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  2. new windshield

    by the way that little black box behind the mirror at the top of the windshield is a humidity sensor according to the glass shop
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  4. Just Introducing Myself

    welcome to the group
  5. Just Introducing Myself

    More details...what model, how many amenities, pictures? Welcome, and congrats!!!
  6. We'll be waiting...thanks Willard.
  7. Just Introducing Myself

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  9. Just Introducing Myself

    Just got my second Journey today. I got a 2015 (brand new in 2016) and I really liked it except for the size of the engine! In my opinion, a vehicle this big should not come with anything smaller than a V6! Today I got a 2016, brand new, I like these lot clearance deals It has the V6 and I am so so so happy with it! Great cars!
  10. new windshield

    no it had just been chipped i guess about half hour earlier and I was still driving home on the interstate when it started running across the windshield new one going in tomorrow... P.S. i seen the chip at the beginning of the crack after i got home, the place replacing the windshield says some cars are just more prone to cracks due to the slant of the window...
  11. Need help bad

    With all the work to expose the plugs on the 3.6L, change them all. It would cost an extra $30, but save you a day of work. And, depending on what was wrong with the plug in the first place (assuming the issue was with the plug and not something else), the rest may not be far behind.
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