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  2. If you've replaced your bluetooth module under your dash and still have the broken one, I'm willing to pay shipping to have it sent to me. I want to rip it open and see if the module itself doesn't support metadata, or if the 8.4 just doesn't have the software to support it. If it's hardware related, I want to see if i can replace the bluetooth module (internally to the full plastic pos module) with one that supports metadata. Thanks, HawtDog
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  4. That's good to hear blacktop16 I'll definitely report back later this week to share my thoughts and results on this intake resonator delete.
  5. Any chance someone has 2017.20 as a download I can grab. I just got a 8.4n to replace my 8.4 but i'm getting the map error. I've gotten most of the files but am missing a few, and even breaking out the steps to only update pieces at a time, it's still failing. *UPDATE* Nevermind. Though i was able to downgrade with the thumbdrive I was using, i had to use an official sandisk thumb to actually update the maps. This vehicle is picky as hell. Thanks, HawtDog
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  7. ive had mine on over a month now, i did pick up 3 mpg on my average. Maybe a little more power in the higher rpm's and some sound as well
  8. 2011 dogde journey mainstreet 95k miles for $8,300 Anything i need to look into and is this a fair price if its in decent shape??
  9. Add better branded spark plugs like NGK...personally I don't trust champions or those autolites. Also have you tried to test the spark of the coil pack to see if clear a gap of 30000volts they are inexpensive on Amazon about 10 dollars. And it will definitely show you whether or not your coil pack sparks can make the jump gap as well as give you a visual if it's firing consistently. Also one last thought maybe you have a short in your wiring harness that leads to the coil packs. Good luck and keep us informed we truly appreciate it.
  10. Yeah I should of but the worst part is that the person screen shot pics from my YouTube video. I emailed him saying that it wasn't ok for him to use and he told me that it was his vehicle.. I was like on my driveway but anyways the headlights are definitely worth it.
  11. Easy enough to watermark them with a very obvious tag AND to copyright them. Our company once got hit for about $30K when the advertising agency used stock photos on our web site without getting a license . . . . . .
  12. Once you put photos out on the internet, anyone can use the, For whatever purpose.
  13. Should have checked into that before you bought
  14. Sorry to hear that yes the 2.4L towing capabilities is extremely low. That's due to the lack of power output should of gone with the 3.6L Dodge Journey. You will need to buy a trailer receiver and then the hitch for it and prices depending on brand will vary. Those hitch receivers are available online Amazon or eBay and Walmart carries them too. Good luck
  15. Nice I added mine as well I have a YouTube video and that oemmassive asshole used my vehicles photos without my permission. But yes these headlights are amazing adds luxury and aggressiveness to our dodge journeys.
  16. Installed mine today was a little more work then I expected I ended up removing the intake plenum to be able to fit the intake delete pipe through. So far I got to say the throttle response is definitely an improvement like no joke. I will be keeping an eye of this week for the mpg differences if any occurs. My average mph is 17-18 a week a lot of city and moderate high way distances.
  17. I had a shop do it because I also did some paint work to black the whole front out. But I don't think the bumper has to come off to take head lights off, but They took mines off for easier access to fogs.
  18. Did you install the fog lights and headlights yourself or did you have a shop do it? I know the fog lights are pretty straight forward. But I was wondering if the bumper has to be removed to gain accesss to the headlights?
  19. are you replacing the boots along with coil packs ..
  20. It came with regular halogen bulb but I changed it to a 6000k hid bulb
  21. Will try to do when I get a chance np
  22. Last week
  23. I would have it diagnosed by someone with a scope. Check out some of Eric O's u tube videos from south main auto. HANK
  24. Is the gap on the plugs correct? Are they the correct plugs listed for your engine and year? HHank
  25. i have the cover and have not power washed the engine, The corrosion was on the plug for the coil back not in the plug tubes. I got a glimpse of an article on google saying that if the coil packs keep going bad that there is something else wrong and the coil packs are just s symptom but it didn's have much more information than that
  26. Is moisture getting into the spark plug tubes? Is the beauty cover in place? Power washing the engine? Haven't heard about this as a problem. I have iridium ngk plugs and haven't had any problems . My 2.4 runs fantastic. Hank
  27. Yes i am, I noticed that the terminal leads were looking a little corroded so i cleaned them up a bit as well
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