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  3. Please help. I cracked my screen on my 2011 Dodge Journey. I can still see all the buttons but they don't respond to th touch. I have called the dealership and they are asking 1600. Please tell me there is an alternative!
  4. I concur with the electrical connectivity being the source of your issue. If you know how to work with electrical wiring, go for it. I can't find any direct information regarding the wiring harness involved. If you choose to tackle it yourself, you'll have to pay close attention to what you're doing. Use sensible precautions when working with electrical wiring (don't touch live wires, disconnect the battery, etc.) If you aren't sure how to work with electrical wiring in a safe manner, pay the shop. No sense in doing more damage on your own dime when the shop assumes liability if they screw up.
  5. I've been having issues starting my 2010 Journey (2WD 6 cyl, 3.5 L, Automatic 6-spd) and I'm convinced it may be a bad starter. I replaced the battery in January and just replaced the alternator a few days ago after my car would not start and a horrible smell permeated through the vents when attempting to start multiple times. New alternator is in and now when I turn the key to attempt to start the engine, I get nothing, no sounds whatsoever. Lights are on and do not dim when attempting to start. Can anyone advise where exactly the starter is located? I have not been able to find the location of the starter and have not found any indication of where it may be online. Any help would be much appreciated. Pictures of starter location would be even better.
  6. From the album 2017 Dodge Journey SXT

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  8. From the album 2017 Dodge Journey SXT

  9. Welcome! Can't read your license plate....
  10. Hey everyone! I have been looking around the forumn and making a few posts so I thought I'd introduce myself- I'm Brandon and I live in Wisconsin. I got a 2014 Dodge Journey SXT. I love doing mods so I will post as more come! Right now I tinted my front windows and just dipped part of the front bumper!
  11. So after a little back and forth I finally installed the Curt wiring harness instead of trying to make the pre-installed harness work (plus, from what the dealer said, I would of been looking at another $250 in parts and flashing). Instead of routing the Curt harness the way they suggest I took the extra time and went over the wheel wells by removing the covers and going through the side plate thing under the driver side doors. I didn't want to attach anything to the brake lines, or try to go around/over/through the suspension, muffler, or gas tank. It took a little longer, but well worth it. At the end of the day, it went on just as promised, no problems with the connections, and worked like a charm. First road trip with trailer is in two weeks, can't wait. Journeyphenia, I would still be interested in trying to work something out with the harness you have...if you are not going to do anything with it.
  12. With it working one second then not the next I would say you have a corroded connector, bad socket, or broken-loose wire. Good hunting.
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  14. depends whats the detailed maps issue? It should fix it though as its a full reload of all the map files.
  15. I'm having the detailed maps issue. Can anybody confirm before I do everything that this guide will also fix the issue with detailed maps or is that a corrupt hardware issue?
  16. He said inner fender well. Not right fender well. To get to the light socket. To check the socket and the connector.
  17. Thanks for the input. What exactly is in the right front fender that connects to the left front turn signal? Just an update: The turn signal works about 60% of the time. This is unpredictable. Use it once and it may work, or try it again as needed and it may work. for three to four minutes (several left turns where the signal is used over that time) and then stop working..
  18. FYI...the pics are before tightening the bolts and torquing them. The exhaust was still hanging and I wanted to take pictures before I forgot. They were just hand tightened at the point of the pictures. Probably should of taken the picture after tightening ;-)
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  20. Agree. They might have damaged some wiring or something for a wheel sensor.
  21. just went and checked mine on mu 14 crossroad with curt hitch and mine are tightened tight, and the rear bolt does have more threads showing then what he has and also the 2nd from the rear also. maybe he took the picks before the final tight torque. i hope so anyway, lol. also i did go back about 2 weeks after install and checked my torque on the nuts okay for me.....
  22. take it back to who did the work and see if they see the problem ( pinched wires or something damaged) good luck
  23. I think it depends on which bulbs you buy. I got a set from DDM tuning and I needed the error cancel modules. Without them the lights flickered on and off.
  24. Hi there I recently purchased a used 2011 journey RT, I had to take it in because it was really lose and not holding the road , they tightened bolts on the (my mind fails me at the moment ) whatever holds everything together underneath , rack, tie rods etc .. that was fri.. sat my traction control light came on and went off ..sunday my ABS, AWD AND traction control lights on dash came on also the "service AWD light" a came on and I couldn't accelerate ! Anyone else ever have this issue ??? Also I had it scanned an NO ISSUES showed on scanner ?? Help
  25. Hope you used some thread locker on those nuts. Looks like a few are not engaging the bolt threads adequately.
  26. Welcome. Check out the accessories/modifications section for some ideas. Don't get your hopes up too much though. Not a lot of stuff out there for this platform.
  27. Hello everyone, I'm Paako! I'm new here, this is my first car forum as a car owner. I drive a 2011 DJ Express in Mango Tango Pearlcoat. This is my first car, and I love her dearly. I plan to mod her, but I don't know what I'm gonna do. Maybe I could get some ideas on here?
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