group) Non Added Options: (Navigation, Sunroof, Child Booster Seat) I can't freaking wait, this week is going to go by like a drunken snail LOL
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    What "Plug in" do I need to listen? I looked at all your pictures along the top of the Forum Home Page. What you actually did was to replace the resonators with mufflers. The muffler is up front somewhere. I'm still curious as to how it sounds.
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    ok, so i've made some progress with this. I'm currently able to roll down/up all windows or just individual windows, start and stop the car, lock all doors, unlock just the driver door or unlock all doors from the web. It's not 100% yet, and I still have other features I want to add, like only cracking the windows when the temperature outside gets above a defined value, cracking the sunroof (if equiped), etc.. The good news is, it appears there is location information associacted with each window, which I can read to determine how far it's been lowered. This will be good for folks with those window vent plastic thingies that allow them to roll the window down slightly in bad weather without getting soaked. My intent is to allow you to click a button from your cell, or a website that drops the windows about an inch at any time, and then roll them back up. Still trying to figure out how to make this happen when the car isn't on... i'll keep working on that, though. if you can think of anything else you want to automate, let me know... one of them I was thinking of, was notifications if the alarm was tripped for some reason. perhaps add a camera module to the raspberry pi, and create a nice mount on the rear view mirror, or somewhere else, that snaps a photo and quickly emails it to you with whoever is jacking with the vehicle... call me paranoid, but if i'm capable of doing it, i'd like to do it...
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    The following sequence of events must occur within sixty (60) seconds of the ignition switch being placed in the On position in order for the programming to be completed successfully. 1.With the ignition switch in any position except On or Start, buckle the driver side front seat belt. 2.Turn the ignition switch to the On position and wait for the seatbelt indicator reminder function to conclude (about six seconds). 3.Unbuckle and buckle the driver side front seat belt three or more times, ending with the belt buckled. 4.Turn the ignition switch to any position except On or Start to toggle the BeltAlert feature from its current setting (from active to inactive, or from inactive to active). A single chime tone will provide an audible confirmation that the programming sequence has been successfully completed
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    just went and checked mine on mu 14 crossroad with curt hitch and mine are tightened tight, and the rear bolt does have more threads showing then what he has and also the 2nd from the rear also. maybe he took the picks before the final tight torque. i hope so anyway, lol. also i did go back about 2 weeks after install and checked my torque on the nuts okay for me.....
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    You might need a new socket, or a connector has failed. You can try to fix it yourself, but you do have to take the inner fender well out and have 3 elbows on your arm, but it can be done.
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    When you use the floor jack, the correct lift point on the Journey for the front end is NOT the pinch weld. Use the scissor jack for that only in a road-side emergency (unless you like bending pinch welds...) The proper spot is about 4-6 inches inside the pinch weld. I haven't been under it enough to remember what's bolted there (it might be the cross member mounting point, main point being it's structurally sound) - you'll know it when you see it. It's a tight angle to get it, but you can get a floor jack handle to come up between the wheel and fender so you can get a full stroke on the jack. I then typically put the stands just on the inside of the pinch weld - there's a rubberized coating where the emergency jack attaches so it keeps from damaging paint and getting down to bare metal. I also put a hocky puck on the jack saddle to keep from any metal-on-metal contact. Found this image from this video (not mine) - that is what I use as my jack point for the front. Best I can tell from the manual I've got access to, this is the correct front lift point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBI_DeyQCWk
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    Welcome to the site from Pa and congrats on the DJ
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    Hi All, My 2014 dodge journey got the "cant unlock Maps" feature . I understand these things happen, took it to the dealer(as still under warrenty) As im in Australia the dealer advised 2 weeks to get a new unit from america. It arrived in 10 days. dealer installed and now I have 2017 Maps rather than 2014 (win win). After almost 3 years of ownership my dodge journey still puts a smile on my dial I still wouldnt trade it for anything else. Gaz
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    It isn't exactly an Alpine system. They have Alpine speakers connected to the uConnect TGM, which is manufactured by Panasonic. It is possible to replace the TGM with aftermarket equipment, but it comes at a cost in functionality because the system also controls the air conditioning and other features in the vehicle.
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    Welcome! I'm over here in Winston. I work in High Point off East Chester.
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    I took my last journey in the Journey yesterday afternoon to bring home a new Jeep Renegade Sport 4X4. The Journey served us well. Gone but not forgotten.
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    Welcome to the forum. If you refer to your owners manual, it will tell you where the battery posts are in the engine compartment and where the battery itself is located. If you don't have an owners manual, you can download one here:
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    It's a size issue. The 2 row Journey has a rear cargo deck that's about 3 feet by 3 - 3 1/2 feet. The 3 row Journey "loses" that full cargo area (when the seats are in use) and has a small storage bin (about 8 inches long, maybe 6 inches deep, runs the width of the tailgate opening). A panel placed on top of that could become a hazard (it would be able to fly over the 2nd and front row seats in a collision), much less stay put over speed bumps. It's the same kind of latch that's used on the 2nd row bins and on the Grand Caravan/T&C middle row storage area.
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    At the jumper posts. Disconnect the negitive and that should do it. You can always disconnect both, just make sure the positive doesnt touch anything. Yes, the battery is located in front of the L side tire.
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    i havent gotten it in yet, i ordered one from a company that will have it programmed before they send it, should be in this week, ill let you know how it goes
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    The Crossroad front bumper is not the same as other Journey bumpers and I think the issue is only on the crossroad. Sounds like you have the same issue I had. If you can lift your bumper about 1/4" to 1/2" and if there seems to be about 3/8" gap under the headlights, you probably do. Removing the grill starts out easy but getting the lower portion of it to pop out of the bumper can be tricky. You need to lift up on the lower grill tabs for them to release/pop out from the bumper With the grill removed, if you lift your bumper, can you feel space between the bumper and the frame which it rests on? The backside of the bumper has 4 determined points where the bumper rests on the frame. It may have more but you can't access them this way. Those points are where I placed mending plates. Use a jack to lift your bumper to the point which you lessen the gap to the headlights. My gaps are about 3/16" ? Do this to determine how thick your shims need to be. I used 1/16" paper drywall shims to create the thickness needed for no play between bumper and frame. That is how I know how thick a mending plate I needed. I combined enough mending plates to equal the shim thickness. It ended up that two mending plates were about 1/4" and two were about 3/8". The plates screwed into the top of that frame and slid under the bumper at those support points on the backside of the bumper. Don't bring the mending plate as forward into the bumper as possible. Push them as far forward and then back them off enough so that if you push them bumper in with your knee, the bumper doesn't hit the plate. I think my mending plates were about 4" long. There won't be a crack on the bumper. Where the bumper meets the front body panel will begin to have a gap. There is a plastic support that joins them. That part is what will crack. Yours may have and you will know by looking at the tightness of the panel to bumper. If it begins to gap near the headlight, it's cracked. It costs $19 but with the fix above, you may not need to replace it. The first photo shows the crack at the top edge. The third shows looking down from the hood latch, My shims are specific to my work, 2 white and 2 black. You can see one black to the left. They are screwed to the black frame. Let me know if you have other questions.
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    And they're wont be anything out there to replace it unless you like four cylinder turbo's- bummer
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    I am pretty confident with that kind of wattage that there isn't a shop in the world that would try and run it off of the factory wiring harness. Should be easy enough to tell by looking at the amp or in the engine bay to see if they ran a new power wire.
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    I bought one from my dealership and installed it the second day of ownership. Seen them on Ebay but don't know if the quality is the same. The mopar piece is pricey but also of very good quality. Easy to install...only 2 screws...you remove the original with the hinged bracket and replace in kind. Just put some painters tape around the front edge of the quarter panel so you don't scratch your paint - removing is a bit tricky. Haven't seen another Journey in Winnipeg with one...I like having it because it's easy to identify my own car from others. I added it plus the chrome mirror covers which I love, and also some R/T badges on the fenders to make it my own. Sets it apart from the pack...
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    Here's the mopar site for tech literature: https://www.techauthority.com/en-US/Pages/Home.aspx