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  3. Seeing as how my DJ (and my T&C) is full (4th kid is a month old now!), I need some options for additional cargo space for upcoming road trips. My DJ has the side rails, but I haven't obtained cross bars for it yet. Primarily, this solution will be used with my van, but I want the option of switching back and forth as needed. I intend to purchase the factory cross bars for the DJ at some point. What I don't want: soft carriers, or anything that installs directly on painted surfaces Storage of the carrier is not a major concern - my basement is fairly open, and I'm pretty sure I could fit a cargo carrier into my attic (once I remove the now-disconnected AC system...) What recommendations do any of you have for something that will fit the DJ (anything that fits this will fit the T&C)? Budget is somewhere around $500, but can be flexible based on what's out there. Alternatively, if I'm overthinking this, let me know.
  4. Another P0420 thread

    For clarity sake - I meant one upstream and one downstream O2 sensor, not two of each. The upstream sensor is at the front of the catalytic converter just behind the joint between it and the exhaust manifold. The downstream is in in the middle of the converter. They are listed as two different parts (from what I can see, though I don't have part numbers for either).
  5. Another P0420 thread

    I'd have to agree that with the long spark plug change interval it could be the converter. I'd go ahead and replace all 4 sensors at this point.
  6. Howdy from Los Angeles

    I understand. Not everyone has the same experience.
  7. Did you check the wheel bearing? if there is no pulling when breaking check the bearing, could be loose....
  8. Another P0420 thread

    There should be two sensors (upstream and downstream). Replace both, but keep in mind, this is only diagnostic work at this point. Your catalytic converter may have failed as a result of the extraordinarily long spark plug change interval. Start with the sensors, but be prepared for a new converter.
  9. I am interested in getting it looked at but I just haven't the time. I have several recalls i need to address also, but the closest dodge is in a town south of me, and being a single father doesn't afford me much time other than weekends to get it looked at.

  10. That is pretty bad. For your brake bleed - I'm hoping you bled them in the correct order (left rear, right front, right rear, left front). Yes - it does make a difference (see: my first attempt at bleeding brakes on my T&C, which shares many of the same brake components as the DJ). If there is any spongy feeling in your pedal, go back and do it again in that order. Per specification, the gap should have been 0.043" - though, I hardly think the .001" would make any difference (and really, who can gap them consistently to 1 ten thousandth of an inch?) considering the gap it's coming from! Mainly, that's FYI for anyone else coming up on spark plug changes.
  11. Good Day, The dealership replaced the HVAC Control Module last week and unfortunately the issue is still happening. If I have any further updates I will reply to this thread.
  12. Howdy from Los Angeles

    I've been screwed by 2 aftermarket warranty providers, one of which was the one recommended unequivocally by the CAA (Canadian equivalent of AAA) . . . . well, they tried. but I am litigious and took them both to court and won both times. But it just isn't worth the trouble, so I buy OEM now.
  13. Howdy from Los Angeles

    Welcome! Coming from a Prius to a DJ? Get ready for your sweet sixteens (That being the 16mpg city mileage) hah! Anyway, I Like you , was worried about buyer's remorse. After 6 months (when the warm and fuzzies go away) I evaluated my decision to purchase the DJ. I didn't regret it! now, fast forward another 4 months and I'm still not regretting it! I do wish I had the backup camera. I've been driving the snot out of mine; me and my wife share it- and in 9 months we've done 20,000 miles. I don't think I'd get the journey again, unless offered a great deal on a pre-owned. I do think it makes a super good/comfortable daily car- and for what I paid for it, I'd never get a car with similar options, attractive interior, and as low miles.
  14. Battery shelf

    Thank you!
  15. So then it's not those parts....check the brake lines as mentioned above.
  16. Howdy from Los Angeles

    Some people on here absolutely hate aftermarket warranties. I've had aftermarket warranties through Carmax on both our Journeys. Never had an issue with getting a repair done. and covered by the extended aftermarket warranty.
  17. 2015 journey camera

    Has anyone found this wire? I would love a bit of hope that they are there before I dive into adding a camera myself.
  18. If one side is getting really hot I would wonder if the brakes are pulling to that side of the car when you are driving. If the caliper isn't retracting correctly I would think the piston is getting stuck and not retracting at all (keeping pressure on the pad). This can be caused by the flow of the brake fluid, so check your line as suggested, but it can also be a defective caliper. You can grease the piston if it is getting stuck, or simply exchange it for another one. I would also do a full bleed on that side and make sure it completely clear with nothing clogging the line. In either case, stop driving it before the rotor gets ruined and you are stuck redoing it all again.
  19. Still a great buy

    I will say, you are one of the 'lucky' ones that has gone way too long without performing regular maintenance, and the car has kept on going. Good for you and definitely a great selling point for the DJ. I've owned non maintained cars in the past, and unfortunately it's ended in a very bad way (blown engine, slipping tranny, ruined front end, etc). Should kind of feel like a new car after all of that work you did on it. Good luck with the van...I'm glad I'm done with the van phase of my life now that my 4 kids are pretty much grown, but our van did serve us very well as a family.
  20. Another P0420 thread

    thanks. There doesn't appear to be a diagram showing the sensors so i will call tomorrow.
  21. Still a great buy

    We bought it brand new when we found out we were having a 4th child. Yay. We bought a base SE with the 3rd row seat. We drove the heck out of it. This vehicle has been our family car, an Uber car, a mountain trail car, has been with us through multiple cross country trips, hit one deer, been in the snow bank, as well as late oil changes, first spark plug change at 138k (manual schedules plug change every 30k), and we have only changed the tires once before last weekend. Gave it its first brake job and brake fluid and power steering pump fluid change and trans fluid change. Has gone through wheel bearings front and back. Little quarks... every now and then (maybe 7 or 8 times in the 4 years we have had it) all of the electronics shut off suddenly and go right back on. We have 140k on it now. We bought another Dodge (a grand caravan this time) because of the reliability we have had and the DJ will be my work commuter, fishing trip with the boys, and odds and ends car now. I hated it in the beginning. Part of the dash came apart within a couple thousand miles, wheel bearing at 30k, under powered for its size, slow, cramped third row, etc. But it has been abused and has never left us stranded. Would i recommend it? Absolutely. It has been great and we won't get rid of it. Still looks nice, drives like new, and so much about the DJ is overlooked. Like I said... I JUST changed the brakes for the first time. Never changed any bital component. Finally have a bad O2 sensor or Catylitic Converter which wont be hard to change.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Another P0420 thread

    https://www.moparpartsgiant.com/ Check out this site. It should have a diagram of the sensors for the 2.4 L. If not, call them. The number is on the top right of the home page. They also have an online chat. Goot luck. Let us know how you get along. mechanical-idiot
  24. Another P0420 thread

    Ok so I am familiar with the O2 sensor code. Have had them on every car I've ever owned. The code is intermittant. After the start cycle the code is cleared and will be cleared for a couple of weeks. I have had one cat go bad but in a pre OBD2 car. But the smelled bad and had a huge power and efficiency loss. Should i replace the O2 sensor and see if thats the issue? How many O2 sensors are on the 2014 2.4L? Not California or New York emissions? I found 1 right on the Cat it looks like. But thats it.
  25. Battery shelf

    Thank You ., I cant make believe that the battery shelf had rotted away !? I can only advise that this has happened with me ! You can all do what you want to do with this .?!
  26. There you go. Haha. I have never seen this. I know there is worse but this is bad. The new one is gapped at .044. The old one... at least .120. The 'V' is just a nub. The car was getting jerky under load in 4th. I thought the it was the trans slipping or the torque converter trying to lock. It was the spark plugs not firing hot enough. I was missing bad. Changed the trans fluid and filter myself. Changed the brakes, fluid and bled new fluid into the lines. Dodge actually used great brakes on this car. 140k and still have meat. My trans fluid was still in very good shape but changed it anyway. But... have a question I will be posting in another thread. Anyway... all of the routine maintenance is caught up. Only thing that made a noticeable difference was the plugs. I will never miss that again.
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