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  3. You would need to wire the resistors across the positive and negative leads to simulate a speaker load.Not sure how warm they might get though if the volume was up loud I took a quick look at a lc7i processor if it accepts speaker line level inputs you would think it should simulate a load to the factory system but the specs I saw said input imedance was 20k ohms
  4. I'm going to try the Bosch H307 double rocker blade. It's just $10.02 at Amazon. I'll post an update when I install it. I hope it works better than these single rocker blades.
  5. I knew it was going to be something stupid lol. Is this only across the positive side or do I need to do both positive and negative?
  6. had mine done but stayed legal so the front windows are not quite as dark as the back......
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  8. I wouldnt touch a salvage with a ten foot pole, buts that me. You get what you pay for....
  9. From the outside mine looks the same as the back but from the inside it appears a hair darker but not bad. I'm happy with it so that's all that matters.
  10. I got the wife the exact same (easy) gift for X-mas. You can never go wrong with THAT gift. The local tint shop ram their little scanner on the back windows and said they were 18.5%. Thanks Dodge! The shop owner suggested 15% if a match is what I was going for. Little did I know that 30% is the legal limit in my neck of the woods.... Hey Merry Christmas honey, your brand new car is No Longer Street Legal. Oops, My bad. It's a pretty good match though! from the outside, all windows up, sun shining bright its very hard to see the difference. The front windows are a shade darker looking through them from the drivers seat.
  11. The fix is simple enough; wire 5 watt 8 ohm resistors across the speaker lines (which is a common value though I believe the factory speakers may be even lower impedance) and the radio will think it has speakers connected.
  12. Yes, assuming that they both have the same size screens attached.
  13. Well it's raining and ugly but here's a photo in the garage. I'll post a better one once she's all cleaned up
  14. My 19 on the RT are smoother than my old 17 on my old sxt.
  15. so would a radio from a 2015 DJ with Nav work?
  16. I'm looking at a Michelin blade that has a rocker at each end. I'm thinking it may work better. Bosch makes one too.
  17. on one of the replacement blades i had that didnt wipe at the top ,i noticed all the blades are made of plastic so i tried heating it up with my heat gun so i could get the top 2 inches of it to bend a little but no luck all it did was break,if any of them were made out of metal you could proably bend it to wipe better but i try not to pay any attension to it. i always didnt like the way it only wipes 3/4 of a wipe, on the caravans their wipers wipes from one side to the other
  18. If you want a perfect match, just leave it to the tint shop. They have meters that can measure the exact tint level on existing rear windows.
  19. Wow, never seen that color of DJ before, I like it! Was that an oem color option back then?
  20. I just put a brand new MOPAR wiper arm on it and it still does the same thing. I'm beginning to question whether that wiper ever worked right from day one being I never really paid attention to it and I haven't driven in the rain very often. On closer inspection I see that the blade frame doesn't allow the edge to bend enough to match the curvature of the window. It appears they are set up for a flatter window. I wish I hadn't thrown the old blade out so I could make a comparison.
  21. RB5

    Ok, I got an RB5 from a 2014 DJ. Cant wait for my 16 to have NAV and XM Traffic. You guys are a plethora of Info!!! Hope fully when received I can get the unlock key quickly. I hate waiting. lol I think in going to order the lock pick? if that's what its called. I hate the fact that you cant change nav info on the fly. What if a passenger wants do do it?
  22. I have a 2016 journey with the 4.3" radio screen. I decided to upgrade the speakers by cutting the speaker wires behind the radio and useing a lc7i processor to feed my amps. The radio powers up and seems to work fine however does not send audio signal. My wiring was fine and checked by a store. There is no factory amp and according to the dealership the car is showing "open speaker circuit". Any ideas what's going on and what the fix could be?
  23. I would have your own mechanic look at it and the work done to it. If that checks out, and you plan on driving it into the dirt, then I say go for it. Otherwise, if you plan on selling it in a few years, the R-title will make it worth nearly nothing because most people will be afraid of it. It does look nice from the photos but those can be deceiving sometimes.
  24. if it was fixed properly no problem,thing is when they do that it has no real resale value and because it was so expensive to fix that it why they totaled it so WAS it fixed properly? to be honest my son in law bought a salvage that had been fixed and whoever repaired it did take a lot of shortcuts on the repairs, it drove okay, but you wonder what toll it took on the frame. good luck.
  25. I'm expecting to get those lights in 2/3 weeks. Sure I'll let you know something guys! ;-)
  26. Thinking about buying a 2013 Dodge Journey SE with 73k miles for $6750.00. It has a salvage title due to damages it incurred in a wreck. The link below shows the damage: The damage was assessed at $10k (seems excessive), so they totaled it out and put a salvage title on it. It was able to be driven off the scene of the accident and into the auction, so no mechanical issues. It has since been fully rebuilt and looks fantastic (some pics attached). Only thing they worries me is suspension or frame damage. What do you guys think?
  27. I had the Journey 2010, before. And indeed no you cant. I had a standart radio, i remember upgrading mine to RBZ. Pretty much plug and play. Good luck
  28. Ok, so here we go the car back yesterday afternoon... They replaced the coolant, flushed the system and replaced the front heater core. Service adviser said he test drove it and was sweating it was so hot (we shall see). I Drove the car home and it seemed to work OK (but it is only a 10 minute ride). However, this morning, driving the kids to school and me to work (over an hour), and I was getting different temperatures from all vents, on both Auto and Manual settings, and the passenger side blew colder once the problem resurfaced... Settings: Sync on 73 Degrees all through car Blower level 3 Temps coming from vents: Driver Left: 100 degrees Driver Center: 90 degrees Passenger Center: 78 degrees Passenger Right 78 degrees Rear Ceiling Vent: 96 degrees However...when I put the air recirculator ON (no outside air), the temps get significantly warmer. Once I turn it off, air temp gets less hot, but passenger side gets cooler again. Could the parts that direct the air throughout the car (actuators, air flow doors, or the computer controlling them) actually be bad after the few times they recalibrated and tested them??? Frankly, I'm trying to be patient here, but this is downright frustrating...I can't keep coming in late to work and leaving early to deal with this. My wife's 4 year old Grand Caravan blows hot air all the time and she has the same 3-zone setup as the 1 year old Journey.
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