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    • you have got so beautiful fog light!  from ebay?
    • I'm sure you are! It's nice when you can sincerely take credit for something people appreciate. I was just asking because I've heard that pulling apart the factory headlights were a real pain in the a$$. With myself already having the croosroad/black-out headlights, I don't think starting over from scratch with plain Jane headlight assembly would be the best route. To be honest I've never played with this sort of thing, so I'll be completely winging it after I pull out the bulbs. haha
    • These are just the aftermarket replacements. Not the cheap ones you find on eBay    These are straight up custom    But thanks man. I do get asked by a lot of locals who did them and where to buy them haha. Proud to say I did it 
    • Hey Cody! Are you redoing the factory headlight housings, or are you working with an aftermarket part? the Ol halo setup you had before the accident were sick as hell! I'm pretty sure these Porsche style quad LED turns a few heads as well....