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  2. The other option could have been a Honda Pilot
  3. I love these wheels. Wish I had the money to buy them!
  4. Great advice and steps from bfurth. The only thing I would change is replace the bearings in pairs. Depending on age and vehicle mileage, if one is going, might as well do the other side while you're at it. My 2012 has 115k miles and my bearings are definitely going bad. The make the winding noise as I drive faster...and get louder when I turn either direction at slow speeds. Another check is to raise your front end of the ground and do a wiggle test with the tires still on. See if there's any play side-to-side or up and down. There shouldn't be any play with good bearings.
  5. If you paid $36k for the DJ you got ripped a new one. Bought our new fully loaded crew in 2012 for $25k out the door. Last I checked, inflation is that much...
  6. Oh, and FYI for anyone looking for it, it is under the alternator, you can get to it without taking off the alt, but be VERY careful that you don't drop the bolt. When I put my bolt back in, I used electrical tape, and taped it on the socket, just enough to hold it, got it threaded, then pulled the socket off, and finished tightening it up.
  7. Don't think anyone on here has attempted that. Be sure to document your install so other can see what's involved. Welcome to the forum.
  8. It only has 60k on it and I'm not afraid of mods.
  9. Ok, my bad......I think, so I went to take the new one out and take it back, when I went to put the original in, it slipped right in, and I thought that was odd, so I pulled it back out, and there was no O ring on it, I thought great, it fell down somewhere, then I looked at the jew one I just took out and there were two O rings on it, took one off, put it back in, and so far so good.
  10. OK, so I found it, replaced it, now the light comes on in about 3-4 mins after starting, before it would come on every week or so, is there something else i need to do?
  11. Welcome to da club!
  12. Thank you!!!! I will have to take a look today and see if I see it, I looked last night like crazy with a flashlight.
  13. I think you answered your own question. It's not much of an inconvenience. . . I would think your 2017 crossroad probably has a lot of niceties that you didn't have on your civic, just not the walk away lock feature. I am correct? As long as you are happy with the other aspects of your DJ, you'll get used to having to push the button when you leave the vehicle, it will become habit, and you'll forget all about the locking feature. Peace.
  14. Welcome to the club. You just found out what most of us know!
  15. See attached file, item #7, p/n 5029808AD 2009_JC_engine_sensors_01.pdf
  16. I understand that, but my last car was a 19k civic. True it's not much of an inconvenience but for an SUV that's ticketed at 36k I think at least some niceties would come with an almost doubled sticker price
  17. I have a 2009 Journey, and I have the service manual, but I cannot for the life of me find the location of this sensor, it says "mounted in the front of the head" I can't seem to find it. Can anyone help? Thanks
  18. I hope I don't get kicked out (already) for this, but I must admit that I didn't choose to have a Journey. I'm a 'victim' of VW's TDI issue, and was very attached to my car. In my reluctant search for a replacement, I found a deal that I just couldn't pass up. I flew to St Louis to pick it up, and the sign in the airport told me it was going to be a special trip. I drove it back here to Seattle, making wonderful memories along the way. 'Journey' couldn't be a better way to describe the amazing adventure. Now that I do have a Journey, I have to say that I'm falling in love with it. I'm hoping to get advice, as well as find other ways to personalize her and make her mine. ❤
  19. Last week
  20. Probably not worth the aggravation on a car thats eight yrs old
  21. Did you wire them in with the entrance lights?
  22. The quick answer is 'no'. And even if you could you'd still have to pay the extra $600 to activate the nav app.- the 8.4A is a closed system, so if you bought a Charger or 300 you'd still be stuck for the activation. If you want in dash and go aftermarket you will lose some functionality. The simplest and cheapest way to add nav is to install a self contained device like a Garmin 3790 with speech recognition.
  23. Will it be possible to put one of the new uconnect 4th gen radios from a Challanger or Charger into a 2016 journey? I've got the 8.4 right now, but would like to be able to use android auto (mainly for navigation). If not, is there a better option for adding nav to the regular 8.4? I read that you can buy a code from Chrysler, but i'm not paying $600 for that. Crutchfield has some nice systems that I would go to before that I think.
  24. I just bought a 2010 journey and one of the things I really miss is my automatic climate control. Is it possible to upgrade my car to ACC? I see you can buy used ACC control units cheap enough, but I am guessing that I would still need the temperature sensor, where ever that is located? I'm also unsure if the std CC plugs will fit in the ACC unit. Has any one attempted this upgrade?
  25. I see on the websites that there is a new Journey colour. Some sort of orange. Curious, is this a new name for the long gone Mango Tango or a totally new hue? H.P.
  26. That's how they keep the cost down. The DJ is not equipped with a lot of features found in more expensive vehicles. I just use the remote to lock the doors when I walk away. Not that big of a deal.
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