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  2. Some sellers told me that the 8.4 uses the bluetooth from them and not from the module... But i'm afraid of buying and have to give back.... Thanks
  3. Thank you, I'll try to record it oni my phone, it did it this morning wasn't even cold outside but raining and I felt the humidity in the cabin and was pretty sure it will stall but didn't have time to start the camera. I'm sure it's a sensor too, just a shame it won't throw up a code when stalling. It is suppose to rain for 2 days, I'll try to put it on camera. When the temperature will be up to, I'll replace the spark plugs, pretty sure they have not been replaced (I'm second owner) and i'm at 122k km. I'll will probably replace some sensors and see how the car goes. Which one should I replace first !? Maybe it's not letting enough air in !? Since I can smell gas after stalling, so pretty sure the ratio isn't good at this point but correct itself when hot !?
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  5. Hi Bramfrank, testing the camera on its own was my next step but not sure how to interface a non RCA connector from a camera to a monitor on my old camcorder? Any advice/insights on that?
  6. I'm on a surf trip in El Salvador. I caught the wave of the day. 3 feet overhead. Slayed it for 100+ yards! That made me smile today. Peace.
  7. The equipment lists for the DJ in Canada for any trim levels are better than the US - and the pricing tends to be better. OK, Sirius doesn't offer the same services and we tend to get ripped off for extended warranties.
  8. You could have shorted out the wiring harness, or there could be something wrong with the video input of the radio too. It would be best if you could actually connect a monitor to the video output of the camera to verify that there is no actual signal . . . . . and if there is video, then test where the wiring goes into the radio to localise the problem. If you bought the part online from a dealer you do have an equipment warranty on the kit.
  9. Did the vehicle come with any sort of warranty?
  10. time and money spent.oh well sometimes the cheap comes out expensive....
  11. I did..I've tried at least 11 different ones so far. I have been googling the crap out of it trying to figure out what to do and that's how I came across this site.
  12. I measured 12 volts at the back of the camera so that checks out. I tested continuity on all of the cables from the radio connector to the back of the camera harness and everything checks out. My only conclusion is the camera is no good. Next step is try for a refund and start over - not looking forward to pulling everything out, but by now, I can pull the radio in under 3 minutes! I've installed after market GPS/Backup cameras in my kids cars so I'm pretty confident I did everything correctly. If there was only a way to test the camera out of the vehicle. I guess I would need some sort of RCA converter and a video camera with a screen?
  13. Region 1 is the correct region for North America..... not sure if there is a place to change that in the setup or not. Have you tried different DVDs? i know you said you looked at them in the store, but did you actually put a different one in the player? It might be something as simple as the one you tried is defective.
  14. Hi! Not sure if anyone can help, I am new to this forum thing and also a new Journey owner. I recently bought a 2012 journey last week and my boys were excited about the DVD player. Unfortunately when I put a disc in it says that it's the incorrect region - which confuses me. I've gone through so many DVDs in Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target and they are all region I'm not sure what region I need. Am not finding any help in the owners manual either.
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  16. What pisses you off? Like the people texting and driving..... HID's in stock housings really pisses me off too..
  17. Like the title says, what made you smile today, or who?Me? Getting to see my mom and dad with both kids and their significant others. Really lights my moms smile up when all her grandkids can get together. Also, my good friends! Carry on.....
  18. i think if you use the curt electrical wiring kit you wont have to get it flashed at the dealership and the curt hitch goes on easy.
  19. 3.6L 6-cylinder, AWD. Nothing in the build listing shows anything for towing, but the added optional equipment for my VIN shows the engine oil cooler and "trailer sway damping". The 2274 is the max weight for the trailer, the actual unloaded weight is 1608. We don't plan on packing much in it and won't be using the fresh water tank (at least on the first road trip, we will mostly be sticking to parks with hookups).
  20. We Canadians always get the hind teet especially when it comes to choices for a vehicle build its basically take it or leave it
  21. 2274 is pushing the tow limit.
  22. 4 or 6cyl? The build code should tell you if it has the towing option which included the cooler and harness? If it did then you buy the hitch and its an easy install but the dealer may need to flash the computer. A 4cyl engine will work much harder than the 6
  23. We purchased a used fleet vehicle, 2014 Journey Limited. I see nothing on the original window paper about towing. We are looking into purchasing a pop-up camper (Flagstaff 206LTD, GVWR 2274) but I need to get a hitch and harness installed. After reading on these forums I'm concerned that this vehicle needs more than just the physical hitch but also re-programming and possibly an add-on engine cooler? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: So it looks like I already have the engine oil cooler, according to my VIN-specific equipment listing. My understanding is that the transmission cooler is standard. I'm thinking at this point that the Curt class III along with the wiring harness and a possible flash of the computer and I should be good to go.
  24. Thanks a lot. I'll let you know how it goes.
  25. Worse is that the Travel Link Sirius offers in Canada is nothing at all like what they offer in the US. So even if you could add the sales code it wouldn't give you the data the way it does in the US. Why? Because they like spending time on the phone explaining why what the manuals say doesn't match the reality.
  26. best bet would be to find a dealer with startec or weitec system on a laptop. they can change the region code of the vehicle. and there is a good chance that the radio will adopt to the new region code and maybe it displays the corresponding languages. for aditional info you can contact "car la carte" in bochum or bertrand in wuppertal. or ask a local dodge dealer:
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