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    • Clean!!!  I'm digging that stance.
    • Looks Good! Not that I'm THAT old I enjoy how quiet and smooth my journey is. Does it sound nice or obnoxious? With the RT you obviously have the 3.6L.
    • NICE!! i will be upgrading my mufflers soon too!! 
    • Thanks Steven. It turned out to be the perfect extra space that we needed. We wanted to move my oldest son home from school together as a family which meant keeping part of the middle seat up. If it were just myself I probably wouldn't have needed the carrier as we could have used the entire rear of the vehicle for cargo. We used the carrier for the soft stuff like clothing, soft suitcases, pillows and bedding - anything that could be squished and folded, basically. The bulky items went in the back. It was tight but it all fit, and the four of us made the trip together so for that reason alone it was worth it.