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  2. U49 Recall/PCM update

    Got mine done. In and out in15 minutes.
  3. 3.6L Coolant?

    I usually do (did) the same until I did a full flush on my other car when it hit 100K. I was shocked what came out. Glad you got it all out though.
  4. Yesterday
  5. use to work on the old tube tvs,, at least for a while.....
  6. 2012 Journey RT P0301 related issue

    sorry about double post site was acting up i guess...LOL
  7. 2012 Journey RT P0301 related issue

    might go away after a few days of starting and stopping and if the journey is running okay,also you could run by a your local auto shop they have scanners and might be able to reset it for you.good luck and keep us informed.
  8. 3.6L Coolant?

    Have never done a full flush in any vehicle I’ve owned, just drained and refilled before it got so scummy it needed flushing, However I did flush my heater core as this year is known for the issues with the heater core. I also managed to get the remainder out by removing the coolant hose going into the engine.
  9. 3.6L Coolant?

    Out of curiosity, were you changing the coolant? If so, you should do a full flush and not just replace the 4 litres you drained. Otherwise there's really no point.
  10. Thanks for the update, hopefully it continues to work properly. A 'Love Tap' usually means something loose in my world. Side note - If you're coworkers want you to switch, tell them to start a Go Fund Me account for you..
  11. 2012 Journey RT P0301 related issue

    Usually you have to clear the code regardless of the repair being done, at least in my experience. If the code comes back after being cleared, then you will definitely know if there are other issues. Here is one method (should work on a 2012 model)...
  12. Uconnect 4.3 Frozen

    Update! Disconnected the ground (from under the hood). Waited 30 minutes Problem solved!
  13. Need some help with a problem. Driving last night and engine starts sputtering, noticeable loss of power, my OBDII app throws a P0301 code and check engine light comes on. So today I replaced the spark plug and coil(coil was 6 years/180000 old). Take it for a drive and all seems fine, no sputtering, power seems normal, but it keeps throwing the p0301 when I drive... do i need to reset the error codes after the repair or is this a sign a another issue?
  14. Cylinder firing order 3.6

    1 3 5 2 4 6
  15. Last week
  16. Your dealer will be able to tell you.
  17. This section is reserved for Q & A on how to use this forum. For information pertaining to the Dodge Journey, please post in the appropriate section.
  18. Hey guys I'm looking for help my battery light come on my 2011 Journey I immediately called my mechanic who told me it was my alternator . I took it into him to get it replaced that day on my way the radio volume turned off as well as the GPS volume I told my mechanic. wen I picked my SUV up I did not notice that the volume was still not on now it wont turn on I have no sound at all even my parking assistance will not beep and I have seen the back up camera flicker once and turn upside down just for a second or two. i took it back to my mechanic he said he dosent know what's wrong . please help!!
  19. Hey there, Although we cannot advise on whether or not this is covered, we're here if any questions during the servicing process. Jasmine Dodge Social Care Specialist
  20. yes i would assume it should be covered but they will tell you before doing anything you could always call and ask just to see first.
  21. Hi Everyone, I'm having what sounds like this same issue on my 2014 Journey. Does anyone know if this repair is considered part of the powertrain warranty? It seems like it would be as the AWD system is part of Powertrain. I'm really hoping so as I have 2 months left. Thanks!
  22. Cruise control

    What "tab"? Glad you got it fixed.
  23. Cruise control

    So i brought the car in for a repair that replaced a tab in the steering wheel Now it seems to be working 95% of the time YAHOOOO Still need to smack sometimes but not as bad,Just hope that it stays this way Thanks everyone for your insights
  24. Daytime Running Lights Brighter?

    Yep. Adding LED's will make them full bright all the time as the turn on voltage for LED's is much lower than incandescent. But I also agree that it is not recommended. What makes you think they are not bright enough for their purpose?
  25. Daytime Running Lights Brighter?

    The DRLs are fine, imho. I have noticed many DJs and the DRLs do their job. Make oncoming DJs more visible without being obnoxious. Making your DRLs brighter is just a way to cause people who don't know you to be annoyed by you. Peace.
  26. Daytime Running Lights Brighter?

    i believe if you add led hi beams they will be on full strength for the dlr,all the time. i wouldn't recommend it.
  27. Daytime Running Lights Brighter?

    Hey all. I was wonder if there was a way to make the DRLs brighter? I know the wattage is cut in half but didn't know if there was a resister or something I could remove it bypass... They don't seem bright enough for their purpose. Thanks
  28. Best Tire Deal I Could Find

    The tire diameter on the Journey is approximately 36.75" (225mm * 2 + 19") - give or take a few hundredths of an inch. If you have a brand new tire, and one that is worn to 50% of tread depth, the difference in diameter would be roughly .25" (4/32" *2 for total difference). That equates to a total tread length of 115.45" for a new tire, and 114.56" for the 50% worn, for a difference of just under 1". What does that mean in real terms? The wheels will spin at different speeds. The new tire will take 548.8 rotations per mile, while the worn tire will take 553. For a new versus 50% worn tire, it looks like 4 extra rotations per mile for one tire versus the other. AWD must be incredibly sensitive. For those who would like to see the math: 225 55/r19 tire = 225mm sidewall height or 8.85827" diameter of tire = 8.85827" *2 + 19" = 36.71654" assuming new tire with full 10/32" tread diameter from top of tread to top of tread = 36.71654", total tread length = 115.3483" (36.71654 * 3.14159) 50% worn tire is 6/32" (leaving 2/32" as the discard tread depth, leaving 8/32" of usable tread). tire diameter is 36.46654" total tread length at 50% wear is 114.56" Edited to check my own math.
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