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  3. Winter Wheels and Tires - Ready To Mount!

    It sounds like a good deal as you've priced it, but I guess I'm just too far away. I've heard of people shipping via Greyhound, but that was 35 years ago. Hope you can find a buyer closer to you. Thanks for trying, though.
  4. Winter Wheels and Tires - Ready To Mount!

    Dang it's super expensive nowadays. I checked ups FedEx and USPS. Ups is the cheapest, but still $92 per wheel/tire for the cheapest option. They are 58lbs a piece and dimensioned 29" x 9". Do you have any other ideas for cheaper shipping?
  5. Winter Wheels and Tires - Ready To Mount!

    Correct it says 234lb but that seems heavy. I would guess roughly 40lbs each. I've shipped wheels and tires before through ups and they we're roughly a buck a pound to ship. I can try doing a quote, but I'm guessing it would be about $150 total for shipping. I could help cover the rest if it's over. Let me check and see.
  6. Winter Wheels and Tires - Ready To Mount!

    I tried to enlarge the photo of the invoice, to see what the total weight was (234?). Wondering what it might run to ship to Ohio, zip code 44610.
  7. Spark plug torque 09 3.5

    That's OK I am not going to call, I use to sell parts (although it was a long time ago) and that was never in the job description, that's what these forum's are for. LOL
  8. Spark plug torque 09 3.5

    either one that gets you your answer....you want the ph ## also?
  9. Spark plug torque 09 3.5

    yeah I get it, I have replaced a lot of plugs on a lot of different vehicles and I believe I have a good feel (which is why the 20 ft lbs sounds like a lot, way past a good snug plug in my opinion). I guess the aluminum head that makes me nervous (its the only one I have had trouble with in the past). Having to take off the intake to get to them makes it a bit of a pain to do twice, also getting particular in my old age :-). I have seen calling the dealer for specs on other threads, I guess I am surprised they get an answer, also don't trust the dealer much. LOL If I do call the dealer who would you check with Parts or Service?
  10. Spark plug torque 09 3.5

    Idea.... call the dodge dealership and ask them for the correct info instead of asking for info that might not be correct.....P.S. 65 yrs old never have i used a torque wrench on spark plugs.....
  11. Can anyone verify the spark plug torque for the 3.5 motor in the Journey's? Alldata and chiltons both say 20 ft lbs but that seems like way too much for an aluminum head. Anyone know for sure?
  12. you could try cleaning it first, couldn't hurt......
  13. Outside air temp indication adjustment procedure

    Way off compared to what? Way off high? Way off low? You could locate the sensor and then place a couple good thermometers around it to prove the sensor is off before scheduling an appt. You could also see if you can find the sensor and see if there is obsctuctions. Don't know if there is a way to adjust within the uconnect screen. ".
  14. New ride for me also

    Nice! Glad to see the diesel is making a comeback!
  15. Dead battery

    Posted in the wrong section.
  16. Under warranty = $0. Out of warranty = @$1000
  17. It was almost 3 yrs ago...... Call a dealer or a mechanic
  18. Do you remember how much this cost
  19. Curious about the Grille Badge - 2012 Journey

    When I purchased our 2012 DJ sitting in the sales office I noticed the same on other DJs. I asked and was told that models produced in the later part of 2012 had a new badge ( red stripes). So, in the deal I said take off the older style badge and put a newer style on. LOL
  20. Battery problems - hopefully a fix

    also today i had a stranger ask for a jump start, get to his vehicle and find out its a dodge journey doing exactly what mine was doing. i was like i feel you, i know just how to take care of this lol will also be investing in some better cables for future. looking at 1 guage cables with quality ends
  21. Had my journey for almost a year now, and starting in december when temps got really low i began having battery issues. Went on vacation and left vehicle parked for a week, this was in galveston, tx at about 60-70 degrees all week long. came back and 100% dead, not single thing would turn on. tried to jump start and it would begin to crank but couldnt ever turn over before dying. which partially has to do with crappy jumper cables. so get home and drive it a bit and after about three days of sitting 100% dead again. it seemed fine for a week or so then it got really cold and of course dead again, and went on and on until i replaced battery about two weeks ago, every time you jump start you have to keep the other vehicle at high rpm for maximum output, which ive never had to do with other vehicles including big v8s. so after reading many post on here past and present and looking over my own vehicle, ive come to the conclusion that there is obviously a problem. given the batteries location and the under hood terminals (a break in the wire) i have determined in my opinion that all the battery/ground/alternator wires are just too small to pass the proper current for charging the battery or receiving a jump start. so what i did along with a new battery was add new terminals with 2 guage ports and i did the "big 3" wiring upgrade. i did 2 gauge from both battery terminals while also reusing the existing wires, to the under hood terminals. then i did 2 guage wires from under hood terminals to the alternator (positive to alternator output, and negative to alternator casing mounting bolt) i did not do any extra wire from battery to chasis as that is technically done at the under hood terminal. i may later add another 2 guage wire going to engine block. for the moment everything is working great and starts in the coldest temperatures now, no matter how long it sits there. i highly recommend all journey owners do this.
  22. Dead battery

    should be okay.
  23. 2009 R/T towing

    as long as you dont use the car wiring and use the curt wire harness that runs to the battery you wont have to have it flashed,on the weight check your book to see what your engine and journey can handle, should be okay but check with your dealership for the final answer if your not sure..... good luck
  24. Ok so we got snowed in for a week and the 2013 Dodge Journey is battery is dead I was going to hook up my trickle charger to the post under the hood Is that ok will it hurt to leave it on all night it's set up to a 2amp charge
  25. Electrical Issue

    Update for the day. CARMAX called me and said the vehicle started fine today and everything. Tomorrow it gets checked again for starting and then to the dealership to have full electrical tests done and the recall fixed. I dunno if I should hope the dealer finds nothing wrong now or if I should hope it’s something major
  26. 2009 R/T towing

    I bought my DJ last month and I'm getting it ready for my trip to Texas. I will be installing the Curt hitch and I have just a few questions. First will I need to have the re-flash after installing the wire harness? Second, what am I going to be able to handle weight wise with the '09 R/T? The trailer I'm looking at getting weighs 845 lbs empty, if I have a bike break down most that run with my group are around 900 lbs, that's gonna be a combined weight of 1745, am I gonna be able to handle that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
  27. New ride for me also

    congrats looks good..
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